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I've got your extremism right here

An excellent National Republican Senatorial Committee video that needs to go viral:

Only real problem with it is that there are a number of Republican Senators who would actually be voting with the extremists.

Perhaps they too will get the message.


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Comments (7)

Well if you listen to Barry... (Below threshold)

Well if you listen to Barry and Nancy, they believe they are MAINSTREAM.

the only thing mainstream a... (Below threshold)

the only thing mainstream about the left is what they hear about themselves from their yesmen in the mainstream media. People who think for themselves already realized the msm is no longer main anything thanks to new media. Also...when the country is almost 45/45 split there cannot be a mainstream.

@JustRuss - but I would ass... (Below threshold)

@JustRuss - but I would assume that despite a split like that, you believe YOUR side is not at all extreme either, right?

I wish we could all stop using such foolish and incorrect rhetoric to fight our points.

If it's a 45/45 split, as you say, that is (by definition) NOT extreme on either side. BOTH sides are equally weighted (45 and 45 are the same number). Extreme would be if 5% was selecting for the 95%.

Just because you don't agree with basically half of the rest of your fellow citizens doesn't make that other half "extreme" and you "mainstream".

Same argument applies from both Democratic and Republican sides of the argument.

By the way - we spent 8 yea... (Below threshold)

By the way - we spent 8 years hearing from Republican leaders and supporters alike that poll numbers were pointless. That you make decisions based on your gut and your facts not on the polls. That history would be the judge.

So if that's now an incorrect line of thinking, will you folks openly say that Bush should have done things more according to the polls rather than his own decisions?

Jake,Just what do ... (Below threshold)


Just what do you mean by "you folks?" Are you a bigot?

@SER ha ha ha. Ya know, rea... (Below threshold)

@SER ha ha ha. Ya know, readers of this site. (Thanks for the Tropic Thunder reminder :))

Thier agenda is not too ext... (Below threshold)

Thier agenda is not too extreme if you like wearing jackboots.






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