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When Google Isn't Your Friend

Ever heard the phrase "Google Is Your Friend?" It's a shorthand way of saying that sometimes, even the most basic research -- even a cursory Google search -- can save you a whole lot of trouble.

Conversely, there are times when those most cursory searches can not be your friend. Particularly when you're the one being researched.

Case in point: a journalist wants to write an article about "gun caching." He wants to interview people who fear that upcoming events will be unpleasant, and are concealing weapons and ammunition in anticipation of future troubles. So he goes to a gun discussion board and asks if anyone will be willing to speak with him. He even promises them anonymity, if they'll just open up.

Sadly for Mr. Baum, the members of the forum did treat Google as their friend -- and found out he has a lengthy history of writing pro-gun-control pieces.

Reading the responses to Mr. Baum's inquiry, it seems that the readership of that forum are incredibly stupid. They keep loading all their guns on boats, which then subsequently sink into lakes -- leaving all those guns forever lost and unaccounted for. What's worse, they can't even learn the most basic lessons -- many of them used the exact same model of boat, which sank in the exact same fashion.

And even those who didn't use a boat ended up losing a great deal of weapons in other unfortunate, unforeseeable actions that left the firearms in question unaccountably and permanently lost. Such clumsy fools they are.

Mr. Baum seems to be having a great deal of difficulty getting people to open up about their plans or history of concealing caches of weapons, to be recovered in the case of emergency. I wonder why...


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Comments (7)

And you really need to enjo... (Below threshold)

And you really need to enjoy the "Be civil, dickheads!" comment.

Gun owners have been screwe... (Below threshold)

Gun owners have been screwed so many times by people wanting 'to write a factual article'; only to see their comments ignored, misconstrued or linked with some bozo who shouldn't even be allowed to own a dog. The most civil will invariably resort to humor or with outlandish claims designed to set the interviewers teeth on edge.

What amazes me is that the ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What amazes me is that the left always seems intent on underestimating/criticizing the intelligence of those they disagree with and then they get upset when their targets object to being portrayed as a bunch of drooling idiots and tin foil hat types.

I guess the reality is that the lefties are merely engaged in projection and can't see that fact.

I could tell him, but then ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I could tell him, but then I would have to kill him (Danny - call me, mmmkay?).

Did you see the picture? Guy looks like teh gehe Tom Wolfe . . .

Frankly, I would have FAR g... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I would have FAR greater respect for those who would stand quite straight, unabashedly exult in their stock of arms and tell Mr. Baum MOLON LABE! Come and take them!!

Questions on "gun caching"?... (Below threshold)

Questions on "gun caching"?
How bout ammo?
How bout the "skills" of gun use, etc.?
How bout "NO COMMENT"......
until the time comes........


Sheesh...you could have sai... (Below threshold)

Sheesh...you could have said he was stupid enough to go to the AR15 forum.

If he's that frigging stupid to ask a blatant question so moronically leading in a forum like that...I'd actually accuse him of being a troll, if not worse. I certainly wouldn't explain the facts of life in black and white to someone that only sees one side of the equation.






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