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Ahamdinejad: September 11 attacks exaggerated

This shortly after Obama once again expressed a willingness to talk to Iranian leaders:

Ahmadinejad said the Sept. 11 attacks with hijacked airliners on New York and Washington D.C. had been trumped up as an excuse for the United States to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Speaking at a Tehran conference, Ahmadinejad said there was no evidence that the death toll at New York's World Trade Center, destroyed in the attacks, was as high as reported and said "Zionists" had been tipped off in advance.

"What was the story of September 11? During five to six days, and with the aid of the media, they created and prepared public opinion so that everyone considered an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq as (their) right," he said in a televised speech.

No "Zionists" were killed in the World Trade Center, according to Ahmadinejad, because "one day earlier they were told not go to their workplace."

"They announced that 3,000 people were killed in this incident, but there were no reports that reveal their names. Maybe you saw that, but I did not," he told a gathering of the Iranian news media.


He had previously said the "9/11" attacks were a "big fabrication" and has rejected the historical record of the Holocaust. On Saturday, Ahmadinejad repeated his belief that the Holocaust had been invented to justify the creation of Israel.

"They made up an event, the so-called Holocaust which was later laid as the basis for the innocence of a group," he said.

What exactly could come from talking to a mad man? 


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Comments (13)

That's great! Well I guess... (Below threshold)
jim m:

That's great! Well I guess there's no need to build a big mosque to commemorate the attacks then either.

Glad we got that settled.

The Holocaust was much ado ... (Below threshold)

The Holocaust was much ado about nothing either. Take a bow Barry.

Barry had better get the KY... (Below threshold)

Barry had better get the KY out. He's about to be had again. What's this, the third or fourth time, I've lost count.

Dinnerjacket is a street thug. He only understands one thing, brute force.

I propose, that in the name... (Below threshold)

I propose, that in the name of racial harmony and religious tolerance, we build a jewish synagogue directly above Ahmadinejad's grave site.

Remember when Little Green ... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

Remember when Little Green Footballs used to cover stuff like this? Now ol' Charles is obsessed with defending Muslims and smearing Christians.

Amadinijihad doesn't like P... (Below threshold)

Amadinijihad doesn't like Paul the Octopus, either. Who couldn't like the little pulpo? Racist.

He lies almost as good as O... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

He lies almost as good as Obama! If he gets a teleprompter, he could be the messiah's understudy!

The scary thing is that guy... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The scary thing is that guys like him and Chavez and Obama actually run whole countries.

Oh, and Castro is healthy enough to finally make a public appearance. The lowlifes have managed some level of respectability somehow. I blame rap music, but only because I don't like most of it.

Well, it certainly took Ahm... (Below threshold)

Well, it certainly took Ahmedinejad a while to start parroting the same stuff that members of governments in "allied" countries such as Germany, Japan, and Italy (among others) have been saying for a few years. At least now that it's come from Iran, we can write it off as just "crazy talk!"

Birds of a feather flock to... (Below threshold)

Birds of a feather flock together.

We could invite him to the ... (Below threshold)

We could invite him to the ceremonies for the upcoming anniversary. When they read the list of the victims, they always ring a bell for each one. Get a larger bell and put his head in it.
Then he could get an accurate count.

#5. Turns out Charles is a... (Below threshold)

#5. Turns out Charles is a lickspittle that just wants to ride the crotch of the party in power. I won't be shocked the when the pendulum swings back to the right (and Obama and Pelosi sure seem to be pushing it), if he's still blogging, LGF will be a pro-capitalism, free market loving home of the Tea Party... and any evidence that proves otherwise will be scrubbed from the site archives.

Sorry, I ain't buyin' it. A... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I ain't buyin' it. Ahmedinejad does not actually exist. A being that stupid would forget to breathe.






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