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Former President George W. Bush makes surprise visit to Dallas-Fort Worth USO

Whoops! Sorry, but I missed Rick's post on this same story a couple posts down.

Andrew Malcolm at the LA Times' Top of the Ticket brings us this great story tonight that Former President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush made a surprise visit to the Dallas-Fort Worth USO to thank the troops.

Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura made a surprise visit to U.S. troops this afternoon.

They showed up unannounced at the USO in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. There they mingled with the soldiers, thanked them, chatted and posed for photos as proof of the unexpected encounter for folks back home.

The Dallas USO posted the pictures on its Facebook page and they are priceless. I particularly love the look of sheer surprise and, might I say, joy on the faces of the troops as they meet the former Commander in Chief.

And while you're at the D-FW USO's page, be sure to read the comments at the individual photos. The American people truly miss President Bush and the class and grace he brought to the presidency.

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Comments (10)

They must be looking at Bar... (Below threshold)

They must be looking at Barry's job approval numbers.

This type of thing epitomiz... (Below threshold)

This type of thing epitomizes the reality of George W. Bush. A humble man who ignores the accolades and goes for the true heart of this country.

Mr. Bush, you could not imagine how much you are missed. The country is a scary place since you stepped down.

watch for barry to make a s... (Below threshold)

watch for barry to make a surprise visit in the next few days to show his concern for the troops....can't let bush be seen as more caring than the one.

Always a class act with gen... (Below threshold)

Always a class act with genuine respect and appreciation for our servicemen. Thank you, sir.

Refresh is your friend, Kim... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Refresh is your friend, Kim! :-p

Kudos to Dubya, but we already knew the kind of guy he is.

Agree with the general sent... (Below threshold)

Agree with the general sentiment about W.
I'd also like to add that Mrs. Bush was one of our finer first Ladies and is also missed.

Democrats who will try to t... (Below threshold)

Democrats who will try to tie Republican candidates to the policies of George W. Bush in the next 80+ days...

your kung fu is weak.

Maybe Laura Bush could run ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Laura Bush could run in 2012, a la Hillary?

Michelle Obama was going to... (Below threshold)

Michelle Obama was going to visit but it was more important to go to Spain. Obama would have visited, but he had to go to Chicago to visit friends.

What a difference between these two guys. It's all in the heart. I do not question GW's love and admiration of our troops at all. I really believe during his entire 8 years he never used the troops for any political posturing. That God for that. He always makes me proud to be a Texan. I had the opportunity to vote for his 4 times. ww

I can't wait to see Dane's ... (Below threshold)

I can't wait to see Dane's comment. Seeing as how he worships The One.






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