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Are you kidding me?

I call this crazy... as in bat sh*t:

H/T I Own The World via Larwyn.


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Comments (7)

It's called "youth". You'r... (Below threshold)

It's called "youth". You're immortal. Explains why I jumped out of perfectly good airplanes at 19.

GF... I <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

GF... I did it at 49 (last year)...

Rick, you're nuts! With ag... (Below threshold)

Rick, you're nuts! With age is supposed to come WISDOM! "It's NEVER going to happen to me" is an often repeated fallacy.

Wow... (Below threshold)


Marine Corps gold winger he... (Below threshold)

Marine Corps gold winger here myself. This was pretty badass.

This guy DIDN'T GIVE UP. H... (Below threshold)

This guy DIDN'T GIVE UP. He kept throwing that rope until he got it in position.

This guy had GUTS. He swung off that cliff without hesitation. Given that he could do flips, he clearly had some skill or experience, so it wasn't a really reckless stunt.

This guy had TENACITY. I think I could swing and jump off into the river (no flips!), but climbing back up that rocky hillside would discourage me after maybe the second time.

This guy, ladies and gentlemen, personifies what is best in Americans.

I used to do crap like that... (Below threshold)

I used to do crap like that off 100'+ cliffs into water filled quarry's. I have to admit that the use of a rope to hit the water is way beyond what I'd do though. He's a very creative and entertaining kid.






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