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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Poll: A growing number of Americans believe Obama is Muslim

Winners will be announced Monday morning.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (131)

The only thing even close t... (Below threshold)

The only thing even close to transparent about Obama... His ears!

President Obama demonstrate... (Below threshold)

President Obama demonstrates his famous "glowing ear" trick for reporters.

Republicans are bad, mmmkay... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Republicans are bad, mmmkay.

My mind to your mind... my ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

My mind to your mind... my thoughts to your thoughts...

Um, sorry. I'm not picking up anything.

Yesss - they are talking ab... (Below threshold)

Yesss - they are talking about me. mmmmmmmm

Spock! Are you out of your ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Spock! Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!

Dome light on in an empty c... (Below threshold)

Dome light on in an empty car

I would swear he was Spock ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I would swear he was Spock -- if all his positions weren't so illogical.

"I can handle the increased... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"I can handle the increased unemployment numbers. I can handle the increased debt. I can handle fellow party members running away from me during the elections. But when you won't stand up even when I standing here in front of this house, my house, I need another vacation."

24% think he's praying to A... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

24% think he's praying to Allah.

The light goes in one side ... (Below threshold)

The light goes in one side - and out the other. I have to hold my head just right, though, and close my eyes so you all won't be blinded by the awesomeness of the light going through my brain.

In this first frame, we see... (Below threshold)

In this first frame, we see the ears begin to glow. This, most experts agree, began the self-implosion we've been witnessing the past year or more. These same experts have reached a consensus that a total meltdown is imminent.

Obama prays to the One who ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama prays to the One who he holds in highest regard -- himself.

Chris Matthews always says,... (Below threshold)

Chris Matthews always says, "Identify the man with the sun on his face, and you've picked yourself the winner."

I say, "Identify the man with the sun shining through his ears, and you've picked yourself a loser."

In an attempt to counteract... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

In an attempt to counteract recent polls, The White House issued a statement that the President is a Christian and "prays everyday." "Because nothing less than a public display of devotion will satisfy those Tea-baggers", continued Obama's spokeman, "he will be praying publicly on the Capitol steps 7 days a week.

Yes, his ears are burning, ... (Below threshold)

Yes, his ears are burning,
Yes, we are talking about him.
Yes, None of it is good.

After seeing how much publi... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

After seeing how much publicity Palin's palm notes garnered, President Obama decided to write his whole speech on his hands.

If things get bad enough, D... (Below threshold)

If things get bad enough, Dumbo, with those huge ears, could fly away from it all at any time.

If I'm a Muslim, may God ma... (Below threshold)

If I'm a Muslim, may God make my ears glow red.

Obama reviewing his palm no... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Obama reviewing his palm notes: "1. Economy - Blame Bush. 2. Jobs - Blame Bush. 3. Rising unemployment. Blame Bush." "Geez, that's like hitting the easy button!"

Once he gets the red nose a... (Below threshold)

Once he gets the red nose affixed, the clown outfit will be complete.

If you'd been spinning that... (Below threshold)

If you'd been spinning that much, your ears would stick out too.

Obama wonders if he can say... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Obama wonders if he can say this with a straight face: "I ended the Iraq war early."

He's like an aural Pinocchi... (Below threshold)

He's like an aural Pinocchio. The more he lies, the bigger his ears get.

You can tell a lot about Ob... (Below threshold)

You can tell a lot about Obama just by the direction of his gaze.

For example, in this picture, we know that the teleprompter is at his feet!

"They said if I stand here ... (Below threshold)

"They said if I stand here and look solemn for a minute or two I can go on another vacation."

Didn't the secret service w... (Below threshold)

Didn't the secret service warn you not to tell Michelle her ass was too big?

There's the old DC wives ta... (Below threshold)

There's the old DC wives tale: Red ears in morning, taxpayer take warning. Red ears at night, taxpayers delight!

The President, unable to fi... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

The President, unable to fit a vacation between his breakfast with Democrat leaders and his lunch with representatives from CAIR, takes a short standing nap to recharge his batteries.

Aids became suspicious when... (Below threshold)

Aids became suspicious when Obama kept insisting that his podium face Mecca...

"Americans aren't sure if I... (Below threshold)

"Americans aren't sure if I'm Muslim or Christian. L.Ron Hubbard would be so proud of me. Now off to another secret meeting with Tom, Katie, and Mr. Travolta. Take that you body Thetans..."

Michelle's been dragging hi... (Below threshold)

Michelle's been dragging him around by the ears again. "Go to Spain you said. Nobody will notice, you said..."

"How does that saying go ag... (Below threshold)

"How does that saying go again? Black ears at dawn, I'm a Muslim. Red ears at dusk, you all are fucked... Yeah, I think that's it...."

Those ears are just about t... (Below threshold)

Those ears are just about the only thing bright about this fellow.

Let's all bow are head and ... (Below threshold)

Let's all bow are head and prey. Oh heavenly me.....

Barack with your ears so br... (Below threshold)

Barack with your ears so bright,
Won't you enlighten us peasants with your arrogant nuance tonight?
Still oh how the liberals love him,
While the rest of us are brewing tea.
Barack the bright eared one term president,
You'll soon be relegated to the dust bin of history.

Who put the teleprompter do... (Below threshold)

Who put the teleprompter down there and made the letters too small to read? I'm gonna kick some ass now....Someone get me my reading glasses.

"It's so strange. So ma... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

"It's so strange. So many people think I'm a Muslim, but no one ever notices that I pray to my teleprompter before every speech"

A source of ongoing aggrava... (Below threshold)

A source of ongoing aggravation, Obama thinks again how much he hates how that damn American Flag Pin ruins the lapel of his awesomely expensive suits....

I draw a blank looking at t... (Below threshold)

I draw a blank looking at this picture - cameras don't lie - this guy is stuck on stupid!

Clap on... Clap off... (Below threshold)

Clap on... Clap off

Dear Me, hallowed be My nam... (Below threshold)

Dear Me, hallowed be My name. My kingdom come, My will be done as I command it. Give them this day their measily scraps for they will like it. Forgive them for hating me, they are racist hicks. Lead them not into logic and deliver them from conservatives. For I won! Amen

Dead Man Standing... (Below threshold)

Dead Man Standing

"Wow, I never knew the Magi... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

"Wow, I never knew the Magic 8-ball had an answer reading

"You're Screwed"

President Obama tries out h... (Below threshold)

President Obama tries out his newly implanted eye-lid teleprompters.

"...Roger Dumbo One, you ar... (Below threshold)

"...Roger Dumbo One, you are cleared for takeoff."

"There's no place like home... (Below threshold)

"There's no place like home... there's no place like home... there's no place like home... damn I miss Kenya."

Let me and my ears be clear... (Below threshold)

Let me and my ears be clear, Q-Tip Corporation is too big to fail. Therefore, I am calling on Congress to approve a new $800 Billion earmark to bail out Q-Tip that will swab the economy with a waxy glow of jobs that we unverifiably would have lost without it.

Red Ear. Isn't that a fish ... (Below threshold)
Silver Bullet:

Red Ear. Isn't that a fish species?

Dumbo's ears grew th... (Below threshold)

Dumbo's ears grew three sizes that day....

Hmmph. What are my approval... (Below threshold)

Hmmph. What are my approval numbers doing down there?

What's black and white and ... (Below threshold)

What's black and white and red all over?

Obama's ears.

Re: 46. Posted by dfbaskwil... (Below threshold)

Re: 46. Posted by dfbaskwill | August 20, 2010 9:33 AM
My: 50. Posted by tomg51 | August 20, 2010 9:37 AM
Rats - I didn't see your Dumbo reference post before I put in mine. One more vote for you!

Biden "Of course President ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Biden "Of course President Obama isnt Muslim. The fact that hHe is meditating in the same direction of Mecca is just a coincidence."

In the run up to the 2012 P... (Below threshold)
retired military:

In the run up to the 2012 Presidential primariries Obama was overheard to say to Hillary "Et tu Brute?"

Does this outfit make my ea... (Below threshold)

Does this outfit make my ears look fat?

The President ponders if he... (Below threshold)

The President ponders if he should send in Eric Holder to find out who shat in the waters off of Martha's Vineyard during his vacation.

Its the economy dumbo!... (Below threshold)

Its the economy dumbo!

Grab Jafar by the flappers ... (Below threshold)

Grab Jafar by the flappers and he'll fly ya to Mecca.

"When Yoda did the ... (Below threshold)
Darth Obama:

"When Yoda did the ear thing, you guys loved it, but when I do it it looks 'weird'???

Obama thinking:man... (Below threshold)

Obama thinking:

man, its a good thing I got that ear reduction surgery ...

Ssshhhhhhhhh! The presiden... (Below threshold)

Ssshhhhhhhhh! The president is praying to himself.

WTF! Who's been messing wit... (Below threshold)

WTF! Who's been messing with my halo!

"Our Me, who art in DC, hal... (Below threshold)
NJ Mike:

"Our Me, who art in DC, hallowed be my name, my kingdom came, on vacation I remain"

Wasn't invited to Limbaugh'... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Wasn't invited to Limbaugh's wedding ...

Wasn't invited to Chelsea's wedding ...

The Emmy people say they are "fully booked" and can't get me a seat ...

Crap, the only people who will even admit to knowing me are Blago and Rangel ...

PinnochioEars. Whenever he ... (Below threshold)

PinnochioEars. Whenever he lies, his ears flare up!

Must ... control ... urg... (Below threshold)

Must ... control ... urge to laugh like a maniac ... must ... appear ... to care about America ...

"I promised you transparenc... (Below threshold)

"I promised you transparency."

I wish Breitbart would stop... (Below threshold)

I wish Breitbart would stop calling the polls "Operation Dumbo Drop."

If only...This were ... (Below threshold)

If only...
This were the result of good two-handed head slap.

Geppetto's second model use... (Below threshold)

Geppetto's second model used the ears.

"I'm looking through you,<b... (Below threshold)

"I'm looking through you,
Where did you go?
I thought I knew you,
What did I know?

You don't look different,
But you have changed.
I'm looking through you,
You're not the same.

Your lips are moving,
I cannot hear.
Your voice is soothing,
But the words aren't clear.

You don't sound different,
I've learnt the game.
I'm looking through you,
You're not the same.

Why, tell me why,
Did you not treat me right?
Love has a nasty habbit of dissapearing over night.

You're thinking of me,
The same old way.
You were above me.
But not today.

The only difference,
Is you're down there.
I'm looking through you,
And you're nowhere."

The Beatles

Here we have the economic v... (Below threshold)

Here we have the economic vampire bat. There are a few tell-tale signs.
1. Bat wing like ears.
2. Registered Democrat
3. Uncontrolled spending of everybody else's money...(see number 2, number 3 may be redundant)

Whats black and white and r... (Below threshold)

Whats black and white and red all over?

_____ _______ _____ mmm mmmm mmmm

When they said he was <a hr... (Below threshold)

When they said he was radioactive I thought it was a figure of speech.

Obama auditions his act for... (Below threshold)

Obama auditions his act for AGT, but nobody seems to be impressed.

Idiot savant, without his t... (Below threshold)

Idiot savant, without his tinfoil hat, demonstrates his continuing ability to hear those voices from Planet Zoltron by concentrating all his energy on a pair of ear-brain interplanetary communications appendages. Do not try this at home.

Contriteness in the face of... (Below threshold)

Contriteness in the face of Muslim bravado... There's a sap for that.

Cheetah goes to Washington!... (Below threshold)

Cheetah goes to Washington!

"I am the LightBringer....I... (Below threshold)

"I am the LightBringer....I am the LightBringer....I am the LightBringer"

The puppet sits silent....w... (Below threshold)

The puppet sits silent....waiting for its master to pulls its strings.

When the TOTUS failed Presi... (Below threshold)

When the TOTUS failed President Obama totally shut down.

The Obamatron 6000 begins t... (Below threshold)

The Obamatron 6000 begins to recharge in the morning light.

Excuse me, Mr. President, b... (Below threshold)

Excuse me, Mr. President, but you left your car doors open....

Dang it Michelle, I told yo... (Below threshold)

Dang it Michelle, I told you that Fiber muffin would hit at the worst time.

"Lord, grant me the strengt... (Below threshold)

"Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to STFU when I don't know the difference."

You're cleared for take-off... (Below threshold)
clear mind:

You're cleared for take-off! Ears-up!

Michelle, damn bitch, you b... (Below threshold)
Mark Cleveland:

Michelle, damn bitch, you bit me!

"I believe I can fly!"... (Below threshold)

"I believe I can fly!"

"Oh, Allah, er, I mean, Oh,... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

"Oh, Allah, er, I mean, Oh, Jesus, give me the strength to destroy American ideals and values; and please make sure the weather is nice for this weekend's family vacation"

Step back homies, when thes... (Below threshold)

Step back homies, when these bad boys start flappin aint nobody safe!

No, Barry, the column trick... (Below threshold)

No, Barry, the column trick doesn't work any more.

Ross Parrot... (Below threshold)

Ross Parrot

♬I'm a little ... (Below threshold)

I'm a little teapot
short and stout,
here is my handle,
...and here is my other handle...

President Obama tries out h... (Below threshold)

President Obama tries out his new teleprompt-ears.

This is your brain on liber... (Below threshold)

This is your brain on liberalism. Any questions?

Election-ears?... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:


Please guide my words and d... (Below threshold)

Please guide my words and deeds as we venture into the land of Hyannis Port. Lo though we be on yet another vacation, keep our thoughts progressive....ohhhhhhMAN.

Am I over my paygrade or wh... (Below threshold)

Am I over my paygrade or what!!!!

The present is a Christian,... (Below threshold)

The present is a Christian, he prays 5 times a day.

Wait--is that the call to p... (Below threshold)

Wait--is that the call to prayer I hear?

With ears that big, you'd t... (Below threshold)

With ears that big, you'd think he could hear the American people, wouldn't you?

Great bobble headed ball... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Great bobble headed balls of fire! I wonder if those ears turn blue when he tells the truth?

Lets ear it for the boy.</p... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Lets ear it for the boy.

"Oops, Sorry Bo, We'll just... (Below threshold)

"Oops, Sorry Bo, We'll just say I was following too close."

The first photos from th... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The first photos from the newly installed White House Urinal Cam were released today.

"Thank Allah, Public Policy... (Below threshold)

"Thank Allah, Public Policy Polling didn't ask them if the public thinks I am a Marxist."

M-I-C, K-E-Y, MARX.... (Below threshold)


His ears say "Mickey"; his ... (Below threshold)

His ears say "Mickey"; his policies say "Dumbo".

As my mentor Ronald (cough)... (Below threshold)

As my mentor Ronald (cough) Reagan once said, "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat." See, I can make them experience both!

Obama was heard muttering t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Obama was heard muttering to himself just before his last press conference

"My kung fu is strong.
My kung fu is strong.
My kung fu is strong."

Despite photographic proof ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Despite photographic proof the Obama administration claims they are not asleep at the wheel.

RED ALERT! RED ALERT!... (Below threshold)


A chia pet would provide mo... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

A chia pet would provide more growth then ol' bugle ears has.

So the Turtle said, "Someon... (Below threshold)

So the Turtle said, "Someone please get me down off of this post."

da da da da da da da da da ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

da da da da da da da da da da da da BATBOY!

Nightlights for the telepro... (Below threshold)
A.J. Fisher:

Nightlights for the teleprompter.

"Dammit, Michelle, get your... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

"Dammit, Michelle, get your own yogurt. Can't you see I'm busy pissing on the Constitution?"

Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmm - Move ove... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmm - Move over June Allyson - that Depends' contract's mine!

"Our Father, who art betwee... (Below threshold)

"Our Father, who art between my ears ..."

They are right, I don't hav... (Below threshold)

They are right, I don't have any balls.

Faster, Barney! Faster!!<... (Below threshold)

Faster, Barney! Faster!!

Follow the dancing ball:</p... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Follow the dancing ball:

"Red sails in the sunset,
Way out on the blue....."

WH press release:The... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

WH press release:
There's an inner glow manifested in our
transcendental leader when he begins his
insightful oratory. First, the ears glow,
then the nose...then the lips begin their
task of raising us all to a higher plane...."

"I hear you knockin'... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"I hear you knockin'
But you can't come in"

Do your ears turn red,<br /... (Below threshold)

Do your ears turn red,
Do they show what's in your head?
Will they glow until you make certain
That the private sector's dead?
Will they show that you're a soldier
For what Ayers and Lenin told ya?
Do your ears- turn- red?

. . . Without making eye co... (Below threshold)

. . . Without making eye contact, President Obama addressed those who question his agenda by stating: "Just because I'm standing in front of these columns do not think that I'm a proud and active member of the "Fifth Column"... ;) ;)

I wish you well :) Melek

"Based on his record thus far, if Obama was a baseball team, he would be the Chicago Black Sox; if he was a disease, he'd be the bubonic plague; and if he was a ship, he'd be the Titanic." ~ B. Prelutsky

Therefore, I shall resign t... (Below threshold)
Darrell Smith:

Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Vice President Biden will be sworn in as President at that hour in this office... Wait a minute, who's been messing with my teleprompters?

Operation Dumbo Dip... (Below threshold)

Operation Dumbo Dip

He can't be praying, or he ... (Below threshold)

He can't be praying, or he would be kneeling and facing East; he can't be peeing, or he would be sitting. So, what IS he doing?

Update: <... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.






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