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Harry Reid finally reads ObamaCare bill and realizes it sucks

The American people understood how awful this bill was from the getgo because they read it. But Harry, Nancy, and all the other Democrats were convinced they were smarter than the American people and shoved it down their throats anyway.

So, now Harry is complaining to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that ObamaCare will hurt Nevada hospitals. From Ben Domenech:

John Graham of the Pacific Research Institute details a few fun facts in this video about HealthCare.gov, but the one that sticks out is this, a letter from Majority Leader Harry Reid to HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius sent on July 21st. The letter seems to indicate that Reid has finally read the health care bill, and after discovering it hurts Nevada hospitals more than it helps them, is complaining to the administration.

Here's John Graham's video that Ben embedded in his post:

Harry's letter:

Two things. First, did you notice that Harry wrote that letter on July 21st, and we're just hearing about it now? If Harry Reid were a Republican this would have been front page news on The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and every other liberal rag masquerading as a newspaper within days of its existence.

Second, a full three weeks after Harry sent this letter to Kathleen Sebelius, he responded to the lopsided anti-ObamaCare vote in Missouri last Tuesday with this:

Reid noted that Tuesday's turnout was low, at 23%. But his main argument was that people will like the law better the more they see its benefits.

"It's very obvious that people have a lack of understanding of our health care reform bill," Reid said. "The more people learn about this bill, the more they like it." He noted that the health insurance "exchanges," or marketplaces, will take three years to kick in.

Reid cited recent polls suggesting that the health law is becoming more popular, though a significant number of Americans still oppose it.

"The trend is turning all over America today," Reid said. "Once you explain what's in the bill, the American people of course like it."

Oh, the trend is turning, alright. It's turning even more passionately against ObamaCare. When the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate writes a letter to the HHS secretary, albeit  surreptitiously, expressing concern that ObamaCare's Medicare cuts will devastate his state's hospitals, you know things are going south for ObamaCare fast.  But like a dutiful and loyal Democrat, Harry continued his ridiculous claim that the American people will "like it when they read it" crap.

All this could have been avoided if the Democrats in Congress just read the bill before they voted on it.


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Comments (7)

Harry Reid should be so eas... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Harry Reid should be so easy to defeat. Sharron Angle must be another Democrat plant.

Just remember - you've got ... (Below threshold)

Just remember - you've got to pass the bill to find out what's in it!

(Otherwise known as the "Pig in a Poke Act" of 2010, from henceforth no Congress member will ever read any proposed legislation. They're very busy people, after all, and can't be expected to read everything! Or, so it seems, anything.)

Wait until the old fart get... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

Wait until the old fart gets to the section of the bill that talks about rationing his care! Oops, I forgot, members of our congressional royalty are absolved from having to partake of this "read it to find out how we are screwing you" disaster!

Too damn bad Dingy! <... (Below threshold)

Too damn bad Dingy!

If you vote against yourself in November we can begin to repeal the whole socialist cabal you and the rest of the mentally challenged elder's have enacted under the guise of 'dope and mange'.

BTW dirty, aren't you due for a death panel check up? I think you've outlived useless idiot status long ago.

"All this could have been a... (Below threshold)

"All this could have been avoided if the Democrats in Congress just read the bill before they voted on it."

No, Kim. You're QUITE wrong. This was always about POWER AND CONTROL over the little people, never about health or care! So not having actually READ the bill was meaningless, nor would having read it--or even WRITTEN it--made the slightest difference. You, Kim, are living in a fantasy world of believing that leftist politicians are interested in doing "good", OR WHAT IS BEST FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. They are, in fact, only concerned with the advancement of the leftist agenda...PERIOD!!! Giving these people credit for any other motive is childish, foolish and downright DUMB!! Wake up, Kim. These people are dedicated enemies of freedom and liberty. The fact that you write for a large, well known and well done conservative blog and yet apparently DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONTEMPT THE LEFT HAS FOR THE REST OF US, is really too bad. Of course, you're not alone. Far too many conservatives are ignorant, starry-eyed suckers when it comes to the true sentiments and agenda of the left. Hopefully you'll learn.

What the new Republican Con... (Below threshold)
John S:

What the new Republican Congress needs to do is eliminate all federal health plans and make every federal employee from Obama down buy plans under Obamacare. I'm guessing if Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, or Harryass Reid find they're facing death panels under Obamacare, they'll fall over themselves in the rush to repeal it.

Harry is concerned about th... (Below threshold)

Harry is concerned about the "methodology used to calculate the adjustment". I think he just wants her to fudge the numbers so it is easier to sell.






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