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A commercial selling truth

This is what America needs to get back to:

H/T Patrick O'Hannigan.


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Here's the truth (from CNN ... (Below threshold)

Here's the truth (from CNN in 2009): "Chrysler LLC will not repay U.S. taxpayers more than $7 billion in bailout money it received earlier this year and as part of its bankruptcy filing."

Once upon a time, Americans made good, solid products with private capital, ingenuity and hard work. Today, companies like Chrysler and GM exist only because of taxpayer bailouts to fund union pensions, while their bondholders got the short end of the stick. For Chrysler to advertise a return to the good old days is pure crap. There aren't many companies in this country who couldn't produce a somewhat better product if they had $7 billion in money from Uncle Sap.

Well said Bob. The the comm... (Below threshold)

Well said Bob. The the commercial is actually touting union workers and the Jeep is a government subsidized product.
'Wish it wasn't so, but it is.

"For Chrysler to adverti... (Below threshold)

"For Chrysler to advertise a return to the good old days is pure crap."

True - because they won't. But as a concept for the country, it's not a bad idea.

When we build, we prosper. When we don't, we stagnate. We're at a point where our government seems to prefer stagnation to growth, and you've got to wonder just why.

The more regulation, the less it seems we grow. Regulation for the sake of being able to say "We're doing something about X" could well be counterproductive. Maybe the folks doing the regulation are looking to control things that don't need to be controlled.

Dump all regulation? Far from it - but it's time to start asking whether adding more layers will do any good... or just what the 'good' is that it's supposed to do.

Chrysler is 60% owned by th... (Below threshold)

Chrysler is 60% owned by the UAW after the shameful way the Obama administration misused bankruptcy law and reamed bondholders and dealers in order to protect their union buddies. It will take a lot more than a catchy commercials to get many Americans to buy their products.

I used to own a Jeep...and ... (Below threshold)

I used to own a Jeep...and currently own a Chevy Tahoe. Neither of which I would buy again. Oh, they were fine vehicles (the Tahoe still is)...but I will NEVER buy from GM of Chrysler again...even though as a taxpayer I'm part owner of both.

The commercial is catchy...and false.

Hope and Cherokee.... (Below threshold)

Hope and Cherokee.

Yeah, it's good until you s... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Yeah, it's good until you stop to think that it's Marxist Motors talking. Pure propaganda.

I wouldn't buy one if they ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't buy one if they paid me back.


JLawson is partly right, we... (Below threshold)

JLawson is partly right, we shouldn't dump all regulation. But the more I see of what government does, the more I think we should dump most regulation. The presence of government regulators seldom improves a situation; it just promotes a false sense of security. The SEC didn't catch Bernie Madoff. Instead, Bernie used the SEC, telling prospective investors he must be on the up and up because otherwise the SEC would have closed him down. If we scrapped all regulations and started over, we'd likely be way ahead of the game.

I own a Jeep Sahara and my ... (Below threshold)

I own a Jeep Sahara and my wife owns a Cadillac CTS both bought just before the big bailout. I have stuck mostly with Dodge throughout my life now I don't know what to do. I guess Ford. Anyway, the commercial is true, we were once a nation that made great things. Unions wrecked that. ww

I know people who due to th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I know people who due to their Jewish ancestry would never buy a German car. I know others that due to their WWII era experience would never buy Japanese. I would say that due to may experience with their selling the country down the road to fascism I would never get a GM or Chrysler.

Not sure why they went with... (Below threshold)
david carlson:

Not sure why they went with the song "God's going to cut you down" (Johnny Cash Version) for a commercial. Exactly who is God going to "cut down"? People who buy Jeeps? People who don't buy jeeps?






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