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The broken window fallacy

An economics lesson coming our way via Fausta:

We are led by hooligans and their defenders in the media.

When will we learn?


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Anyone who listens to Krugm... (Below threshold)

Anyone who listens to Krugman is a freaking idiot. Like Krugman.

The punchline, like all goo... (Below threshold)

The punchline, like all good stories, is left to the very end.

It's Economics 100.9. Just creating jobs for nothing (building "green cars," building "roads to nowhere," planting trees, buying clunkers), creates no real wealth.

Any child can understand this. Except the children in charge of our country, of course.

I think he's wrong in some ... (Below threshold)

I think he's wrong in some respects, War, on a global scale, does have some stimulative effects. It takes most of the younger men out of the job market and replaces them with women, who traditionally have worked and demanded lower pay. The winning side, when the war is over, has an industrial base readilly converted to the manufacture of civilian goods and a ready workforce of experienced employees as the men return from the war.

Yeah, but Deke you're forge... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but Deke you're forgetting that it also has an unquantifiable cost as well. The lives of our young men and women serving in the war.

Which is totally anathema to the left. So the only way that they, in my opinion only, can get the same effect is by doing economic harm.

Nancy and the rest of the d... (Below threshold)

Nancy and the rest of the dim's should have to watch this video before they dont read and vote on every new bill.

People who treat WW2 as a "... (Below threshold)

People who treat WW2 as a "Public Works" program tend to forget that it destroyed a lot of surplus (and not so surplus) capitol. Plus breaking enough windows and window factories that new investment was required to rebuild simply to reachieve the level of society there was before.

Naw you all got it wrong.. ... (Below threshold)

Naw you all got it wrong.. Defending ones country is a must have, where as breaking a window is not... I am suprised that he did not mention the police officer who owed his job to catching the hooligan and the jailer who owed his job and the judge who owed his job and the court clerk who owed her job.
Without the hooligan we would still have military spending with the extra added cost of all the rest of the expenses....Such as the phyciatric care for the hooligan after he gets out of prison and the medical expenses the hooligan also incured including the reconstructive surgery of his ass hole from being gang raped in prison....

Pucker up....

Typical liberal asshat view... (Below threshold)
Frankly B:

Typical liberal asshat views. The broken window analogy doesn't apply to warfare. And if WTC is the "broken window" show me the suits that would have been bought but weren't. You can't.

Who dreams up this crap? Rahm Emanuel?

The broken window fallacy d... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

The broken window fallacy does apply to warfare. The part of the hooligan is played by the enemy. The brick is their bullets and bombs. The window is whatever of ours they are able to destroy. War is not stimulative. Although we need to have a military to protect ourselves even if our enemies are not currently attacking us, the losses we suffer when we are at war are a reduction in our productivity and a drag on our economy.






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