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Suicidal Tolerance

Some things should not be tolerated.

Where do you draw your line in the sand?

Hat Tip: Instapundit


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I don't like it. I'm perso... (Below threshold)

I don't like it. I'm personally against it. It feels like the Nazis wanting to march in Skokie all over again, but they MUST have the right to do it or we tell the world, "Our constitution is meaningless." I think we've done enough of that over the past 9 years.

Timmer - If some r... (Below threshold)

Timmer -

If some religion included mandatory human sacrifice of non-willing participants, should we go ahead and allow that? Yes, it's murder, but then again it's RELIGION.

Which takes priority?

If the funders want to make... (Below threshold)

If the funders want to make a constitutional issue out of it let them go for it.

If foreigners are funding I doubt they have grounds though?

Then maybe Allah willing we will find out that Iranian Imam's and Achtungdinajihad are behind the whole thing.

Islam is a hateful violent ... (Below threshold)

Islam is a hateful violent political ideology, not a religion.

It is inherently incompatible with Western values.

I will not submit.

I will not submit either, b... (Below threshold)

I will not submit either, but the more we change OUR character to match their hate, the more we become them. It's working. Can't you see that?

Right on!... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Right on!

I`m still for the side of t... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I`m still for the side of tolerance, but intelligent tolerance. Courtesy of Mark Kleiman:

Stop me if you've heard this one, but according to an old (or possibly reinvented) Norse myth JFK used to tell, a witch promised Odin the secret of victory, at the price of his right eye. The god promptly plucked out his eye, laid it on the table, and demanded the secret.

Whereupon the witch cackled, "Watch with both eyes."

Which brings us to Cordoba House.

If the forces of intolerance stop Cordoba House, the terrorists will have "won" in the only sense that such a fundamentally weak movement based in such basically backward places could possibly "win" against the West. They will have won - only a partial victory, but a victory all the same - by inducing us to act like them.

I admit that it is hard to have much respect for the development of a religon that even in 2010 can be used, so blithely -to justify the carrying out of the hideous practice of stoning, as the correct theological punishment for adultery, as occurred yesterday, in Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

But preventing a thoroughly strong anti-Taliban, western muslim mosque/ community center from being built in Manhattan, is not the 'all-seeing' way to go about trying to win 'the hearts and minds' of muslims, if this is indeed, the all-out war against radical Islam most Americans believe it to be.

And if it is a war by the West simply against Islam, it is hardly thinkable, and the wish fulfillment of a nut job ...like Osama bin Laden.

Steve, I give you an uptick... (Below threshold)

Steve, I give you an uptick NOT because I agree but you are presenting an intelligible argument. Here's a snarky counter:

When we start flying explosive carpets into Riyadh buildings like Al Faisaliyah Center AND Kingdom Centre, and then demand that a Billy Graham Community Center be built over the ruins, THEN we will be acting like them.

epador, I agree we we shou... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

epador, I agree we we should be putting more demands on Saudi Arabia and Iran that they update their justice/ religious mullah run system. Heavens knows there are so many blatant injustices. Why just leave it to Amnesty? Pin point the stoning or the lawyer running for his life into Turkey for defending that Iranian woman from being lashed for some trivial reason. There are so many instances it is hard to keep up. Obama should be speaking much more forcefully. Maybe he will later after a couple of years, as someone would say of `kissing ass` to establish i hate to use the word on this site, good faith.

As well, we could impose, more stringent fundamental equality rights for this community center/mosque in lower Manahattan, the way the Masters couldn't be sanctioned by the PGA at Augusta National, until first blacks, then women were admitted, or declare let us say 4 blocks of 9/11 a national historical or architectual area that certain new buildings could not be used to wrongfully exploit 9/11. I don't think this particular mosque does exploit it in a bad way..on the contrary, it could be argued..But just not proscribe Cordoba House.. What do we say then if Catholic Mormon or Hindu community center/ temple/ church or another strip club wants to built over the remains of the Burlington Coat Factory? No That that, is perfectly o'kay when we have just told a moderate anti-terrorist mosque to get lost.

I'm not convinced this is a... (Below threshold)

I'm not convinced this is a "moderate anti-terrorist" mosque, and I am convinced it would have been a pilgrimage site for militants.

Tolerance is a basic tenet ... (Below threshold)

Tolerance is a basic tenet of America, that's not debatable. But the constitution is not a suicide pact.

What a pompous a-hole. Ten... (Below threshold)

What a pompous a-hole. Ten minutes of a history lecture, misapplied.

"The prudent see danger and... (Below threshold)

"The prudent see danger and seek refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." - Prov 27:12

Is it really so hard to tell the prudent from the simple?

timmer,Rubbish. U... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


Rubbish. Until we impose a jizzra, etc. etc. ad nauseam, Islam remains the orange to the West's apple.

I stand with General Sir Ch... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

I stand with General Sir Charles James Napier:

You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.
epador, I didn`t know zero ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

epador, I didn`t know zero ground was a Mecca. But if the Park51 becames that, a pilgimmage site for militants, they will be pretty quickly found out. There will be Christians and Jews on the board of Park51. "How many churches and synagogues do that?"

Speaking of pilgrimmages, even in Bethlehem, the Mosque of Omar, sits in Manger Square across from the Church of Nativity, on land donated by the Greek Orthodox Church.-The GOP loonies weren't around then to protest- I haven't heard of much if any trouble in Bethlehem. Jerusalem `s religious sites coexist more or less too, though I have never been there. Surely the cosmopolitan neigbourhood of Lower Manhattan in supposedly welcoming America (now more vigilant) can handle the situation if in the tinderbox of the West Bank, little Bethlehem is managing fine.

To put this all into perspe... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

To put this all into perspective. Here is the real replacement for ground zero, a huge thirteen acre site with a 82 story building, Freedom Towers as the centerpiecce. And there are already two standing churches St. Paul`s chapel and St. Peters just as close as Park 51, the latter would have a token and insignificant part (unless they think like the crazies or are like Reid are scared by the crazies) part in the overall redevelopment of the area, being dwarfed by the enormous `ground zero` site. Eight months ago when Cordoba House was presented, no one locally or nationally voiced any objections and there was a long article in the Times December 8, 2000 on it which makes me doubt the genuineness of this manufactured rage now.

How about the disingenuousn... (Below threshold)

How about the disingenuousness of the whole project to begin with, or many of the arguments, like yours, that use terms like "manufactured rage?"?

Oh Steve, I see, the Board ... (Below threshold)

Oh Steve, I see, the Board will be checking the papers of every person who visits the center and mosque, and have them all vetted by Homeland Security. Now I feel so much better.

"It feels like the Nazis wa... (Below threshold)

"It feels like the Nazis wanting to march in Skokie all over again, "
Islamic Jihad has many ties to Hitler. Please visit http://bigjournalism.com/pgeller/2010/02/07/the-mufti-of-jerusalem-architect-of-the-holocaust/

I don't know why there is a... (Below threshold)

I don't know why there is a single mosque, or a single muslim, in the United States. Our Constitution overrules any religious belief that contradicts it.

Any muslim who lives in the United States must follow US law, which contradicts their holy religion. They must only marry one woman. They must not beat her or chain her in the basement. They cannot rape a young woman who is in public unaccompanied by a man. And yet muslims are required to follow their law, bound to it by the Koran and the teachings of Muhammed. How do they resolve this contradiction?

The Muslim faith and the United States Constitution are fundamentally at odds with one another. Either muslims must change their religious beliefs to live here, or the US Constitution must be replaced with sharia law.

Frazetta_girlGOOOO... (Below threshold)



An excellent post my lady.






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