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Race Is Irrelevant

(I've been dealing with some serious issues these past few weeks, so my posting has suffered. My apologies to both my colleagues and the readership. The following state of affairs has been something I've wanted to chime in on for some time. It may be a bit dated, but no less relevant.)

If I took fifty black buttons and fifty white buttons and tossed them up in the air, some of each color would most likely end up in clusters on the floor.

That seems to have happened with the recent ethics charges concerning black lawmakers.

Never mind that, in the same time, comparable white lawmakers haven't been cited for violations. That's just irrelevant. Or so it would seem.

For whatever reasons, a cluster of black members of congress have allegedly violated house ethics rules at a coincidental time, and it doesn't look good for them, or their party.

Their black colleague's reactions to these charges don't exactly scream "Drain the swamp," either.

"There's a "dual standard, one for most members and one for African-Americans," said one member of the Congressional Black Caucus, speaking on the condition of anonymity."
This person claims this with a straight face, even as the first black President sits in the White House, and both houses of congress are controlled by Democrats.

Come on, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous blowhard: Man-up, take the skirt off, and use your actual name.

At least try to come up with some reasoning that fits the times. One which doesn't produce an eye-roll everytime you trot out that type of racist accusation.

"A lot of people have been raising concerns [about the OCE], and I support them," House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) told The Hill in October. "At some point in the not-so-distant future, these concerns will have to be addressed."

There. That's more like it.

Yes, Mr. Clyburn. It is a gigantic cosmic political conspiracy against black lawmakers, especially during a time when your party has had majority rule in both houses since 2007.

The irony is these obvious racial insinuations belch up from a group that, by its very nature, is built on race itself. BLACKS ONLY! They seem to have decided that no matter the actions committed by their members, the color of their skin supercedes or nullifies the possible validity of their crimes.

Recently, Representatives Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and Gregory Meeks have been the stand out players in this unraveling situation.

Another black lawmaker, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) -- a close Rangel confidant -- has been caught up in an ongoing Justice Department criminal probe involving some of Queens's most powerful politicians. Meeks has denied any wrongdoing, and, like Rangel, blamed his problems on the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative watchdog group.

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.), the only African-American in the Senate, was admonished by the Senate Ethics Committee last November for "incorrect, inconsistent, misleading or incomplete information" over his appointment by Blagojevich to Obama's seat.

Put the fact that they are black aside. They are DEMOCRATS, and so is the congressional majority, who, I'm sure, are thrilled to be investigating their own party members leading to an upcoming midterm election.

It's not as though comparable white members of congress have escaped the "bi-partisan" eye of the Office of Congressional or Senatorial Ethics.

Take, for example, Nevada Sen. David Ensign, who has been skinned, not for misappropriation of funds, not for steering bailout money to a bank which could be of financial benefit to him, but for having an extra-marital affair.

Same with Louisiana Senator David Vitter.

How about Alaska Senator Ted Stevens who, despite being accused of ethics charges for various "gifting," narrowly lost re-election. This all had an impact on the race leading up to the election, and was a permanent topic of discussion on the Sunday talk circuits. It was found, however, that after he lost the election by just over 3,000 votes, the judge investigating decided to "set aside the verdict and throw out the indictment, based on what he called the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct he'd ever seen."

How nice. How convenient.

Republican Rep. Pete Visclosky is being investigated for some illegal lobbying firm he was involved with.

"Two other white lawmakers, Reps. Eric Massa (D-Bellvue.) and Mark Souder (R-Ind.), resigned this year under ethical clouds. Massa left Congress after POLITICO reported he was under investigation by the ethics committee for sexually harassing male staffers, while Sounder quickly departed after admitting a long-running extra-martial affair with a part-time aide. The findings from the Massa investigation have yet to be released by the ethics panel, although he is no longer within its jurisdiction.

OK. Massa is a nut.

Newt Gingrich was also the target of the Ethics committee, for having an extra-marital affair, which eventually helped lead to his loss of the House Speakership.

Any member of an elected office, no matter their race or party, if found guilty, should suffer the consequences.

Despite the insistence of the Congressional Black Caucus, being black does not automatically make you a target.

And it certainly doesn't give you a pass to engage in such suspect activities. When you get called to the carpet for them, whipping out the race card to discredit whatever it is you're accused of, proven yet or not, does not somehow make you immune.

It does, however, make you sound like an idiot who wields it like a tool of intimidation to deflect legitimate scrutiny.


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Comments (11)

The closer November loom's ... (Below threshold)

The closer November loom's the louder the gnashing of teeth and racebaiting will get. Jackson and Sharptun stand to make a lot of unreported income this fall.

WRONG Shawn! They are ENTI... (Below threshold)

WRONG Shawn! They are ENTITLED to their little misadventures.

Maybe the Democratic Congress should pass a law; a law that states what laws Blacks and Hispanics are EXEMPT from. Make life a lot easier for the rest of us.

Race Is Irrelevant... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
Race Is Irrelevant


IIRC, Meeks, along with Wat... (Below threshold)

IIRC, Meeks, along with Waters were "the indignant" ones when the Bush administration tried to point out problems at Fannie Mae. Waters PRAISED Franklin Raines for his superior abilities. Guess that explains why Fannie Mae CRASHED. But that didn't stop Raines from collecting a $6 million bonus as he went out the door. Funny, you never hear Obama or Waters complaining about the bonus Raines got. Ooops! My bad! Raines is Black. Sorry, forgot. Raines was evidently ENTITLED.

How about William (Cold Cas... (Below threshold)

How about William (Cold Cash) Jefferson - Democrat Louisiana? He was caught red handed with $90k in his freezer and it took them months to prosecute him. Hell he even got the records of his wrongdoing suppressed by the Supreme Court, because of a legal maneuver saying that his Congressional office was not subject to a search by the FBI, due the separation of powers clause

To show how hypocritical the Dems are, they had a Texas District Attorney file bogus charges against Tom Delay, who was by far the most effective Republican in the House. After Delay resigned his seat, the charges were quietly dropped.

Ah, the estimable James Cly... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Ah, the estimable James Clyburn . . . who was a high school history teacher some say was about to be canned when he was in the right place at the right time after SC state police shot and killed several demonstrators at S.C. State U., then an all-black institution. The Democratic Governor sought to defuse the tensions after this by creating a state Civil Rights Commission, and appointed Clyburn to head it.

Later Governors of both parties declined to replace him, although he never really did anything of note, until the legislative Republicans struck a deal with black Democrats in the redistricting after the 1990 Census to create a "safe" "minority" district in exchange for gerrymandering the rest in favor of Republicans. Clyburn won the Democratic primary and has held the seat ever since.

Now, I can't prove he's corrupt, although his personal net worth has grown considerably beyond what his salary and expenses would account for, and his relatives and cronies have mysteriously qualified for positions for which they would never have even been considered. In particular his daughter Mignon was operating a money-losing "community" newspaper, but managed a high-ranking state appointment, followed by a miraculous elevation to the position of FCC Commissioner, where she is a solid vote for "Net Neutrality" enabling federal governance of political speech on the internet.

Probably just a coincidence . . .

The black and white widespr... (Below threshold)

The black and white widespread personal corruption of members of Congress is not the real problem. Massive spending of money we don't have, 3000-page bills no one reads, federal regulation and red tape out of proportion to any public benefit, failing to make even the smallest effort to conform their actions to the limits of the Constitution - these are the real problems. I just wish our legislators would spend 100% of their time drinking, whoring, stealing and carousing. Even these guys can't steal anywhere near the trillions of dollars of our children and grandchildren's money they are spending on worthless and destructive programs.

It should be noted that Ran... (Below threshold)
iowa barr:

It should be noted that Rangel and Waters (and Meeks as well) have more in common that their race: Prior to Obama's ultimate nomination as the Democrat nominee, both were vocal supporters of Hillary in the 2008 election. Jesse Jackson, Jr. was an early supporter of Obama. Not surprisingly, Jackson walked away from the Burris scandal (and Burris kept his seat) with a wrist slap while Rangel and Waters are being thrown under the Obama bus for their disloyalty.
Chicago politics on display for all to see. My fellow Americans, welcome to the thugocracy.

The CBC should be renamed t... (Below threshold)

The CBC should be renamed to
the Congressional Race Baiting Caucus

Race Baiting Poverty Pimps ... (Below threshold)

Race Baiting Poverty Pimps to the Rescue!

If your for BHO you can ta... (Below threshold)

If your for BHO you can take bribes from WAMU and write laws to REFORM it. You side with Hilary and that it your booted out.

Pelosi did the minimum wage laws but exempted her Husbands company.
Barney Frank had a gay prostitution ring run out of his home and over saw the destruction of FM/FM and he get to smell fresh.

People ask why did the Dems vote for health care when it political suicide.
I bet you in 5 years all those dems who lost their seats will hold jobs at the 100 of agencies/ companies supporting Obama care.
As long as they can live one life and the rest of us another they will continue to rule like they are kings and we are serfs.






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