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"Those Voices don't speak for the rest of US"

Compare and Contrast:

If the phrase "I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help" doesn't make your blood run cold, you have not been paying attention.

Spread this one far and wide.

Hat Tip: Ace


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Comments (28)

What speech are the clips o... (Below threshold)

What speech are the clips of Reagan from?

From the Youtube comments..... (Below threshold)

From the Youtube comments...

For those of you not familar, this is from Reagans speech on October 27, 1964. It is called "A Time for Choosing". It is about 29 minutes long, please go and watch the rest of it.

So far, the economical and social results we're getting from the 'progressives' are about like running into a brick wall. You've got to wonder what they're 'progressing' towards.

At least, you do if you have any skepticism at all about politicians who see no problem with spending money we don't have to avoid bankrupcy, and who constantly wish to acquire more power over both the political process and our daily lives.

"I'm from the government, b... (Below threshold)

"I'm from the government, but I'm not going to help you because you're not rich. So, go screw yourselves."

Yeah. John Kerry said that, didn't he? Or was it Maxine Waters?

Barry: " There are times wh... (Below threshold)

Barry: " There are times when our Nation has been arrogant".

This coming from the most partisan arrogant snobbish blue blooded elite administration of tax cheat misfit marxists ever assembled.

Yeah, but they mean</... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but they mean well, 914...

"...or was it Maxine Waters... (Below threshold)

"...or was it Maxine Waters?"

I think they want more than socializing and taking over the oil companies, I think they want to take over everything and enslave us to their whims.

No, those voices su... (Below threshold)

No, those voices sure as hell don't speak for me, or the rest of the 48% who still consider this country to be the most exceptional entity ever seen on this planet.

We WILL overcome the present danger--each of us who is aware price of failure knows we can and must.

I want my kids and grandkids to live in the country I grew up in and defended, not some pale ,socialized imitation, where all are equal--and equally miserable.

And I'll work towards our common goal, in whatever capacity available, until the job's done--no matter the cost.

Jim X is drinking the cool ... (Below threshold)

Jim X is drinking the cool aid. 250K a year is not reach but the uneducated liberals think it is. Right Jim X.? How about all the small businesses that make that plus? Liberals are so stupid to fall for their own BS. Kerry and the uber rich have all their money tied up nice and tight. Untouchable and untaxable. ww

hint: When the best ideas f... (Below threshold)

hint: When the best ideas from your political party are 46 years old, hang it up. It's so over.

"Heinz has declined to disc... (Below threshold)

"Heinz has declined to disclose her personal tax returns, citing family trusts and privacy. She is estimated to be worth between $750 million and $1.2 billion. According to her most recently released income tax of 2003, the Kerry and Heinz paid an effective federal income tax rate of 12%.

Heinz and Kerry live an affluent life. They own a six-floor, $7 million townhome in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, a $9 million ocean-front home on Nantucket, a $5 million ski retreat in Idaho, a $4 million estate in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania near the Heinz family's home base of Pittsburgh, and a $5 million home in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood."
Wikipedia for Teresa Heinz

It's sad, I can't tell whic... (Below threshold)

It's sad, I can't tell which party Dane is referring to.

Dane,It may be wor... (Below threshold)


It may be worse / better than you think. Our ideas are actually over 234 years old - if you are talking about the founding of our country. Or, 223 years if you are referring to the ideas contained in the Constitution. Since the party in power doesn't care about the Constitution, your ideas can be 10 minutes old - with the associated level of maturity.

Looks like we're about due ... (Below threshold)

Looks like we're about due for a visit by The Gods of the Copy Book Headings...

"hint: When the best ide... (Below threshold)

"hint: When the best ideas from your political party are 46 years old, hang it up. It's so over."

Dane, if that's your standard, then what should you do if the best ideas from your party are 77 years old? And they were never as good as the ideas the Founders came up with in the first place?

Oh, lord, Rodney... I hope ... (Below threshold)

Oh, lord, Rodney... I hope like hell you're wrong.

JLawson,So do I...... (Below threshold)


So do I...

"Heinz and Kerry live an... (Below threshold)

"Heinz and Kerry live an affluent life. They own a six-floor, $7 million townhome in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, a $9 million ocean-front home on Nantucket, a $5 million ski retreat in Idaho, a $4 million estate in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania near the Heinz family's home base of Pittsburgh, and a $5 million home in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood."

Isn't it about time to for Lurch to buy property in Florida so he can pull a Teddy upon Theresa's untimely death?

LOL SER! May I buy you a d... (Below threshold)

LOL SER! May I buy you a diet coke?

dane: "hint: When the best ... (Below threshold)

dane: "hint: When the best ideas from your political party are 46 years old, hang it up. It's so over."

Hmmm, when did the "lets redistribute the wealth" idea begin?

Hmmm, which nations advanced this political idea from theory to reality? When did they do this?

We should probably wait for dane to answer. You know, for amusement factor alone.....

Dane, hint: When your champ... (Below threshold)

Dane, hint: When your champion's approval rating is in freefall, hang it up. It's so over.


See you in November, lightweight.

"See you in November,"</... (Below threshold)

"See you in November,"

Cool - bring your best dead heroes and ancient ideas. We'll see how they fare in 2010.

Cool - bring your ... (Below threshold)
Cool - bring your best dead heroes and ancient ideas. We'll see how they fare in 2010.

I'm sorry I called you a lightweight. You're clearly bantamweight.

By the time they take offic... (Below threshold)

By the time they take office its 2011 Dane on the brain.

I remember being a 2nd year... (Below threshold)

I remember being a 2nd year college student, full of high ideals and re-distributive philosophy, as promoted by my teachers, when I heard this man speak.

He made me, for the first time in my life, actually think. I knew my parents weren't from some generation rich family, where and how did they earn the money to help me get an education? Where else, but the U.S., could someone, with no formal education, not even knowing the language, have the chance to be successful? Why did my professors and world dictators hate us so? Weren't we full of good people?

He made me realize that the U.S. is excpetional, that our way of life is superior and should not be hated but modeled. I realized that my professors and those who downplayed our society, were flaunting the freedoms that that exceptionalism demonstrated and it made me proud to be an American.

I thought Conservatives were people who wished to take us back to the days of Robber Barons and dangerous working conditions. I soon realized that by being truly "conservative" one only wished to keep the basis of the freedoms established by our founders so that future generations would also enjoy.

My faith holds a firm belief in the 2nd coming of Christ, but as a worldly matter I sure would like to see a 2nd coming of this man in my lifetime.

Perhaps even more than in 1... (Below threshold)

Perhaps even more than in 1980, we need a man of Ronald Reagan's stature right now. The words he spoke that day in 1964 have never been more relevant than they are today. Our freedoms are being ripped from us on a daily basis as government exerts more and more influence on its citizens. This can and must be walked back or we will cease to be America. We became a great nation because the Founding Fathers believed in the exact opposite of what we are seeing from Obama and the Democrats today. We can only hope that history will repeat itself before it is too late. I have never feared for the future of this country as much as I have these last nineteen months. Everyday it seems there is some new and unwelcome revelation from the people who were foolishly given the opportunity of leadership. Many of us warned others not to fall into the Hope and Change trap but far too many were completely taken in and now we stand at the abyss and wonder if America is about to fall into it.

Dane bramage... (Below threshold)

Dane bramage

Despite the misconception t... (Below threshold)

Despite the misconception that Reagan was just a B-movie actor, he had prepared for many years for the Presidency. He had served as Screen Actors Guild President (1947 to 1952 and 1959). Later, when he starred on GE Theater (1954-1962), his contract required him to spend a quarter of his time with the company touring the forty states and 139 plants of GE's corporate domain, addressing 250,000 employees and their neighbors. He wrote his own speeches and, in the process, became versed in great thinkers. He gradually became conservative as he became more educated. He also became a great communicator who really connected with his audience.

At present, there are no Republicans of comparable stature. I love Sarah Palin but she has neither the education nor the savvy nor the natural communication skills of President Reagan. Newt is smart and well educated but turns off as many voters as he attracts. Bobby Jindal is great but not in the same league. Rush is more powerful now than he would be as President - and his hilarious satire would be turned around on him.

I supported Rudy in 2008, only to see him shoot himself in the foot by concentrating excessively on Florida. Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee, etc. all are less than exciting. Mitt is polished but was also the author of the Massachusetts version of ObamaCare, which is bankrupting his home state. Chris Cristy has been tough and articulate but is short on experience.

Reagan was one of a kind, and we'll be lucky to get anyone half as good again in our lifetime.

Bob,A strong leade... (Below threshold)


A strong leader is not required for there to be a strong movement and a political consensus. "Those Voices..." are primed to find, isolate, and tear down any such strong leader.

We know what is right, we merely need to do it, and rid ourselves (politically) of "Those Voices..." who deny what we know to be right.






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