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Democrats abandon cost cutting and deficit reduction as selling points for ObamaCare and implement brand new winning strategy

Well, it's been five months since President Obama signed his comprehensive health care reform legislation into law, and in that time something remarkable has happened. The number of people who oppose the law has actually grown, not diminished as Democrats predicted.

The flood of negative polling that the Democrats ignored for months turned into a tsunami at the ballot box in Missouri that they couldn't ignore. Ben Smith at Politico broke the news that the Democrats officially abandoned their message that ObamaCare would cut costs and reduce the deficit and are implementing a new and improved strategy designed to sway public opinion away from repealing the law to defending it. They're going to appeal to people's emotions through the use of personal sob stories. Clearly, the Democrats' strategists are thinking outside the box on this one.

Ben includes in his article what used to be a secret presentation created by Families USA and given to Democrats to teach them how to implement their new strategy. The presentation makes it clear that the American people have never believed the sales pitch that the health care legislation will actually help them or the government save money. It also lays out in no uncertain terms that the American people are downright depressed about where the country is going. That's a damning indictment of the Democrats' leadership, or lack thereof:


With the Democrats totally new strategy of using personal sob stories to save ObamaCare, maybe we'll get lucky and Louise Slaughter will get a lot of air time:

personal stories.png

For months Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Anthony Weiner, Barack Obama and others hyped how ObamaCare was going to do the miraculous and cut costs, reduce the deficit, and expand coverage, all while adding tens of millions of people to the health care system. Now, Democrats are being told to keep their sales pitches and promises more on the modest side:


So, let's take a look at what this new strategy looks like:

To the non-college educated women, continue to sell the thoroughly debunked promise that if they like their current health care plan, they can keep it:


Even though $500 billion in Medicare cuts are going to help pay for health care reform, Medicare won't be cut. Really:


And whatever the $500 billion in Medicare cuts won't cover, the rich will pick up:


So relax. Don't worry, be happy! The Democrats will improve the law.


Finally, Democrats, whatever you do, DON'T MENTION COST!


In a nutshell, the Democrats' new strategy is making many of the same appeals they've been making all along that the American people never believed, but are dressed up in a pretty black dress and pearls.

Sure, this new strategy sounds like a real winner...for Republicans.


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Comments (23)

Oooh, suggesting a strategy... (Below threshold)

Oooh, suggesting a strategy of highlighting different FACTS that people might respond to. What an insidious plot that is! Telling people, who might otherwise be dissuaded by Republican rhetoric, that the legislation actually passed? Telling them what the law credibly delivers? Scandalous!

A focus on facts is soooo much more nefarious than playing only to "fear" and "ego politico.com

BTW, Kim, when are you goin... (Below threshold)

BTW, Kim, when are you going to retract your false FDA story?

6 months, 2000+ pages and ... (Below threshold)

6 months, 2000+ pages and Dems could not get it correct.

Well the reasons are simple, they did not spend time on the issue that really affects millions of Americans and they cannot do Math.


In short: Don't confuse the... (Below threshold)

In short: Don't confuse the voters with the truth about health care bill costs.

Oh look, a "troll-cop" in a... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Oh look, a "troll-cop" in aisle #1. What's that he's saying, "Keep moving! Keep moving! Nothing to see here! Keep moving!" I want your badge number, John.

How can a "presentation" be... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

How can a "presentation" be "secret?"

Yet another hoax presented by Wizbang.

It's just sad.

John wrote:<blockquot... (Below threshold)

John wrote:

Telling them what the law credibly delivers?

Yeah, just like they promoted the lie that costs and the deficit would be reduced by this disaster. Liars can never be believed--it's a basic rule.

How can a "present... (Below threshold)
How can a "presentation" be "secret?"

Yet another hoax presented by Wizbang.

It's just sad.

Yet another non sequitur to try to derail the thread. It's just sad.

I like the 'Don't' slide.</... (Below threshold)

I like the 'Don't' slide.

Chaining the door shut? Nice visual there... don't let the taxpayers escape!

Don't barrage the voters with a long list of benefits? Why, you'd almost think there WEREN'T any bennies worth mentioning with this POS!

Don't say the law will reduce costs and the defict? WTF was this bloated, malignant cancer of a bill PASSED on if it wasn't THOSE VERY REASONS!

I'm starting to think Reid, Pelosi and Obama see the US as a bunch of unruly children who need to have their toys taken away from them and put in a time out.

What's really amazing is th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What's really amazing is that this is nothing but recycled talking points from a year ago, many of which have been debunked as now that the bill has passed (is there really anyone who doesn't know this?) and we can read it (thanks Nancy) we see that the things they have promised are outright lies and always were lies.

Medicare is being cut so severely it will fail sooner and not later. You cannot keep your physician if your employer drops your health plan or more likely he/she retires rather than continue to practice in this climate where they will surely lose money. The whole thing loses money like crazy and will cost the country trillions and never save a penny.'

I suppose the one piece of advice that will be easy to implement is that libs should not "barrage voters with a long list of benefits". It's quite clear that there are no benefits.

Thanks for posting this... (Below threshold)

Thanks for posting this

I hope it gets picked up and passed far and wide.

As I've posted before, one ... (Below threshold)

As I've posted before, one of the guys in the shop was a staunch Obama supporter... before he was inaugurated. Since then, he's been watching the poor sap closely, and not at all liking what he's seeing.

Obamacare put the stake in the heart of whatever respect was left - his son was born with profound hearing loss, and the cochlear implant that is covered by our insurance NOW is not touched at all by Obamacare, according to him.

He's pissed. REALLY pissed. For some strange and incomprehensible reason, he believes he's been lied to in order to get his vote, and the more he's looking at what's going on, the madder he's getting. He's looking at all the money being hosed out to no effect, he's looking at impending tax increases, he's paying attention and that's one thing that the Democrats CANNOT stand.

I noticed the other day that he had a PDF of 'Atlas Shrugged' up on his screen. He said it was something he'd heard about and has been meaning to read for a long time...

There's not many folks more down on smoking than ex-smokers. He's a Democrat that's been betrayed (or so he feels) by his party - they're NOT getting a second chance as far as he's concerned.


I fully expect a Tea Party invite from him before the end of September...

Summary:"Yeah, we ... (Below threshold)


"Yeah, we lied to you about the reasons before. But c'mon, we wouldn't lie to you twice."

I don't see this working.<b... (Below threshold)

I don't see this working.
People don't like being treated like they're morons.
Truth is, the more people find out about this debacle, the more pissed off they're becoming.
And now the dems are going to continue lecturing the US Public, but in a more dishonest way.

Have they considered that since they've been on a non-stop campaign of calling the public ignorant hateful bigots (see Az, GZM, race card, etc) that maybe, just maybe people are tuning them out?

Have they considered that since the dems have shown they cannot manage the economy, hell they haven't even submitted a budget, that the public figures they sure as hell can't manage this takeover of the health care industry?

And when they finally get to this point:
"The law is not perfect, but it does good things and helps many people. Now we'll work [to] improve it." Most people are going to be thinking "They never even read the damn thing in the first place."

Brother. Talk about doubling down on stupid.

This was going to be the su... (Below threshold)

This was going to be the summer to "sell" ObamaCare. Now the strategy is 'don't talk about it'. If you have to talk about it, use sob stories. Don't tell people it will save money and reduce the deficit, we lied, it won't. But TRUST US now, we'll fix it.

John: "Telling them what th... (Below threshold)

John: "Telling them what the law credibly delivers?"

From the presentation: "It is critical to reassure seniors that Medicare will not be cut."

John/Adrian/other trolls, please reconcile these two statements.

Someone asked, "How can a '... (Below threshold)

Someone asked, "How can a 'presentation' be 'secret?'"

Here's the answer directly from Ben Smith's Politico article I linked in the content of my post(emphasis mine): "The confidential presentation, available in full here and provided to POLITICO by a source on the call..."

Eeny, meeny, mina, moe... (Below threshold)

Eeny, meeny, mina, moe

Catch a marxist by the toe

If he squeal's make him pay

A billion dollars everyday

Know what makes me sad? YO... (Below threshold)

Progressive liberal!

You know, for once its comf... (Below threshold)

You know, for once its comforting to know that we're all going over the edge screaming in the same bus.

The Democrats, for voting for this bullshit, then realizing that the general voting public meant it when they said they didn't like this legislation.

And us, because the Democrats voted for this bullshit.

Well, the only people stupi... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, the only people stupid enough to fall for this tact literally are too stupid to vote. So the political impact will be nada.

As for Democrat office holders who have to face voters this Nov., this new 'strategy' is akin to attempting to treat a severed artery with a band aid. Way too little, far too late.

Kim, there's a typo in your... (Below threshold)

Kim, there's a typo in your title.

I think it was supposed to read:

"...brand new whining strategy."

Spell Checkers can be such a bitch.

A presentation is 'secret' ... (Below threshold)

A presentation is 'secret' when it is only designed for consumption by a select group of people, and not the general populace. Really, you didn't know that?






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