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"The answer is... no regrets"

I'm struck here not so much by Obama's answer but by his demeanor, by his attitude, by the pause between the question posed and the answer given:

H/T Fausta.


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Comments (9)

It's almost like you're wat... (Below threshold)

It's almost like you're watching a character in a movie - who's seriously screwed something up, knows it, yet has to pretend that everything is just fine.

But man, as an actor he's got a serious case of bad timing...

He is a smug bastard.... (Below threshold)

He is a smug bastard.

15 seconds to come up with ... (Below threshold)

15 seconds to come up with that answer with that attitude?

He'd really excel on Jeopardy!

It almost seems like he's t... (Below threshold)
Stephen H.:

It almost seems like he's thinking to himself, "How dare you question my authority, you petulant little insignificant bastard."

Obviously he wasnt talking ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obviously he wasnt talking about the feelings of most of the peoople who voted for him.

It took him 15 seconds to c... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

It took him 15 seconds to consult his pocket teleprompter...

"The answer is... im late f... (Below threshold)

"The answer is... im late for the call to prayer"

He thought before he answer... (Below threshold)

He thought before he answered a question! ZOMG TERRORSOCIALISLAMIST!!!!!

A PREGNANT PAUSE.....by any... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

A PREGNANT PAUSE.....by any definition. I'll
cut him some slack. These are questions not
allowed to harass the most sedulous, sagacious
potentate. Beyond this, I think Michelle
is dying to get pregnant soon....it's the
LAST heart-tugger left to turn public opinion
in their favor. But is the father a legal






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