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Why did Obama?

Don Surber is pointing to the idiotic Obama campaign strategy to run against a man who's been gone for nearly two years now:

Via Reuters, Barack Obama: "The policies that crashed the economy, that undercut the middle class, that mortgaged our future, do we really want to go back to that, or do we keep moving our country forward?"


So why did Obama continue President Bush's policies?

Why did Obama re-appoint Ben Bernanke?

Why did Obama continue the TARP?

Why did Obama follow up Bush's failed $150 billion stimulus with an $862 billion stimulus?

Why did Obama not only continue Bush deficits but quadruple them?

There is one difference though.

Bush cut taxes and ended the recession he inherited. Obama didn't.

There's more than one difference.  And I'm now of the firm belief that much of it has to do with character.

Barack Hussein Obama hasn't any.  George W. Bush had plenty.



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Comments (15)

Sooner or later, Barry's go... (Below threshold)

Sooner or later, Barry's going to wake up and realize he's been elected President and the campaign is over. At that point he'll freak, because he doesn't know how to do anything BUT campaign.

A year and a half in, and O... (Below threshold)

A year and a half in, and Obama is still whining about the economy he "inherited".

He's in way over his head and he knows it.

What to do? Blame Bush, yet again. And the sad thing is, that is all he has to work with.

The good news? This isn't going to work any longer.

It's not "Miss Me Yet" it's... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

It's not "Miss Me Yet" it's "Never Forget!"

Luckily we have Sarah Palin, America's Backseat Driver® to fill the teeny tiny void left by the hapless Bush.

Barry sure seems to miss Bu... (Below threshold)

Barry sure seems to miss Bush a lot. Cant stop talking bout him.

"The good news? This isn... (Below threshold)

"The good news? This isn't going to work any longer."

Didn't work from the beginning, Hank - at least for the folks who paid attention. (Seriously - look at the "Cash4Clunkers" program. $24k spent to give out a $4k rebate. Think the same suggestion by Bush wouldn't have generated screaming at high decible levels by Adrian and the like?)

Obama could start wearing ermine robes and a crown, and the left would find some way to justify it.

[slumming to the level of 3... (Below threshold)

[slumming to the level of 3]
Ha, Ha Ha Ha AD.
Its so much fun to laugh at you continuously showing your idiocy while you're thinking you're cute and have a rapier-like wit. Nope, you are really a soft-noodled twit.
Nanny-Nanny Noo Noo. |-p

He'll be blaming Bush for l... (Below threshold)

He'll be blaming Bush for losing Congress next year and his job in a couple more. And that's OK with me.

This "idiotic" campaign str... (Below threshold)

This "idiotic" campaign strategy was called "idiotic" back in 2006 and 2008, and it helped win the elections for Democrats back then too. Of course Democrats will use it again.

Teh Messiah is such a miser... (Below threshold)

Teh Messiah is such a miserable failure that pretty soon we'll start seeing those Miss Me Yet posters with Jimmah Carter.

2006 and 2008 were differen... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

2006 and 2008 were different because Bush WAS president. Now it's Obama, who has "owned" this mess -- and made it far worse -- for almost 2 years.

And that's the point. Things were relatively better under Bush as compared with 2 years under Obama and 4 years of a Democrat congress.

Remember, you don't fight the new war by preparing for and fightng the last war.

And the biggest reason -- the only reason, really -- why Dems seek to run against Bush is because they're running from their own "successes." Why not run on health care reform, financial reform, the "stimulus" boondoggle, etc. instead of a man who has been out of power for 2 years? It's because they know that much of what they've done is massively unpopular.

Only the idiots expected so... (Below threshold)

Only the idiots expected so much from a demonstratively empty suit.

Dane -Journolist i... (Below threshold)

Dane -

Journolist is gone. Without the coordinated messaging effort that's a 10% or more shift right there.

And Big Mo is right - folks are looking at 5% unemployment and moderate economic growth under Bush versus 10% and nothin' under Obama. The more he 'helps', the worse things seem to get. And there's only going to be so much 'protecting' the media can do.

Obama's record sucks, for all the praise the media gives. Funny how they're not pushing their 'successes', aren't they? Cash4Clunkers cost a total of $24k for each $4k rebate - and crashed the car market. And this little gem...

WASHINGTON, DC -- A Government Accountability Office report released Thursday shows that the Department of Energy has spent more than $1.9 billion in so-called stimulus funds to create 10,018 jobs through May, an average of $194,213 spent per full-time job created.
Government jobs... which create no private-sector value. And where, Dane, does government get the money to keep going?

Can't hide the fail, Dane. The 'hero' of 'hope and change' who was going to fix things seems about as ignorant of what he's trying to do as a chicken is of calculus... if you figure he's trying to make things better for everyone.

But man, can't he campaign and read off a teleprompter... Darn shame the job requires a bit more, isn't it?

Obama has not record to run... (Below threshold)

Obama has not record to run on. He didn't when he ran for president. The mentally challenged left thought Obama was the end all but he turned out to be what most of us knew. A cheap, inexperienced empty suit. He loves the trappings of the office but has not one iota of an idea on how to lead.

Dane, the pocket book and oversight of the US government has been in democratic leaderships hands for FOUR years now. I can confidently say that the economy crashed under democratic leadership. Dane, a little lesson in federal government, the president cannot appropriate any money. Did you know that??? ww

Dane will be right back aft... (Below threshold)

Dane will be right back after he memorizes some more DNC talking points.

Then he'll accuse all of us of "hate".

I suppose Bush caused the s... (Below threshold)

I suppose Bush caused the solar flare the other day too...






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