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California Congressman Darrell Issa - Obama using tax payer dollars to spread propaganda

Surprising eh?  This administration being partisan... with your money?  Who'd a thunkit.

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Via Real Clear Politics.


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Seriously?The whol... (Below threshold)
jim m:


The whole stimulus was never anything but a huge political payoff. Today we are hearing that the ballyhooed teacher bailout will save approzimately zero teacher jobs since it comes after the school year starts and school districts are unwilling to hire teachers for positions that are not funded next year. I'm so glad we're gutting food stamps to save zero teacher jobs.

Why should we be surprised or shocked that Barry is using the stimulus propaganda website to promote pro administration propaganda? It's all a sham and everything Barry, Nancy and Harry do is nothing more than demagoguery.

Well the problem is that Ba... (Below threshold)

Well the problem is that Barry and Company brought into the idea that in 2008, "conservatism was dead". No one would be checking on them in the future. So it was payoff time. And spread the propaganda to insure that only the chosen stayed in power.

Sorta like the communists in Russia.

Joseph Goebbels disapprove'... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Joseph Goebbels disapprove's of this message.

"California Congressman ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

"California Congressman Darrell Issa - Obama using tax payer dollars to spread propaganda"

He is also using it to spread misery on a biblical scale.

Witness the economy.

so this is news!!!! Hell th... (Below threshold)

so this is news!!!! Hell they are pick pocketing citizens since day one of the muslims presidency.
Oh BTW the one even said he has muslim faith then quickly corrected by George Stephanopolis that he is christian. People need to listen closely to the bs talking points the left and progressives spew to understand their agenda.






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