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As each day passes, I appreciate George W. Bush all the more (UPDATED)

Yes... I had some problems with his policies.  Yes... he, at times, was not the conservative we expected him to be.  Yes... he embraced the left too many times for my liking.

But as we continue to hear about the number of golf rounds played, the number of vacations taken, the number of Muslims bowed to, the number of times Israel has been disrespected, the number of times America's enemies have been embraced, the number of taxes that are being and will be raised, the death panels that are sure to come, the health care that is sure to be rationed, the defense cuts that are being promoted, the social programs that are being buttressed, the redefining of terms, the dismissal of American exceptionalism, the aristocracy of those currently in charge, the racism being charged wrongly against those in opposition, the racism being ignored by the Department of Justice, the stimulus dollars that are nothing more than a slush fund for allies, the corruption in high places, the appointment of radical cronies to positions of influence, the apology tour, the incompetence during the BP oil disaster, the lack of transparency despite all the promises and more... and I'm sure there's more but this is what has rattled quickly off the fingerprints... the more I miss W.

To underscore the point, I bring you two videos.  Ponder them silently and miss the man along with me.

UPDATE: The Anchoress weighs in with a piece that should be read in its entirety.  Teaser excerpts:

We miss Bush because he never lectured us or harangued us, and when people disagreed with him, they were not immediately called names in an attempt to simply shut up debate.


We miss Bush because he believed that Americans are inherently decent and heroic people who would-even in strained situations-bring thoroughly decent and heroic responses to bear.

It is a much better message for a president to send to his people than, "Don't be evil. Like you usually are."


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Comments (19)

A real American President o... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

A real American President of the People.

Notice how He did not insert Himself at the front of the line.

Compare this to the dhimmi who holds office now. What a joke.

One has class and character... (Below threshold)

One has class and character, the other, the exact opposite.

Far from perfect but you al... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Far from perfect but you always knew that he loved this country and its people. BHO not so much.

I agree. I remember also wh... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I agree. I remember also when the whinnin' weenies on the left used to scream about what a "cocky" idiot W. was. Obamalala makes G.W. look like a humble genius!
A little off subject here but, this warms the cockles of my heart to no end. Obamalala and his minions know this man is coming.
They should be afraid, very afraid.

But...but....but....Barry l... (Below threshold)

But...but....but....Barry lets Himself be a blank slate so that you can project what YOU want to see in him. He's soooo "genuine"!

He's "post-partisan" and "post-racial", and you conservative racists just don't appreciate his "leadership".

Yes he's post-racial and po... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yes he's post-racial and post-partisan and, God willing, he'll be post-presidential in 2012.

I'd appreciate a re... (Below threshold)

I'd appreciate a return to the dismal days of multi-billion dollar deficits, and 4.6% unemployment we suffered through.

Can't help but think it'd make a person smile.

November 5, 2008 would have... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

November 5, 2008 would have been soon enough fully to appreciate George W. Bush. At least for those of us who were paying attention.....

I'd appreciate a return to ... (Below threshold)

I'd appreciate a return to the dismal days of multi-billion dollar deficits, and 4.6% unemployment we suffered through.

Can't help but think it'd make a person smile.

7. Posted by irongrampa | August 21, 2010 12:40 PM | Thanks for voting!Score: 2 (2 votes cast)

>>> Ah, the good old days.

Most of the non-conservativ... (Below threshold)

Most of the non-conservative problems were caused by rinos (mcnasty & gang of 14, judges, taxes etc) and then Kommiecrats while the President prioritized the nations safety.
He never complained, was always gracious and wore the thorny crown of the Ruling Class without a whine.
With a more patriotic congress who knows how far our country could be today...

"With a more conservative c... (Below threshold)

"With a more conservative congress who knows how far our country could be today..." TFTFY (btw, not criticism, just my view)

Yes, I sure miss the 'good old days' that we endured just a mere 2 years ago under W. He was someone that you could trust to do the right thing.

It is refreshing to see a p... (Below threshold)

It is refreshing to see a president act in a manner that seems so ... presidential.

Mr. President, you are my h... (Below threshold)

Mr. President, you are my hero! Thanks so much!

I appreciate Bush in the sa... (Below threshold)

I appreciate Bush in the same way the guy with prostate cancer pines for the day when he merely had an enlarged prostate.

Bush was a decent guy but a lousy President. His getting a couple of things right doesn't come close to making up for all the totally stupid things he did, the worst of which was laying the groundwork for McCain to win the nomination and Obama to win the Presidency.

President Bush was always a... (Below threshold)

President Bush was always a class act. Obama, no class, no integrity, no brains.

I miss ya GW, please come back. Just leave the need for spending and amnesty for illegals behind.

Steve, learn about each sta... (Below threshold)

Steve, learn about each states primary seasons and you will see how foolish your statement is. McCain, whose opponent had all the MSM support, reporters, Oprah and the entire black race, still showed a very respectable number.

I miss GW Bush simply because I believed him when he spoke. I knew he was a man of principle and honor. When he said his actions on Iraq an Afghan will be based on what the generals on the ground tell him, that was so. Now the wars are political and Obama is running them by political numbers. Such a shame. Bring the troops home. They cannot win with Obama and the left uncomitted. ww

Steve if Bush got a couple ... (Below threshold)

Steve if Bush got a couple of things right that puts him head an shoulders above the Obama group that can't get anything right.

I remember Bush being the p... (Below threshold)

I remember Bush being the president that had people removed from appearances because they were wearing political t-shirts. While in the last year we've seen conservative protesters conspicuously armed with loaded rifles 30 feet from venues where Pres. Obama is speaking. I remember 8 years in which any liberal dissenters were branded as traitors, not by bloggers and pundits, but by the president himself. I remember 2001 - 2007 seeing the worst declines in average household income and job growth in history - years in which you can't even blame a Democratic senate.

I remember getting into a war that has been longer and more expensive than Vietnam, against a country that had no part in the 9/11 attack and no weapons of mass destruction. I remember the goalposts and rationale changing every year to justify one of the biggest foreign policy mistakes in our history. I remember the White House dictating the war and firing generals on the ground who said that Iraq would descent into chaos without a much larger force.

I remember that Bush took more vacation days than any other president by far - more at this point in his term than Obama has taken.

I remember the unprecedented use of signing statements to override portions of bills passed by Congress that he didn't want to follow. I remember warrantless wiretaps that almost immediately went beyond the promised restrictions, where American citizens who have never been overseas were bugged without their knowing. Obama has continued this blatantly unconstitutional practice and I hold him accountable.

I remember the only foreign attack on United States soil since 1812, during his watch, despite myriad voices sounding the alarm. I remember the right shifting the blame to Clinton for this and every other ill during an entire 2 full terms, never mind the fact that the 1990s ranked as one of the most prosperous decades in history. I remember 9/11.

You can be as revisionist as you want to be in another generation or so. But 2 years after the fact is far too soon to get away with.

Back to your echo chamber.....

Thanks for making the mom o... (Below threshold)

Thanks for making the mom of a soldier cry tears of joy! Yes I sure do miss Bush, but to me seeing the videos of the troops being welcomed home was pure joy! Loved it! ty






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