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Those Scary, Violent Teabaggers...

Last week, Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-MO) had one of his offices firebombed. Police have a suspect, and to no one's great surprise, the guy has a Tea Party connection. He's on video at one event, being quite loud and belligerent.

Sadly for the left's narrative, he's there being loud and belligerent towards the Tea Partiers.

Worse, he does so while claiming that he's not ON Carnahan's staff, but WITH Carnahan's staff.

Even worse, he was a campaign worker who was apparently angry about not getting paid for his efforts.

Quick, someone get me rewrite!


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They don't pay taxes, why s... (Below threshold)

They don't pay taxes, why should they pay the proles who work for them? Talk about ingratitude!

I don't see any inconsisten... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I don't see any inconsistency here, Jay. First, he was the guy that was WITH the staff. Later, he was the guy WITH matches and an incendiary device.

The violent left is at it a... (Below threshold)

The violent left is at it again. ww

...and the very worst of al... (Below threshold)

...and the very worst of all, he's actually one of MSNBC's hosts.

I think the term Tea Baggin... (Below threshold)

I think the term Tea Bagging will have a whole new meaning for him soon enough.

Funny how the 'violent righ... (Below threshold)

Funny how the 'violent right' always seems to have the left do all the dirty work for them, isn't it?

Man, they're outsourcing EVERYTHING these days...

Was the guy HIRED by Carnah... (Below threshold)

Was the guy HIRED by Carnahan's people in order to have the MSM blame tea party folks?? Nothing the left does should surprise, especially in a potentially disastrous election year.

Stand by for some interesti... (Below threshold)

Stand by for some interesting news about the "anti-muslim" cabbie attack.

Pity the warped leftist min... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Pity the warped leftist mind. It wants to know America.

By the way, wheres Dane?

Speaking of the anti-muslim... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Speaking of the anti-muslim attacker... Turns out he's a pro-mosque supporter.


I guess if the right won't oblige by committing the acts of violence the left needs to justify their world view, the left will supply those acts themselves.

MSM 0-3. (Times Square Bom... (Below threshold)

MSM 0-3. (Times Square Bomber, NYC Cabbie Stabber, now this.) LOL!

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

"By the way, wheres Dane... (Below threshold)

"By the way, wheres Dane?"

Probably off-shift, waiting for some new talking points to be manufactured. Probably something about how the horribly intolerant expressions of hatred by the violent right are driving the peace-loving and tolerant folks on the left to extreme acts of social performance art.

Sad thing is, I'm trying to be satiric above, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that's what they're going to do. It's getting kind of hard to satirize them - they keep matching the most bizarre scenarios. It's kind of like watching a guy with his pants down about to stick it in a sheep defending himself by saying "She asked for it!" You just go "WTF? You seriously believe that?"

What's even worse is - I don't think we've seen as low as they can go yet. If the horrible, hateful, intolerant right isn't providing the right material - they'll just have to do it themselves. Because, dammit, it's what they WOULD do, if they didn't figure someone would be watching for them to do it!

I had to laugh (in a sad, s... (Below threshold)

I had to laugh (in a sad, sad way) that given today's NYC stabbing story, THIS is the your latest post. And nothing about the stabbing. Nice.....

memo to Jake- the stabbing... (Below threshold)

memo to Jake- the stabbing was done by a Liberal fool like you.

The puzzling thing to me is... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The puzzling thing to me is that the guy is just a "suspect" - he was questioned, and released. Is there no direct evidence against him?

What gives here? Igniting an incendiary device in a federal candidate's campaign office is a FEDERAL crime, not just local. Where is the FBI?

Something is not right here. Federal candidate's office "fire-bombed" and no FBI, "suspect" identified but released, documents being hauled out to the dumpster . . . this guy is ON THE STREET, but they aren't worried about Carnahan's safety?

Russ Carnahan's opponent Ed... (Below threshold)
Dale A Warren:

Russ Carnahan's opponent Ed Martin denounced the act right away - http://tinyurl.com/26mqhtw Ed's a good guy running a strong campaign, and I think Carnahan is starting to freak out.

Russ Carnahan has to go (though this applies to the whole lot of them, and a bunch of GOPers too)

Not to be a conspiracy nut ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Not to be a conspiracy nut (hey It's an election year so why not?), But given that this jerk has a record of violent acts against conservatives and was an operative for Carnahan's campaign, why has no one looked into the angle that perhaps this guy was planning to use this not against Carnahan , but for him?

Why does Carnahan intercede on his behalf and refuse to press any charges?

Perhaps this was just a "workplace accident" and not a firebombing at all.

"memo to Jake- the stabbing... (Below threshold)

"memo to Jake- the stabbing was done by a Liberal fool like you."

Oh that's right, a Liberal is evil.

It doesn't matter how he votes. The real issue is that our country is ramping up intolerance and "Death to Muslims" is a sentiment growing far too rapidly. This isn't a right/left issue, despite your idiotic quest to make it one. It's an issue of tolerance and hate. It's an issue of consequence of ongoing intolerant media support.

Unfortunately intolerance a... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately intolerance and "death to muslims" isn't growing fast enough. muslims have had centuries to refine their intolerance and "death to infidels" idealogy (not religion). We are just rookies.

jake- you have reading com... (Below threshold)

jake- you have reading comprehension problems AND threw the strawman in. "a Liberal is evil"
If you equate "fool" and "evil" then that's your personal demon.
This is a right/left issue as you Liberal fools are placing the blame for any violence against Muslims on the Right. Most, not all, of the political violence is now coming from the Left. Own it.

You see a liberal thinks mu... (Below threshold)

You see a liberal thinks muslims who demand women cover their heads and bodies, stay out of the main prayer area as men, kill people from the west that do not think and act like them are tolerant. We americans show a little distrust towards muslims and the liberals stand up and shout we are intolerant. It would be comical if not so sad. ww






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