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Lot chose to go pinch his... what?

This preacher gets a little mixed up... and hilarity happens:

H/T Parchment and Pen.


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Ah yes... Lot chose to pinc... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Ah yes... Lot chose to pinch tits near Sodom and Gomorrah and the rest as we say is Biblical history.

Well that's way better than... (Below threshold)

Well that's way better than what was going on at the Reverend Wright's Church of Hate and Bigotry.

Every preacher's worst nigh... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Every preacher's worst nightmare is having someone who was like a nephew suddenly diss you after 20 years and say "I never heard a word the man said".

I guess explains how his wi... (Below threshold)

I guess explains how his wife spun onto a pillar of salt.

I was at a wake for a relat... (Below threshold)

I was at a wake for a relative of mine a few years back, and in walks this priest who, just by his looks, actions, and way of speaking was hilarious.

I, along with about 10 others in a room of about 50 people, were laughing on the inside the entire time, to a point where, at least for me, it took all of my power not to burst out laughing.

As he was saying his sermon, he got to a part where he was trying to say "immortality."

This was his quote:

"God, please lift Phil up, and place him in your house of immorality.. I MEAN IMMORTALITY!!"

Writing it here does not do the hilarity of the moment justice, but after that, some of us were crying with pent up laughter.

It was one of those moments that, for those of us there, we will talk and laugh about for decades.

It was freakin' priceless.







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