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An Embarrassment Of Riches

It's a good time to be a voter here in New Hampshire.

Come January, Senator Judd Gregg will be off the public payroll for the first time since 1978. That means that the US Senate seat he's held since 1993. And we've got a few good candidates looking to take his place.

On the Republican side, it's pretty much a two-person race, between former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and businessman Bill Binnie.

Ayotte has a hell of a record. She was appointed AG by a Republican, but kept on by a Democrat. She was New Hampshire's first AG to take maternity leave -- and then came back to take on New Hampshire's first two capital murder cases in decades. She won the one of the Massachusetts gang-banger who killed a cop, but had to settle for life without parole for the millionaire who beat to death the handyman who stole from him. So she's got the toughness and integrity going for her.

On the other hand, Bill Binnie is a very successful businessman who's managed to largely avoid getting too involved in politics. So he's got the economic savvy we could use in Washington.

Sadly, these two have come to the conclusion that the best way to win is to beat the crap out of each other, and the negative ads each is airing against the other is rather discouraging. Neither has clean hands, but it seems to me that Binnie "went there" first, and was a bit nastier.

On the Democratic side, Representative Paul Hodes is running for his party's nomination. Hodes was swept into office in 2007, when Democrats took both Houses, and now is looking up. Hodes... well, he seems considerably less of a moonbat than New Hampshire's other Democratic Representative, first elected the same year. (An odd coincidence I just noted: both Hodes and Shea-Porter were born in New York City, two years apart.) That's about all I can say about the guy. He's a liberal, but he doesn't seem crazy liberal.

I was never a huge fan of Gregg's, but I think overall I'm going to miss him. He was on the right side of the issues more often than not, and brought a certain cold-blooded reason and dispassionate, analytical intellect that is the hallmark of a former tax lawyer to the table.

And while I have my preferences (which I will express in the upcoming primary), I think my little state will be all right this time around.


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Comments (8)

Unless you're a Carl Rove-t... (Below threshold)

Unless you're a Carl Rove-type political wonk, it's hard to keep up with all the state races. Thanks for letting some of us in "fly-over country" know what's going on in NH.

Hodes is a D. Enough said.... (Below threshold)

Hodes is a D. Enough said.

I met all the R-side candidates a couple of months ago at a town hall/debate in Brentwood. Ayotte gave me "typical politician" vibes, and seemed poorly prepared to boot. Binnie I don't remember, but his ad campaign has turned me off him. If either of them wins the primary, then in the general election I'll be back in the position I've been in in most elections: voting for the lesser of two evils.

The governor's race in Flor... (Below threshold)

The governor's race in Florida has been nothing but negative attacks between Scott and McCollum. I don't watch much TV, but listening to the radio to and from work has been all negative all the time. I'm pretty sick of both of them. Polls are tomorrow so we'll see.

Whoever says its a 2 horse ... (Below threshold)

Whoever says its a 2 horse race in NH isn't paying attention. There are 4 viable candidates on the republican side, all of whom have polled well above unopposed Democrat Paul Hodes. Jim Bender is just as legitimate and could win just as easily as Binnie of Ayotte.

Well Im in MN so even if a ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Well Im in MN so even if a candidate wins they are subject to the commie controlled government.

I hope the more conservative candidate wins regardless of where they are. This socialist takeover has to be squashed.

Speaking of embarrassing ri... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Speaking of embarrassing riches, the quintessential American muslom family sure went from semi rich to multi millionaire status quick did they not? I bet husseins library will put slick williy's to shame in its African/ Indonesian oppulence.

There was a debate last Wed... (Below threshold)

There was a debate last Wednesday. Binnie was asked if he believed in Reagan's 11th Commandment, speak no ill of another Republican. Binnie said he did and the audience broke down in laughter.

I think I am supporting Bil... (Below threshold)
Lillian McCullers:

I think I am supporting Bill Binnie. It was nice meeting him in Nashua the other night. He is exactly the business sense we need down in Washington. He's not an insider--thats what really brings me too him other than his business history. Kelly Ayotte is. Their race has gotten kinda dirty, but thats what happens in campaigns. We have too read through the lines, and Bill Binnie can win, can finance, and can change this state and nation for the better!






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