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What Would Jesus Do?

Liberals seem to enjoy asking that question vis a vis social issues, so I think it's quite appropriate that we ask the same question of them, now that we know what their meddling in our health care system hath wrought:


Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas developed the chart in an attempt to visually illustrate the convoluted new bureaucracy of ObamaCare.

The full size chart in PDF format is downloadable here.

(h/t El Rushbo)


Related: the Missouri state question authorizing a state constitutional amendment a proposed state law to ban the Federal government from forcing citizens of the state to purchase health insurance passed yesterday with an overwhelming 70% of the vote. (The ballot question was originally conceived as a state constitutional amendment, but was changed to a proposed law so it could be included on the primary election ballot.)


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Comments (10)

It is appropriate to acknow... (Below threshold)

It is appropriate to acknowledge that the chart represents only 30% of the complexity of the Health "Care" Bill. I will await the full chart which should come some time AFTER it is repealed.

"Liberals seem to enjoy ask... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Liberals seem to enjoy asking that question vis a vis social issues"

Except for abortion.

Anytime a liberal tells me that the Pope (I am catholic) opposes the war in Afghan and Iraq I ask them if they also quote him when talking abortion. Shuts them up every time.

I think He would send all t... (Below threshold)

I think He would send all the souls of Congress into a herd of pigs. It's always a pork thing.

This is a Gordian Knot that... (Below threshold)

This is a Gordian Knot that needs Alexander's solution.

When I first saw this chart... (Below threshold)

When I first saw this chart I was impressed that even the IRS and Homeland Security had a place in the healthcare delivery scheme. I remember when charts like this would be used to parody the faceless bureaucracy of big government. Now, apparently, it's reality. We are now starring in our own satire.

I'm sure that Nancy can exp... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that Nancy can explain it to us. Her altered state of reality allows her to see things more clearly.

Barry couldn't even get thr... (Below threshold)

Barry couldn't even get through college without affirmative action. How the hell is this supposed to function efficiently?

That's right, it is not intended to. It is a maze of cluttered lib illogic. It is intended to grow the suckhole socialist utopia of Barry the red.

Remember November.

Jesus would direct you to l... (Below threshold)

Jesus would direct you to look at this map of our current healthcare system:


See how complicated it is?

So I don't see the problem in upgrading it so that it's still complicated, but actually works for the poor and middle class.

What a mess. ... (Below threshold)
Ken D.:

What a mess.

Today?Simple. I c... (Below threshold)


Simple. I call my doctor's office for an appointment. I go to his office for the appointment. I sign or pay nothing. My bill is forwarded to my insurance company who then inform me of any co-pays or other charges I may have incurred.


I don't know, my insurance company does not know, and neither does my Doctor!!!!

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