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Madame Mis-Speaker

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

1) Is she really that dumb?

B) Does she think we really are that dumb?

III) Both?

Nancy Pelosi decided that it was time to offer us her wisdom on the Ground Zero Mosque. Specifically, she called for an investigation into the financing of the mosque.

Whoops, my bad. No, she wanted an investigation into the financing of the mosque's opponents.

It didn't take very long for her keepers aides to get her to issue a clarification: she didn't mean a government investigation, and gee, wouldn't it be nice if they looked at the mosque's funding too?

Which brings us to the opening question.

Nancy Pelosi is the quintessential Big Government liberal, the leader of the House of Representatives, second in line for the presidency, and arguably the third most powerful person in the government. When she speaks about wanting an investigation into something, it can safely be presumed that she is talking about a government investigation -- whenever else she speaks about something that needs to be done, she's meaning that the government needs to do it. That is her default position.

Further, it's a wonderful insight into her mentality. I don't recall her ever taking a stand on anything based on principle -- with her, it's always politics. So it's a safe presumption that her position here is based on politics as well. And as there isn't much to be gained politically from supporting the mosque, I'd wager she's playing a game I use every now and then -- taking a side purely because "it pisses off the right people." Her traditional opponents are speaking out against the mosque, so she has to take the opposite side.

Finally, the mode of her attack also shows the way she thinks. She sees her opponents through her own biases, her own experiences. And on her side, most of the political power comes from the top down. They rely most on groups to provide the organization and money and contacts and ideas down to the little people. The notion that things could happen in the other direction -- that the little people could set the agenda themselves, organize themselves, and in general wield power without the bigwigs telling them what to do and think. It's the "Tea Party" effect.

And that simply doesn't compute for Pelosi and her ilk. They don't know how to deal with that model. So they have to find ways to force their enemies to fit their little cookie-cutter molds. They're like modern-day Procrustes.

And if there's any justice, it will end similarly.


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Comments (22)

I think she is just dumber ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

I think she is just dumber than dirt but my husband thinks I'm insulting the soil. His opinion of Pelosi is unprintable.

As you said, she can't imag... (Below threshold)

As you said, she can't imagine that any group of people might come to the same conclusion or want the same thing unless they're first taken under someone elses wing and told what to do/want/think. That's the way so many Democrats, liberals and leftists have operated for decades. We'll make your signs for you, bus you to a location to display your signs and even provide you with a written list of things to say if someone asks you a question.

To her, nothing could possibly be spontaneous. It's all organized and orchestrated by some higher power and if it's in opposition to her beliefs, it must be investigated and exposed as evil.

Yet, at the same time she claims that if Republicans gain a majority they'll start a bunch of investigations. It's a classic case of projection.

If I was a Republican runni... (Below threshold)

If I was a Republican running for any House seat, I would run commercials with clips of Nancy's greatest moments - such as "Natural Gas is not a fossil fuel", "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it" etc. and ending with the message "Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Speaker of the House. She controls the Democrats in the House. She decides what becomes law. Let's un-elect Nancy from the Speakership. Vote Smart. Vote Republican."

Yes she is that dumb, dumb ... (Below threshold)

Yes she is that dumb, dumb doesn't begin to describe her. She's also got a fascist streak. The sad thing is that she is not alone, there are throngs of certifiably dumb people in congress.

This is what despotism look... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

This is what despotism looks like. The more power they accrue, the more despotic they become. These things should serve as warnings to the wise. Fools will continue in their folly.

Standing with Jeff on this ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Standing with Jeff on this one. Yes, all the comments so far have been true as well. But I think the core of Nan's problem is being drunk. It's not just the booze on "her" Gulfstream, or even primarily that... it's the power she has and wants.

No rehab and return for San Fan Nan. She needs to go.

Who does this dim wit think... (Below threshold)

Who does this dim wit think should do this "investigation" if not the government? I mean does someone else do these sorts of investigations, is she talking about hiring Phillip Marlow, I mean WTF is she talking about? I guess I'm way too dumb to be a reporter but wouldn't a statement like that deserve a follow up?

Ya cribbed my <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Ya cribbed my comment, Jay...

But that's all right, because I agree with the premise and you expanded on it very well. LOL. Pelosi can't imagine anything OTHER than a top-down organization telling the folks what to say and do.

Which brings to mind the projection shown by the left - they constantly accuse the right of organization and manufactured outrage - yet as Oyster pointed out... which side has the preprinted signs and the busses to get protestors to the proper place at the proper time? The right MUST be doing it, because that's what THEY do, and they can't imagine any other way to do things.

It's going to be really interesting to watch this next election without Journolist controlling the authorized message.

You can put lipstick on pig... (Below threshold)

You can put lipstick on piglosi but shes still a sow.

I had the very same thought... (Below threshold)

I had the very same thought as Jay's final assessment when I initially heard her statement's regarding an investigation into the funding sources. As with the Tea Party, it is impossible for the Democrats to conceive that an ideological mindset could come from the ground up, rather than from the top down. I think we all tend to view the world through the lenses of our own experiences, so when Democratic leadership automatically assumes some secretive, big-money financing for conservative grass-roots movements (which the anti-Mosque thing really isn't, it seems to cut across party lines), it makes me wonder about the extent of corruption and puppet-master type control within their own party.

This dingie Left Coast assh... (Below threshold)

This dingie Left Coast asshat doesn't seem to realize that SHE works for US and not the other way around. If there is such a thing as botox poisoning, this broad has it. I don't hate her - only her guts.

Seriously, whatever this woman says is deeply dumb.

Quite right. San Fran Nan i... (Below threshold)

Quite right. San Fran Nan is desperate to uncover the "George Soros" behind the evil, Islamophobic opposition. And given her Herculean arrogance, the notion that Big Brother investigating an entity simply because it dares take an opposing view--the thought that such a thing might be WRONG, tyrannical, or thoroughly unconstitutional, does not bother her in the least.

Poor Nan. She gets no resp... (Below threshold)

Poor Nan. She gets no respect.

"Only hours after demanding that federal authorities investigate groups opposed to the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero in Manhattan, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has turned her attention to another target: namely, every American citizen. Specifically, Pelosi has leveled the charge that her falling job performance numbers are the result of well-financed naysayers who are manipulating Americans into voicing disapproval."


I truly think Nancy has gone off the deep end.

" the notion that Big Broth... (Below threshold)

" the notion that Big Brother investigating an entity simply because it dares take an opposing view...does not bother her in the least."

I've come to expect idiocy from Pelosi. But
what get's me is that her statements do not seem to bother the MSM in the least either. Some simply reported what she said and left it at that. Others ignored it completely. Now I can see ignoring idiocy but this is the Speaker of the House.

Imagine if, during the W years, a prominent repub had called for investigations into the anti-war movement.

on Nancy's planet ALL opini... (Below threshold)

on Nancy's planet ALL opinions are paid for. ALL gatherings are organized...and all attendees either coerced or paid to attend.

Thus when a viewpoint that opposes her arises it MUST be funded by some conspiracy.

And this creature is THIRD in line to be President (counting the moron who IS, sadly, President)

Nancy has finally put to re... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Nancy has finally put to rest an oft recurring myth -that would-be dictators are all cunning SOBs.

How dare you talk about the... (Below threshold)
President Present!:

How dare you talk about the speaker in such hateful resentment.

She is doing the tough job Americans wont do. Like providing healthcare and jobs for our mexican neighbors.

She has done such a fine job pushing my socialist agenda that im going to arrange a special joint commision to investigate funding for rednect tea parties and Fox newes with the speaker in charge.

Now exscuse me while I face Mecca.

On the plus side, whenever ... (Below threshold)
John S:

On the plus side, whenever the stupid cow opens her mouth, the Dems lose another 5 seats. And they're even more worried about the Senate than the House...

While "The Peter Principle"... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

While "The Peter Principle" reached it's absolute pinnacle in BHØ, Pelosi has secured a well-qualified second-place finish.

Settle down, folks - Pelosi... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Settle down, folks - Pelosi is BOTH an idiot AND an evil Marxist, no need to argue over it . . .

She's also a nearly perfect example of the defect of the congressional seniority system. Pelosi represents an off-the-charts constituency of idiots and Marxists in Frisco. She was reelected over and over, and finally ends up as Speaker.

Pelosi is an embarrassment to the country. The sooner she is out of there, the better.

Poole,I agree with y... (Below threshold)

I agree with you, but If you were to run ads with Nancy saying, "Natural Gas is not a fossil fuel", "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it", the liberals I know wouldn't even catch on that you are mocking Pelosi cola. Thinking is not their strong suit. They use their heart to vote - if they vote.


It has to be driving liberals nuts that they can't get a handle on who's in charge of the Tea Party supporters.

Apply Hanlon's Razor here: ... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

Apply Hanlon's Razor here: Never ascribe to malice what is easily explained by incompetence.
Yes, she's that dumb.






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