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Pelosi questioned as to Jesus' right to life

The Speaker of the House and confessing Catholic was put on the spot by a reporter.  What resulted was predictable:

Some might argue that the question was inappropriate and out of line... but the video's focus on Pelosi's public explanation of her favorite word gives some much needed context... and her dismissal of the conception question telling.

There is no rhyme or reason to any Christian attempt to defend or affirm abortion. Any attempt to do so ends badly for the defender.

Little wonder that Pelosi punted on the question.

H/T to Allahpundit at Hot Air.


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Comments (10)

I agree with Speaker Pelosi... (Below threshold)

I agree with Speaker Pelosi when she says we are accountable to the Word in this life or otherwise.

GREAT video. Well-done.... (Below threshold)

GREAT video. Well-done.

CNS News? Did they shoot th... (Below threshold)
Frankly B:

CNS News? Did they shoot this in the mom's garage? Is it a high school project? Talk about Lamestream Media.

Translation of comment 3:</... (Below threshold)

Translation of comment 3:

When you can't fight the argument, belittle and marginalize the messenger.

How pedestrian.

You should change your name to Frankly BS.

Hmm, now what banned commentor does that remind me of...

I know of at least 2 women ... (Below threshold)

I know of at least 2 women in their early 60's who had abortions when they were young women. They say they knew they were killing a human being but that having the child would be inconvenient.....so they killed it. I don't understand what all the debate is about. If you are an intelligent woman, you know that you are killing a human being and have consciously done so. If you are not an intelligent woman....why are we discussing this? And the intelligent woman, God help you.

Mental illnes is a terrible... (Below threshold)

Mental illnes is a terrible thing to watch.

So is reading my un-spell c... (Below threshold)

So is reading my un-spell checked comment.

Nancy needs to step away fr... (Below threshold)

Nancy needs to step away from the microphone.

The Albatross reckons Nancy... (Below threshold)

The Albatross reckons Nancy needs to step away from the microphone.

Give us another 90-odd days and We, The People, will have that -- and that she, her spawn and her cronies are kept the Hell away from our transcontinental jet aeroplanes -- arranged for yah.

I pray that Nancy will eith... (Below threshold)

I pray that Nancy will either have a Saul/ Paul moment, so that she can see the error of her ways and publicly confess them, or that she SHUTS UP about Catholicism. I'll bet she attends Mass, receives Communion, and solemnly walks back to her kneeler, thinking she's one of God's great messengers. The priest who knowingly allows her to do this should be defrocked.






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