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Dan Benishek becomes the GOP nominee for MI01 after Jason Allen graciously concedes

I am pleasantly surprised to hear this morning that Jason Allen has conceded the GOP primary race to Dan Benishek for MI01. To be honest, I was pretty much resigned to his asking for a recount a la Al Franken.

I'm thrilled to be wrong.  Jason Allen's decision to concede and put his support behind Benishek was the gentlemanly thing to do and something we see rarely these days in politics.

Dave Poff at RedState has both Jason Allen's and Dan Benishek's full statements. It's nice reading this Sunday morning.

JGillman at RightMichigan spoke with Mr. Allen about his decision to concede the race to Dr. Benishek:

In his decision, Allen notes the expense for both campaigns through a recount process lessens the opportunity that a conservative would gain the seat, and that further divisiveness within the party might only result in the same type of poor leadership from that seat through a McDowell win.
"A 15 vote separation through a recount and validation process might easily be overcome if there was a decision to do so.  There are compelling reasons to follow through and honor the wishes of those 27,000 voters who thought I might represent them.  I am humbled, and honored by their support, but at this time feel they might be best served without a recount process that would be damaging to both campaigns and would not serve the district well."

We live in a time when politics has become a full contact sport. People now run for public office to feed their own egos and enrich their bank accounts rather than to serve the needs of their constituents, their party, and their country. Which is why Mr. Allen's decision to step back and allow the primary to move forward in spite of losing by a mere 15 votes is truly impressive. The voters of MI01 can be proud knowing that they have dignified candidates who want to represent them. And liberals think northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are filled with nothing but rednecks.

This race's conclusion is a lesson from which candidates all over the country can learn a great deal.

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Comments (8)

Heh. If this hold u... (Below threshold)

Heh. If this hold up, then maybe it should be enshrined in a museum as an example.

Perhaps the Franken debacle DID have a salutory impact?

Pooling assets to help a co... (Below threshold)

Pooling assets to help a conservative win.

What a great (though not new) idea!

We need to see more of this. Keep the big picture in mind.

Maturity!! there is no subs... (Below threshold)

Maturity!! there is no substitute.

When someone wants to win e... (Below threshold)

When someone wants to win enough to cheat via recount like algore franken. There is no lesson their ego can learn.

Speaking of egos, when is Barry going to concede his administration is a complete failure.

"People now run for public ... (Below threshold)

"People now run for public office to feed their own egos and enrich their bank accounts rather than to serve the needs of their constituents, their party, and their country."
Would you name some federally elected Republicans that fit this description. Other than Duke Cunningham 3-4 years ago I can't think of anyone. Now federally elected Democats I have no trouble coming up with.
The point is NOT everyone does it.

Allen should be saluted for... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Allen should be saluted for thinking of the interests of the district ahead of his own ambitions.

I suggest he not hold his breath, however, waiting for apologies from all the people who smeared him as some sort of establishment tool and worse.

irongrampa says:..... (Below threshold)

irongrampa says:

.... Heh. If this hold up, then maybe it should be enshrined in a museum as an example ....

You mean just as former president, Richard Nixon's, refusal (and despite that by 1:00 AM in the morning after the election then President-Elect Nixon had been delivered incontrovertible evidence of the massive electoral fraud just perpetrated) to challenge the Kennedy Crime Family's theft of the 1960 "election" is remembered -- and then President-Elect Nixon's memory is so enshrined?

That kind of "enshrined in a museum?"

9/14 asks, speaking of egos... (Below threshold)

9/14 asks, speaking of egos, if and/or when Barry will concede to his "administration's" total failure.

My guess is around September of 2011, by which date the perfect storm of his clinical classical Narcissism, Michelle Antoinette's palpable envy, rage, hatred and loathing and the lying, looting, thieving, co-serial-rapist Cli'tons' Joe Sestek Jobs-for-Altering-Elections Outcomes-Gate "admissions" will have proven more than the sookie simpering sail-eared simpleton can bear -- and he will resign.

Can you say: President Biden?






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