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Republicans Need to Make 2010 Elections a Referendum on Liberalism, Not Just Obama

Over the past two weeks, the Obama teleprompter has repeatedly hit on a new phrase - the Bush recession. While the former President was complicit in some wanton spending during his final two years in office, in particular, the disastrous TARP bailout, the fact is he simply could not have done it without the Democrat majority in Congress. People tend to forget that the outnumbered Republicans in Congress fervently opposed the TARP bailout.

When Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid assumed control of both houses of Congress in January 2007, our unemployment rate was 4.6 percent and the national debt was $8.6 trillion. In just 42 months, the unemployment rate has doubled and the national debt has surged to over $13 trillion. In just four years, the Democrats in Congress have increased our debt by more than half of the enitre history of this country. When Pelosi and Reid assumed their leadership positions, this nation's debt was 62% of gross domestic product. By next year, our debt will be a full 100% of GDP.

As the tragic results of the current administration's economic policies become increasingly indefensible, Mr. Obama has had little choice but to desperately cast blame on his predecessor. "In the last six months of 2008 alone, 3 million Americans lost their jobs," Obama told supporters in a speech in Detroit on Thursday. "They have not come up with a single, solitary idea that is any different from the policies of George W. Bush, the policies that they had in place for eight years before we had a crisis," the President continued. "What they are betting on is amnesia. They are betting that you don't remember that they were in charge all this time."

Of course, the truth is that Democrats controlled both houses of Congress throughout all of 2007 and 2008 with ruinous consequences to our economy. But Obama's invocation of Bush is a shrewd strategy that may resonate with some who are not paying attention. Thus, it is incumbent upon Republican candidates to avoid the pitfalls of the Bush vs. Obama argument. It is of paramount importance that GOP leaders remind voters that we have endured a Democrat Congress since 2006 and the consequences we are now suffering are the result of four years of unfettered liberalism, not just the Obama tenure.

Republican candidates must recognize that President Obama remains a very likeable figure to many Americans, particularly to those who are incognizant of the reasons for our nation's inability to emerge from its economic hardships. Victories will not be achieved in November by engaging this President on a personal level. However, Republican Congressional candidates will easily prevail by focusing on principled conservatism and reminding voters over and over that our economic decline began four years ago.


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"Republica... (Below threshold)

"Republican candidates must recognize that President Obama remains a very likeable figure to many Americans"

Yeah. Just like DUMBO, GUMBY OR BOZO.

Excellent advice. The prob... (Below threshold)

Excellent advice. The problem becomes, of course, finding Republican candidates who understand and can articulate principled conservative philosophy. This has been quite difficult over the past 20 years or so. Establishment Republicans can thank the TEA Party movement for leading them by the nose when they take back Congress in November. Let's hope they have enough on the ball to not turn back to their old RINO ways this time.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

"Of course, the truth is... (Below threshold)

"Of course, the truth is that Democrats controlled both houses of Congress throughout all of 2007 and 2008"

shhhhhhh...no one is supposed to mention that. Loose lips sink Democrats.

If what I see here... (Below threshold)

If what I see here in my small upstate New York town holds true for the rest of the country, these next two elections WILL mean a staggering defeat for the progressive libs controlling the Democrat party.

Admittedly, the evidence is anecdotal--i.e. conversation with various people, but the thread is common. It's surprising how conservative this area is, away from the urban centers. Party affiliation seems not to matter, the mindset is remarkably similar.

The Repubs need to start getting in front of the groundswell, though. Been precious little that I've seen thus far. Not as if there weren't enough ammunition for them.

From this end, we'll be involved with the local politics, just as in past years. THERE is where you and I CAN make a tangible difference, and one that counts.

Because my country is what it is, there's no reason for me not to believe that it cannot be rid of the disease infecting it right now.

The problem is that the GOP... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The problem is that the GOP leadership does not believe in the same things that the electorate wants. People want a saner, less intrusive government. People want to see the spending cut and the size of government trimmed. People want to see the laws enforced fairly and real accountability for government officials.

The GOP leadership still wants to dole out the pork. They don't want to make the hard choices (frankly not all of them are that hard) to cut the size of government. They want to have the privileges of private/government jets to take them on fact finding missions/vacations. They want to be able to cheat on their taxes and not go to jail. They want to have more tax revenue to spend and they want more regulations to control businesses so they can choose the winners and losers.

There's a reason that Congressmen and Senators stock market investments have outpaced the DOW by over 12%. They are profiteering on their jobs. They are choosing winners and losers to our expense. They are becoming a wealthy and privileged elite and they want to keep us out of it. They are absolutely not interested in stopping this gravy train.

Until we find people interested in actual public service and not getting their share we will be stuck with this crappy government.

"Victories will not be achi... (Below threshold)

"Victories will not be achieved in November by engaging this President on a personal level."

I agree. In fact, I think if Obama didn't have that sanctimonious shrew named Pelosi in the Speaker's chair he would not have gotten the disaster of that healthcare bill rammed through Congress. He likes to talk but walking the walk is another matter with him. I think it is enough to campaign against the legislation the congressional Democrats voted for. It is important to make these clowns think twice the next time about who they want to represent. The people who elected them would be the correct choice.

"the Bush recession"<... (Below threshold)

"the Bush recession"

Didn't Barry say he 'owed' the economy now? So wouldn't it now be HIS recession?

The economy remains in trou... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The economy remains in trouble due to the uncertainty that obama has created. Uncertainty over the health care laws that we are still trying to decipher. Uncertainty over the financial reform act that we are trying to decipher. Uncertainty over more legislation that will make it harder to run any kind of company profitably. Legislation such as card check and cap and trade.

obama has created massive legislation that nobody can know the full contents of before it is passed. It creates ridiculous gifts to favored constituents. It exempts the agencies of the government that will enforce them from the FIOA. It is creating a police state that will take years to undo.

To get a liberal to believe... (Below threshold)

To get a liberal to believe that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are mostly to blame for the current mess we are in is just like pulling teeth out of a pissed off lion. They have been led down the garden path by the state controlled media and will continue to do so as long as Reid, Pelosi and Obama remain in power.

Until we find people in... (Below threshold)

Until we find people interested in actual public service and not getting their share we will be stuck with this crappy government.

Our founders never expected that being a "Congressman" would be a career path. They also never envisioned life expectancy to reach the level that it has, thus the incentive to remain in congress is now HUGE! Large amounts of power, garnered through senority, inside brokerings unavailable to the general public, a retirement plan that would make the most aggresive union negotiator jealous, these things combined together make for the cut throat, win at all cost, enviromet that is Washigton D.C.

I don't agree with the Dem's, but you do have to give them credit for sticking to their agenda and following their principals, it may cost them, but they did what their ideals called for.

The prob. for the Republicans is that they are so scared of saying anything that can be misinterpreted, misconstrued, or taken out of context they are ineffectual. The reason for this is that they simply have no one that is principal driven and can articulate conservative ideals, they haven't had one since Reagan.

It's almost kind of stupid, it has come dwn to the fact that the Dem's are promising to give someone else a dollar of a working mans money where as the Republicans promise they will only give them 75 cents of that dollar and then they can say "hey look we saved you 25 cents were so much better than those guys!"

And even if the Republicans take over, who are the senior members, the ones who decide what get's done? The same ole, tired, NE Rhino's, who worry more about the editorial section of the NYT and how it might effect poll numbers than they do about the course of American greatness. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of another.

jim m - "Until we fin... (Below threshold)

jim m - "Until we find people interested in actual public service and not getting their share we will be stuck with this crappy government."

That's called TERM LIMITS, but these fat cat assholes will never start the process to get it done!

Yes, but TRAGICALLY, far to... (Below threshold)

Yes, but TRAGICALLY, far too many republicans are limp-wristed, spineless sell outs and slobbering liberals, not terribly unlike the democrats they hope to defeat. We have far too few Demints and far too MANY Snowes/Collins/McCains/Lugars/Browns, etc.

<a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)
But when Bush's name is tied to the economic ideas that conservatives are promoting, and they are identical, there is a 49-point swing in favor of Obama, the biggest swing Bennett said he's ever seen in a poll. For Democrats searching for a light to lead them through the darkness, it might help to remind voters that while Bush is gone, his ideas live on in his ideological clones, and voting out the new crowd will only bring back the old crowd.
So I guess we shou... (Below threshold)

So I guess we should accept a poll taken by democrats of who, exactly? Likely voters? Adults?

That is manufactured spin, and I'm surprised that the proponents don't need a gyroscope to walk straight.

But thanks for playing.

Yeah, Newspeak Magazine. W... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Newspeak Magazine. What a great source for unbiased information.

In other news, remember Government Motors and "The Volt"?

In repaying the American Taxpayer, because they were "too big to fail", GM is investing in a new engine plant IN MEXICO. Unemployed workers in Detroit say Thanks guys!


"Time to tell lies"<... (Below threshold)

"Time to tell lies"

Where's Bruce at??

Obviously, this poll is the... (Below threshold)

Obviously, this poll is the basis for the White House's present plan .. blame Bush.
I think it's pretty thin (thinner than p*ss on a rock), but they are obviously grasping at straws at this point.

"Yes, but TRAGICALLY, far t... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"Yes, but TRAGICALLY, far too many republicans are limp-wristed, spineless sell outs and slobbering liberals, not terribly unlike the democrats they hope to defeat. We have far too few Demints and far too MANY Snowes/Collins/McCains/Lugars/Browns, etc."

You have it right. Did anyone catch Boehner on Meet the Press this morning? He was asked repeatedly whether an extension of the Bush tax cuts to folks making over $250,000 would "pay for themselves" and he dodged and weaved. This is where the argument needs to be taken directly to the 'Rats. The correct answer is a resounding YES... tax cuts to the so-called "wealthy" would more than pay for themselves in the form of economic recovery. I'm sorry, but people making less than that are generally not employing others. We desperately need the entrepreneurs and business pioneers to lift this country on their backs. This is where the American economic engine lives.

I was so frustrated after listening to Boehner shy away from this challenge. He is so incredibly insipid and was driving me batty. Republicans need to distinguish themselves and explain coherently that tax cuts for... yes... the rich... always facilitate economic growth. Tax cuts work every time they are tried.

Weve had enough of tax and ... (Below threshold)

Weve had enough of tax and spend liberals. And I include all Rino's and the silent camp in this.

Where are the cut and grow conservatives?

We actually have talking head's on Sunday morning Karen McNutty nulte for one saying the Bush tax cut's were a drain on the economy and their expiration is economic growth?? You see what kind of idiocy we are dealing with here.

November cannot get here soon enough!

914,November comes... (Below threshold)


November comes and the Repub's take over then what? The leadership is still the same that destroyed the contract with America. What happens when the media starts with their "These are racist, homophobe, bigoted white guys who want to trod on the common man" theme?

What happens when Obama begins to run against them, like Clinton did, and his poll numbers go up? Do these guys, just like they did in 96-98, become Democrat light again? Refuse to cut spending and increase regulation b/c they don't want to be perceived as being "mean?"

Their leader John "Tanning Bed" Boehner answered that question on the Sunday talk shows when he refused to articulate why tax cuts for ALL Americans is good b/c, once again, of the perception he is supporting the rich.

Deke,Good q... (Below threshold)


Good question. I dont like the game these guys play to stay in power. The money run's them and they are interested first and foremost with being in power.

If they do not have the balls excuse me, cajone's to call out the dummycrap's on their bs then they need to hit the road with them.


Paul Krugman's article in the NY times "Addicted to Bush" supported my conclusions about the Conservative right wing... they're MAD! Loony as a Warner Bros cartoon. Going back to Bush/Cheney policy so soon after the 8 year disaster proves their insanity. Over and over again expecting different results, RIGHT? But you want Democrats/Progressives to believe if only Conservatism had one more chance it can work?

MORE of the waste, fraud, abuse, scandal, sexual deviancy, corruption, lies, incompetence, job outsourcing, off-shore tax evasion, reckless economics, war profiteering, Constitutional violations AND a Corporate Crime Wave of epic proportions.... The WORST looting of a nation's wealth and resources in the history of MANKIND!

Where was the Tea Party anger THEN?

Tax cuts for the rich stimulating the economy? How about we reward the that top 1% when they actually DO something for the USA? Yea, you get tax breaks after you bring factory jobs back to US soil. The American PEOPLE have spent the last 30 years paying for the top 1%'s tax cuts and what did we get? What ever "trickled down" rich people's leg wasn't economic stimulus.

Your Republican parents are suckers and fools!

NOTE: Congress goes after Rep. Charlie Rangel for tax evasion but ignored all the off-shore bank account scandals and federal revenue meddling that occurred during Bush/Cheney? Ohhhh and NOW Maxine Waters too? BS, the Black Caucus is being railroaded by the Tea Party Caucus! The Right Wing will punish Black PEOPLE (even Wesley Snipes) for not paying taxes but when Republicans turn around and WASTE our tax dollars... NO ONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Why is that?

Our tax dollars and hard work provided the silver spoon aristocrats with the infrastructure needed to make their fortunes and HOW DID THEY REPAY US? They bought off our government officials, lobbied so the game was rigged in their favor... expatriate clauses, hidden legislation, insuring venture capital meant to make it easy to move our jobs to the greener pastures of Asian slave/child labor and unregulated toxic waste dumping. (thanks for nothing Tom Delay)

I can't take it no more. "Borrow and Spend" Republicans have dragged all Americans down with their LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES, greed and incompetence. Made us into the "United Suckers of America". THEY MUST BE STOPPED before they completely destroy the USA! See cyberbitchslap2.blogspot.com for more.

lol @ 22Another LW... (Below threshold)

lol @ 22

Another LW ip?

#22 -blah..blah..B... (Below threshold)

#22 -

blah..blah..BUSH...CHENEY...EVIL!!...bad Republicans! ...

With Zero in charge, and the Dems having controlled Congress the past 4 years - this recession is YOURS, bitch! You own it, you whiny little douchebag...






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