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They'll Have A Gay Old Time

I've been meaning to write about the GOProud/Ann Coulter/World Net Daily hissy-fit for some time, but every time I started, I got wrapped up in a giggling fit. I hope this time can hold it together this time.

It all started with this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, which chose to be extremely... er... "liberal" in who it accepted at sponsors. Their credo seemed to be "if you got the money and have at least some pretentions towards conservatism, come on down. We'll put your name on the program and give you a table."

Well, among the sponsors was the John Birch Society, which caused quite a bit of a stir. People asked the organizers why the Birchers were welcomed, and were told the above policy -- and said the same rationale applied when a group of gay conservatives -- an offshoot of the Log Cabin Republicans who called themselves "GOProud" -- also sought to sponsor the event.

Author's note: in an earlier article, I accidentally called GOProud "OutRight," a name I think I invented by accident. I regret the error, but not too much -- I think it would be a fabulous alternative name for them, and offer it freely if they ever get tired of "GOProud."

That got GOProud shoved into the limelight, and they realized they liked it there. So they went to pull another PR coup. They're having their annual convention soon, and figured they'd go all out (so to speak) and get a big name headliner to speak. A real headline-grabber.

Why not Ann Coulter?

Coulter is a major bomb-thrower on the right. The woman knows how to get headlines. (I once said I would love to see her nominated to the Supreme Court, purely for the pleasure of seeing her face-to-face with the Senate Judiciary Committee -- and legally compelled to say exactly what was on her mind. I wouldn't want her on the court, but put the hearings on pay-per-view and we could retire the national debt. But, as is so often the case, I digress.) Coulter accepted the invitation (for an undisclosed fee), saying that "a gig's a gig" and leading to this hysterical poster for "HomoCon 2010."

That news was enough for John Hawkins, of Right Wing News, to announce that not only did he approve of the idea, but he was willing to sponsor the event. His reasoning makes a lot of sense to me: "That doesn't mean I agree with GOProud on every issue, but as Ronald Reagan said, 'My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.'"

Sadly, that embracing attitude wasn't shared by the ultraconservative World Net Daily, which had planned to have Ms. Coulter speak at their "Taking America Back" conference. If she was to speak at HomoCon, she wasn't welcome at TAB.

Now, WND (sorry for all the abbreviations, but it's getting tiresome to type them over and over) has been pushing their own irrelevancy for some time. They're a leader in the "birther" movement, and that's lost them a lot of credibility (presuming they ever had any) as people see them more and more of a bunch of nuts out on the fringe. (They might want to explore a merger with the John Birch Society -- there's a lot of overlap there, and the consolidation could help them cut costs.) And choosing to kinda-sorta pick a fight with Ann Coulter -- whose columns they regularly run, and plan to continue to running -- is a fairly dumb move. But then, they weren't known as intellectual powerhouses to begin with.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Coulter will give her typical bomb-throwing speech at HomoCon. She won't back off her opposition to gay marriage, but she will go out of her way to say a few nice things to her hosts (who've dubbed her "the right wing Judy Garland") and encourage them to continue to push their conservative agenda, and she'll be sure to toss a few barbs at the left (expect several expansions on the "our gays are more macho than their straights" theme). HomoCon will get considerably more attention than it normally would get, and fringe whackjobs like WND will go to great lengths to marginalize themselves and make themselves look like even bigger idiots than before.

In other words, it'll be spectacular political theater.

And as a right-leaning member of the "straight, but not narrow" crowd, I hope someone (hey, C-SPAN?) airs Coulter's speech, or it's streamed online. I don't think Coulter should ever be allowed anywhere near any positions of real power, but she pisses off the right people and is always entertaining. (And she's not exactly hard on the eyes, either.)

You go, girl!


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It's been fashionable for s... (Below threshold)

It's been fashionable for some time to make fun of Ann Coulter from both the left and right. That is a real shame. Almost everything she ever says is exactly right on (I didn't agree with her position of supporting Hillary over McCain, but I know why that was her position). Ann is a very bright, fearless conservative. I think that those on the right that think it's fine to make fun of her because "everyone is doing it" -- should be ashamed.

I don't think Coulter shoul... (Below threshold)
Susan Archer:

I don't think Coulter should ever be allowed anywhere near any positions of real power, but she pisses off the right people and is always entertaining. (And she's not exactly hard on the eyes, either.)

WTF??????? You, Mr Tea, sound like a douche bag to me....

I generally like Joe Farrah... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I generally like Joe Farrah and WND. If the "80/20 rule" applies to Log Cabin Republican's it should certainly apply to WND. That said, people need to lighten up a little. Merely speaking to a homosexual group does not equal approval of the homosexual lifestyle. Since when did Jesus preach separatism?

Leftists have been accusing Coulter of being a lesbian for some time now. This should add fuel to that fire. Funny how homosexuality is suddenly a slander whenever it suits them.

"WTF??????? You, Mr Tea, so... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"WTF??????? You, Mr Tea, sound like a douche bag to me...." Susan Archer

Oh dear! Well, Jay, looks like you've got some work to do. It's better to be the nozzle than the bag. Now strive to improve yourself.

Susan, you don't sound so n... (Below threshold)

Susan, you don't sound so nice yourself.

On topic though, Coulter is right a lot more than she's wrong. I wish she wasn't quite so much a bomb thrower. Then the lefties that get all worked up every time she says something would have to actually address the content of what she says rather than how she says it.

I have to admit though, I do get a real kick out of how she pulls Olbermann's pants down when he most needs it.

Ok am I the only one who do... (Below threshold)

Ok am I the only one who does not think Coulter is attractive? I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

I agree with everything else in the article though.

AFAIK Judy Garland was stra... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

AFAIK Judy Garland was straight. Yet she is an icon for the gay community.

That said, try wrapping your mind around the concept of Ann Coulter truly being embraced by the gay community as "the right-wing Judy Garland" -- complete with look-alike contests . . .

I confess to a "puzzlement"... (Below threshold)

I confess to a "puzzlement" - when does self-interest and ego blind a person to his words and actions. About pols we are sure: mostly lawyers, they have already sold their souls. But so many on the right, from so-called moderate to strong, bloggers and pundits, (incl. JT), talk-show hosts, pols, commentators et al, each will find some criticism for another while the true enemies rejoice in and exploit what appears to be a lack of unity. Coulter is good and gives little for critics to fault for her conservative positions. Yet the left will "slander" - that's the game, but the right needs to rally around our spokesmen, from Limbaugh to Savage and all those small voices objecting to the threats and onslaught from the barbarians within and without; they must unite if triumph over evil - and not just personal aggrandizement - is to be obtained.

She sure gets the liberal g... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

She sure gets the liberal goat. She's smart as a whip and has fun toying with the left.

Can you imagine the nannsy pansy uproar if her and Sarah Palin went on a take back America tour together? I'd pay to see it.

I say we replace Michael St... (Below threshold)

I say we replace Michael Steele with Ann Coulter. She could be just what the right needs to stand up to ruthless liberals. The wimpy old RHINOS have been ever so civil and have compromised the economy and our security because they didn't stand up to evil. Ann may not be candidate material but she could certainly reach the youth of America with the right message. Her crass style demands attention. The perception that she is some kind of "nut" is exacerbated by the right's acceptance and fear of the media. This is much the same problem Sarah Palin has, we allow the left to control the message and shrink.

Dream Team on Tour. Ann Co... (Below threshold)

Dream Team on Tour. Ann Coulter, Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Sarah Palin. You could make a fortune selling tickets and protest signs!

Maybe Ann can get her own f... (Below threshold)

Maybe Ann can get her own following like Kathy Griffin.

Joe,I find Ann Cou... (Below threshold)


I find Ann Coulter to be very attractive. I have no doubt that I would find you to be very ugly. However, I wouldn't say so publicly - saying that you find other people unattractive is bad manners.

I have heard women call peo... (Below threshold)

I have heard women call people a lot of things, but not douchebags. Guys use it fairly often, but not women. How odd.

JT is correct, this is perfect Ann Coulter. She stirs up a little fuss speaking at GOProud, showing there is no real hate on the conservative side, and thumbs her nose at the people who would think to control her and act like douchebags.

Coutler gets to the core of... (Below threshold)

Coutler gets to the core of every matter and is not (this is important) afraid to say what's on her mind. The dream ticket for females would be Malkin, Bachman, Palin, Coulter and Ingraham. They have more "balls" then any conservative on any news show. The left likes to make fun of them, but also do not ever go face to face with them.

On Couter's looks, I am of the belief that women have a difficult time seeking power in this nation when first and foremost they are judged by their looks and fashion sense first and foremost. Both sexes are involved in that one. But as far as beauty, that is in the eyes of the beholder. Too subjective.

Coulter is very intelligient and articulate. I love to listen to her. She does what many men fail to do. Be truthful. ww

Coulter would bring down th... (Below threshold)

Coulter would bring down the house if she started with a couple of bars of 'Over the Rainbow'.

"...showing there is no rea... (Below threshold)

"...showing there is no real hate on the conservative side..."


The truth of the matter is ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The truth of the matter is that WND had NOT "booked" Coulter at all, but were considering it (which probably means they can't afford her - old Joe is in it for his own pockets), and decided to use the Homocon event as an excuse not to spend the money and nab some free publicity at the same time.

They are lunatic fringe over there.

SER,Calling my que... (Below threshold)


Calling my question bad manners is disingenuous. We are not standing around in the office rating the secretary's looks. Coulter is a public figure. Further, it seems every article I read about her mentions how attractive she is and I just don't see it. I did not say she was ugly or looked like a drag queen as some on the left seem to enjoy doing.

I can see the facts are not on your side as you started with an ad hominem attack. I suppose you will call me a nazi next.

I think looks has anything ... (Below threshold)

I think looks has anything to do with anything. It seems to me that the left loves making snide remarks about the looks of powerful republicans especially women GOPers. The left side of the political spectrum and canada ooze hate. ww

Ann, Dennis Miller etc. are... (Below threshold)

Ann, Dennis Miller etc. are smart funny people who can bitch slap liberals verbally all day long with ease.

I wish I had only a 1/10th of that talent.

For the mean time, I'll just sit back enjoy the dry heaves from the likes of 'Suzy A.' and other liberals as they GAG on some funny.

Whatever godforsaken bog yo... (Below threshold)

Whatever godforsaken bog you live in oozes stupid, Willie. We have a Conservative Prime Minister and tons of jobs. We don't just walk around hating things willy-nilly, though we tend not to suffer groupthinkin' retards.

So there are people who actually find her attractive?:
http://www.forward.com/workspace/assets/images/articles/ann-coulter-101907.jpg Really? Yikes.

I don't give a shit about how ugly or gorgeous liberal commentators are. I don't watch Rachel Maddow clips because she's beautiful. Is there some unwritten rule that conservatives are confined to jerking off to only political celebrities who share their ideological conviction? That might explain all of Pam Geller's blog hits. Bunch of weirdos!

Uh, Hyper, for someone rant... (Below threshold)

Uh, Hyper, for someone ranting about not being full of hate, you sure do seethe a hateful vibe (and verbiage) whenever you come around...

I hate bigotry and the will... (Below threshold)

I hate bigotry and the willfully ignorant. I respect informed conviction and spirited debate and people who are willing to use cuss words when provoked. Obviously.

... I once said I would lov... (Below threshold)

... I once said I would love to see (Miss Coulter) nominated to the Supreme Court, purely for the pleasure of seeing her face-to-face with the senate's (so-called) "judiciary committee" -- and (able and as willing, as ever,) to say exactly what was on her mind. I wouldn't want her on the court ....

And that's a darned shame, for in addition to being one of the most attractive (and so far I'n talking only of her mind, her humility, her graciousness and her impeccably good manners) Human Beings I have ever met, in her little finger, Miss Coulter has a greater knowledge of and repect and love for the American Declaration of Independence, of the united States' Constitution and of every other aspect of our beloved fraternal republic's Founding Law than has any member of that committee and/or have most members of the court -- in their alma maters' libraries!

So you hate yourself, eh, H... (Below threshold)

So you hate yourself, eh, Hyper? Bigotry and willfull ignorance seem to be your fortes...

"I know you are but what am... (Below threshold)

"I know you are but what am I!" -SCSIwuzzy, middle school class clown






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