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No Comprende

"Comprehensive immigration reform." It's the buzzword from the left, whenever the issue of dealing with illegal aliens comes up. We can't secure our borders without comprehensive immigration reform. We can't allow states to enforce illegal alien laws without comprehensive immigration reform. We can't do anything on the issue unless we do everything.

So, what does "comprehensive immigration reform" mean, anyway?

As far as I can tell, it means we can't do anything. Because I've never heard an explanation of what "comprehensive immigration reform" means, apart from an exercise in watching people find ways to say "amnesty" without saying "amnesty." It's like real-life "Password."

So, in the interest of "opening a dialogue" and "advancing the issue," I figured I'd toss out an opening position for "comprehensive immigration reform." Let me state that this is not a "floor;" these are not graven in stone. My ideas here are not to be viewed as my opening concessions, and graven in stone. I could end up changing my mind and withdrawing any or all of these.

The one consistent phrase used, however, is "a path to citizenship." Illegal aliens here must be given a chance to not only legalize their status, but achieve citizenship. It's often said that, of the 12-20 million illegal aliens here, we can't deport them all.

I've often questioned that. How do we know that? Have we even tried? And even if we tried and failed, wouldn't we still have deported quite a few? And wouldn't that be a good thing?

But OK, we can't deport them all. We need a road to legalization and citizenship. But I want to put up a few "toll booths" on that road. A few hurdles to help thin the numbers, to keep at least some of the worst from taking advantage of the programs.

Here are my ideas on limiting this amnesty program:

1) No felony convictions. Period. If you've committed a felony while in the United States illegally, get out. We don't want you, need you, or will tolerate you.

2) No public assistance for at least three years. Of any form. If you've managed to survive here in the US illegally for any length of time, you've shown you're resourceful already. Continue to do so. Show that you won't be a burden on the nation.

3) No "chain immigration." No one who participates in the amnesty program can sponsor any more immigrants -- not even family members -- for at least three years. You did not follow the rules to get here, so you don't get all the benefits of having done so.

4) A special "income tax" on amnesty recipients. Say, an additional 3% tax for three years as a way of repaying the nation for the burden of absorbing all these new residents, and a form of reparations for having broken the laws in the first place. I was going to specify that the funds be set aside for immigration enforcement, but I don't recall any time that targeted tax revenues ever actually didn't end up going straight into the general fund.

5) No holding public office for three years. Those in the program cannot hold elective office, appointed office, or any public sector jobs. They've spent years hiding from the government; they should not just then walk into getting a government check in any form.

All this, of course, has to be coupled with actual, serious enforcement of illegal alien laws. Authorizing all law enforcement agencies to enforce the law. A requirement that seekers of political amnesty actually seek it on their own, and not plead for it when caught. Expedited deportation procedures.

And BUILD THE GODDAMNED FENCE. Hell, I'll even make an exception to #5 and say it ought to be built exclusively by illegal aliens seeking amnesty.

OK, there's a dialogue-opener. There's the bare bones of a true "comprehensive immigration reform" program.

Have at it.


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Comments (26)

One more: Treat the lega... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

One more: Treat the legal aliens who have applied for citizenship at least as well as the illegal ones. They've been playing by the rules, and some of these people have been waiting for more than a decade, jumping through all sorts of absurd bureaucratic hoops. To give a bunch of lawbreakers priority over them is an outrageous insult and an enormous disservice to them and to us.

FOr rules 2-5 I would say t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

FOr rules 2-5 I would say that instead of 3 years to put it for lifetime.

Plus no anchor babies.

Plus no public assistance EVER.

PLus no social security EVER (they dont have to pay in either).

Plus no Medicare ever (they dont have to pay in either)

All health care has to be paid for in toto.

This actually makes sense. ... (Below threshold)

This actually makes sense. In addition, and building on what Mike said we should rationalize the system for legal immigrants, and make it easier for High Skilled immigrants to immigrate. Get rid of the bureaucratic traps and for once make legal, law abiding immigrants feel welcome in the country, particularly those who have earned degrees here and are already in the process.

Pssst.It means amn... (Below threshold)


It means amnesty.

"Comprehensive immigrati... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

"Comprehensive immigration reform." It's the buzzword from the left, whenever the issue of dealing with illegal aliens comes up. We can't secure our borders without comprehensive immigration reform. We can't allow states to enforce illegal alien laws without comprehensive immigration reform. We can't do anything on the issue unless we do everything.

I'm on the left and those aren't my words. I do not think we need comprehensive immirgration form. We need to look at the source of the problem, which is why are illegal aliens entering our country in the first place. The answer is jobs. Cut off the jobs and they will stop coming. Than we don't have to do things like build a giant fence, delete the 14th amendment and other things that more resemble a police state than the United States.

I actually have to agree wi... (Below threshold)

I actually have to agree with Tina. Start arresting en masse the people who hire illegals and I guarantee the problem will be solved quickly.

Not only to those that know... (Below threshold)

Not only to those that knowingly hire illegals need to be arrested there must be *LARGE* , maybe *HUGE* fines against these companies - especially for repeat offenders. And the CEOs need to be held accountable.

Still have to build the fence.

Great start. Can someone ha... (Below threshold)

Great start. Can someone hand carry this list to DC?

For the record, I got no pr... (Below threshold)

For the record, I got no problem with fining the hell out of those who hire illegals. Even jail time. Put it in as part of the "enforcement" package.

The only reason I didn't include it up front is that it just slipped my mind. Thanks, Tina and the rest, for bringing it up.


Isn't it amazing that you e... (Below threshold)

Isn't it amazing that you even have to write:

"Authorizing all law enforcement agencies to enforce the law."

Other than that, good list, along with the excellent suggestion by Mike G.
Because right now, those playing by the rules are getting screwed.

I want a concrete, nay a go... (Below threshold)

I want a concrete, nay a goddamn adamantium guarantee that anyone who uses that program can't claim previous years work towards Social Security (we would have paid, but were taken advantage of, so please count it like we have that many extra years towards benefits...)

Who says we can not deport ... (Below threshold)

Who says we can not deport 12 million or more? We moved a men from our planet to the moon. Surely we can move some people from one part of the continent to the other. Just think of all the jobs we could create. If we allowed the private sector to handle it of course.
Fence,Fine,Find and Deport.

Sad to say, TINA, but it lo... (Below threshold)

Sad to say, TINA, but it looks like Obama, Reid and Pelosi are successfully working on eliminating jobs en masse in this country. Is that what you meant?

Tina: "The answer is jo... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Tina: "The answer is jobs. Cut off the jobs and they will stop coming."

Epador beat me to it and what he said is a fact. In a few years Americans will probably be illegally sneaking into Mexico to make better lives for themselves and their families.

Tina is, of course, absolut... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Tina is, of course, absolutely right. And reading her statement that the Washington left's use of Comprehensive Immigration Reform as code for Amnesty also gives me some hope. Good to know it. Hope there are lots more Democrats like you Tina regarding this issue.

Like others who have already posted, I'm in favor of reforming the immigration process as well. That has nothing to do with amnesty for people who have entered the country illegally. It means fixing situation like the one where people from England and Scotland wait forever for an opening in the quota because "somehow" it's been filled with applicants from Ireland (again).

As for the illegals, I suspect we wouldn't have that many to round up if they knew we were again enforcing our existing immigration laws and that available jobs had suddenly dried up.

#1 is complicated in the wo... (Below threshold)

#1 is complicated in the wording, do you mean convicted of a felony or just committing a felony- because truth is ALL those here illegally have shown that in dire need or based on situational needs they will break a law(entering the US illegally).

Which leads me to my next thought- as they have been allowed to establish(by amnesty programs etc) that sometimes it is acceptable to break the rules for the greater good(bad conditions, drug war, more money, better schools etc).

Truth is our leaders do not wish to resolve the border issues and are making every attempt to facilitate the blurring of the US and Mexico farther and farther from the border. I live a bit north of the border(not a border town) yet each year more and more businesses are being handled in Spanish only. I am fluent but wonder why we cater to a different language than English in our DMV's and now even court rooms.

Off post food for thought- I am on a petit jury until September and now a juror(yes a juror) can have a translator in case English is not easy. Last I checked in other states we have lived in(prior military family) one had to be able to read and write in English- yet here in NM- a JUROR can have an interpreter!

The fence will not help.
The money will be key.
Once we run out of spending other people's money through taxation- the need for the token folks for programs will disappear. Then and only then will we see the reality of how many are here utilizing our schools, our medical facilities and our social programs.

"So, what does "comprehensi... (Below threshold)

"So, what does "comprehensive immigration reform" mean, anyway?"

It means amnesty and open borders. Because sooner or later, the relatives are going to be showing up.

As for the 12-20 million "that can't be found". Measure that against another pet idea of liberals. Confiscating ALL of the privately owned weapons in this country. Odd that the liberals believe they can find something like 256 MILLION weapons, but can't find 12-20 million people.

Tina -Re the fence... (Below threshold)

Tina -

Re the fence...

In a totalitarian/police state - the fence is there to keep people IN. By force, because they (and the productive power they represent) want to get the hell out of the hellhole their country has become.

Remember the Berlin Wall? Big fence, maintained by the USSR... to keep their people from LEAVING?

Comprehensive Immigration R... (Below threshold)

Comprehensive Immigration Reform means even with 50 years + of making certain that they have nothing more to do than eat, drink, sell drugs, commit crimes and BREED, blacks are nevertheless unable to provide democrats perpetual, guaranteed electoral victory. Therefore 50 million new democrat voters must be created post haste by bestowing voting rights, er, that is, CITIZENSHIP on Mexicans--the new black race. Next question.

Outline of Comprehensive Im... (Below threshold)

Outline of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A bill written by special interest groups that contains;
1. Voting rights to 12 million future democretins (2 pages),
2. Billions in Pork (mainly for democretins)(1322 pages),
3. Addendum to the Lawyers' Full-Employment Program (1412 pages),
4. The final enactment of the Cloward-Piven Plan (see previous 2736 pages)

RM-"PLus no social... (Below threshold)


"PLus no social security EVER (they dont have to pay in either)."

Now that is a benefit I would really enjoy.

Tina S-

"Cut off the jobs and they will stop coming. Than we don't have to do things like build a giant fence"

Well Obama is doing his part. But I still think we need a humongous fence..

I agree that cutting off jo... (Below threshold)

I agree that cutting off jobs is a critical factor but I suspect being a criminal in the US is better than being anything in Mexico. So illegals that lose their jobs may not be all that keen to go back at least some of them. So I also think a fence and aggressive deportation is required to solve the problem. I also agree that legal immigration should be much easier than it is today.

Tina: "The answer is jobs. ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Tina: "The answer is jobs. Cut off the jobs and they will stop coming."

you left out 2 important words.

"Cut off the jobs AND BENEFITS and they will stop coming."

I totally disagree with cut... (Below threshold)

I totally disagree with cutting off jobs and BENEFITS will stop the illegals from coming. Not trying to be disagreeable, but where I live the institutionalized pandering to Spanish speakers will still remain.

We have all of our government phone messages tell us to press SOME number for English...and we have OODLES of (insert underpaid overworked) ESL teachers nationally that will NOT support the dissolution of their jobs. We also have government offices requiring Spanish speakers in every office, law enforcement the same as well as so many other businesses.

We have slowly been cooked by the illegal immigrant situation by our government. We as citizens have tolerated the illegals as we are from generations of immigrants and have had ancestors that desired the American dream...now we have folks that wish to recover the land stolen by evil American Empire, and are supported nationally in public schools when the the youth walked out and protested America-and we watched the children wearing US flags punished...

I know that I am correct as I am living in the first state in the Union that allows a Spanish interpreter for a juror(like I mentioned in my previous comment). I never go to DMV and hear only English, in fact there are times I have gone where it took an hour before I heard English( this past year I have had two teens get their licenses.

We need to remove the political class first and get the common man back in government policies. We need to then allow those who are already in place to do their jobs-Border Patrol Agents, cops, etc.

In a totalitarian/police... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

In a totalitarian/police state - the fence is there to keep people IN. By force, because they (and the productive power they represent) want to get the hell out of the hellhole their country has become.

Good point. I didn't think about it like that.

1. SEAL THE BORDER<p... (Below threshold)



Discontinuance of benefits for those not
possessing Mandatory ID

Jail terms and/or fines for those
employing illegal aliens

Jail terms and/or fines for those
providing living accomodations for
illegal aliens

Formation of LOCAL boards to grant
exceptions to illegal immigrants (ie
here since age -- and over the age of --)
Boards will have local police chief/
sheriff and local prosecutor as a

Federal government to supply/fund trans-
portation to sites of embarkation for

Because of SB1070 many illegals are leaving the State of Arizona (see, it's working already)

Repeat violation of businesses, those providing shelter could result in confiscation of those entities by the State and sold at public auction to legal American citizens, priority to the legal residents of the State FIRST.

English as the official and LEGAL language of the United States. English as the ONLY legal written language for business transactions/contracts.

25% State or Federal surcharge for all monies sent from the US to an address overseas.

You don't have to round up 12 -20 million illegals, denial of housing, employment and state/federal benefits will make them leave of their own will - SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?






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