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Spunky Brit strips down to bikini in Dubai mall

There's something about this that just resonates with me:

A British woman stripped down to her bikini and strutted defiantly through a swanky Dubai mall after an Emirati woman covered head-to-toe in black confronted her for wearing a low-cut shirt, police said Thursday.

Mall security detained both women and took them to a police station for questioning Wednesday. They were released later in the day after the Emirati woman lodged a complaint for public indecency against the Briton, said a police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Police said the British woman, whose name was not released, was shopping in the five-star Dubai Mall when the Emirati woman approached her and criticized her for wearing a shirt she felt violated the conservative dress code followed by most women in this Muslim country.

The two argued, then the Briton stripped down to her bikini and walked through the mall filled with luxury shops and near hotels with swimming pools.

No dhimmitude in that gal.  Too bad there are no pics available.


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Comments (12)

Maybe <a href="http://tinyu... (Below threshold)
James H:

Maybe this will help your imagination?

I'm more impressed with <a ... (Below threshold)
James H:

I'm more impressed with this gal, quite frankly.

JamesH ...Its not ... (Below threshold)

JamesH ...

Its not a competition ... your story is quite impressive as well ...

It's nice to see that other... (Below threshold)

It's nice to see that other countries have busybodies that can't mind their own business, just like ours.

"no pics available"<p... (Below threshold)

"no pics available"

Shoot. But maybe this will make up for it.

(Sorry James H, but this thread needs to be put back on the right track.)

I'm sure the men that were ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure the men that were there were impressed.

James H., you owe me a brea... (Below threshold)

James H., you owe me a breakfast. Ugh! Thank you Michael, you got the bad taste out of my mouth. Behave James. Oh yeah! I am very impressed with this gal. Maybe more of this should happen so we see the true side of Sharia Law. ww

"Maybe more of this shou... (Below threshold)

"Maybe more of this should happen so we see the true side of Sharia Law."

We've already seen it, WW - it's just that a lot of people don't want to acknowledge it.

I shall pray that this stor... (Below threshold)

I shall pray that this story inspires Victoria Secret to create a line called, "Victoria Cross."

This little bird has more g... (Below threshold)

This little bird has more guts than all the Cordoba House supporters put together.

I spent two months in Dubai... (Below threshold)

I spent two months in Dubai last year and in the mall where this happened, there are signs posted telling "infidel" women to respect muslim customs and not parade around in clothing that would be considered "un-muslim". What is interesting is that it was an emirati woman who confronted her and not some emirati man (actually the man would have probably propositioned her). She was probably just jealous that infidels can pretty well dress the way that want to and she is stuck dressing like a ninja.

God bless that Brit chick!<... (Below threshold)

God bless that Brit chick!






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