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Survey of Middle Eastern opinion: Obama has squandered good will

So much for Obama ushering in a new era with the Arabs:


Much more at Verum Serum who add with wisdom:

Remember how, after 9/11, the world seemed to rally around the US. Our polling numbers were up all over Europe and elsewhere. And then, after the invasion of Iraq, those numbers went way down. Howard Dean, John Kerry, Al Gore, Al Franken and innumerable liberal commentators and politicos (almost ad infinitum) claimed that Bush had squandered the good will of the world. In fact, back in 2003 Brookings was one of the groups making this claim.

In a very similar way, the numbers show that Obama had a moment when the Middle East was genuinely more hopeful about his direction. The numbers also show that his moment is gone, perhaps irrevocably. And yet, I don't hear anyone on the left claiming that Obama has squandered his golden opportunity with the Middle East. Actually, that complaint has been voiced in foreign newspapers, but not here. Certainly not with any real gusto. I wonder why that argument has fallen out of fashion?

That last question is rhetorical I'm sure... the answer seems obvious.


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Quite simply, Barry didn't ... (Below threshold)

Quite simply, Barry didn't roll over sufficiently on the Israeli's.

The clown in chief has squa... (Below threshold)

The clown in chief has squandered a lot of wealth that was not his as well.

What's the fuss? The One i... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

What's the fuss? The One in the mirror still seems mighty pleased with himself.

I accidentally caught a few seconds of him speaking in Texas the other day on a news channel - normally I avoid him at all costs, but the short clips are hard to block. He was prancing and preening like a prideful peacock, blaming everything on Bush and Republicans.

No one respects weakness an... (Below threshold)

No one respects weakness and vacillation, except for hard core liberals.

These results are not a surprise.

I'd bet any question that began with: "How would you describe your attitude to the Obama administration policy......" would yield the same results.

I guess now we can expect to see some "Bush, Miss me yet" billboards popping up in the middle east.






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