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How Does It Feel?

The Democratic strategy for winning, or at least, minimizing losses during the 2010 mid-term election, consists of three things:

1) Blame Bush

2) Keep calling the Republican representatives in Congress "The Party of No."

3) Blame Bush

The Congress has been choked by Democrats since January of 2007. Obama has had the reigns of the White House since January of 2009.

This is a what a political pundit would call a true mandate for the party in power. As secure as that may sound, the sincerity of it is as fickle as the values upon which it stands. And right now, the Democrats are about as sincere as a Bernie Madoff mea culpa.

It is also why trying to brand the Republican party as the "Party of No" just has no logical validity to it.

Take the "Health Care Summit," held at Obama's request, intended to showcase just how disingenuous Republicans were in their opposition to it. The presentation blew up in his face when the Republicans showed they had a firm grasp of the issue, presented their own version of health care reform, and voiced valid concerns over what Obama and his gang in Congress actually desired to force upon us. The Dems thought the Republicans would just look like defenseless hacks, yet they came across as the party which consisted of smart, sincere ideas, that have been hidden by the long, dark shadow cast by a Democratic giant.

To help aid their defensive posture over something which they believed the ignorant American voter would glaze over, the bulk of "Obamacare" doesn't come to effect until 2014. Either Obama will be in or out, with or without the Democratic majority. They either will have another election cycle to downplay the mess, or they will place failure on Republicans, in control or not, and will continue to go along with the farce of Republican obstructionism.

Even the most simple minded liberal, if honest, can understand that Republicans cannot obstruct the Democratic agenda because THE REPUBLICANS ARE IN THE MINORITY!

Does anybody with a pulse actually believe that Republicans, in a Democratically infested Congress, have ANY say in what the Congress and "Professional Left" have rammed through the bowels of law-making with the approval of Obama? If you are an elected Republican right now, you are treated like a political pariah by Democratic members of each house of Congress, President Obama, and the liberal press. None of your ideas will be used. None will see the light of day. All the Republicans can do, if they disagree with the liberal agenda, is show their own objections to the left's draconian, bankrupting, socialistic plans, say no and voice their opinion against an agenda long desired by liberals. While doing so, Republicans can only hope that what they have to say will somehow reach the American people.

The 5th anniversary of Katrina is close at hand. Wait and see just how often the Democrats will try to brand Bush, and by association, Republicans, as what went wrong with the immediate response. No matter the Democratic Governor of Louisiana and the local elected officials (NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin, especially, even though he was inexplicably voted in for ANOTHER term after his disastrous Katrina response.) were woefully negligent in the proper handling of precautionary safety protocol and were ignorant that a chain of command even existed for a threat of this magnitude. Democrats believe that Bush=Katrina=America.

The difference this time is, there is ample evidence that the failures which lead to the devastation were due to the failings of the Army Corps of Engineers. As much as Democrats like to live in revisionist history, Bush tried to get the state and local governments to do their jobs, so the resources of the Federal government would not be swamped by the storm surge of incompetence at the local level. And Obama's got his own little problem with his terrible management and his abysmal public showings with the Gulf Oil disaster: Not one bought by an act of God, but man-made. One which could have potentially been averted if Obama and his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar didn't give BP a pass on environmental reports or "categorical exclusions" for the Deepwater Horizon rig.

Of course, the secret that doesn't get told is that Obama received more campaign money from BP than any other President, EVER.

His bumbling, aloof attitude just bolstered the notion that he has no ability to handle crisis. If Bush got lambasted by liberals for remaining calm for seven minutes in front of a room full of kindergärtners when he was told about the 9/11 attacks (no doubt Bush was subsystem at that point to the procedures of the Secret Service), then it took Obama almost two weeks to read his own version of "My Pet Goat" during what THEY all branded as the worst natural disaster in our history. (And was it really the worst? I always thought maybe the Dust Bowls of the early 20th century could have been regarded a bit more devastating. Of course you can't demonize a dust storm like you can the Oil industry.)

And, just an after thought: Imagine what type of pickle we'd be in if on 9/11 Algore had been President instead of Bush... (shudder..)

A duplicitous media, the "professional left," and a party devoid of any accomplishments of which they can be proud, will, once again, hammer away at these issues. It's already starting with Katrina. MSNBC is airing a 5 year anniversary special, at which both Rachel MadCow and Dead Schultz will be anchoring their unbiased shows.

They will try to dupe you, once again, into believing that Bush started this downward spiral, though Congress, the branch which actually controls the flow of money and where it will be spent, has been in control of both branches for FOUR years, and did whatever they wanted during the last two years of Bush's lame-duck presidency.

Nothing the Democrats or Obama has done since gaining control of power, can be hoisted above the din of political brinkmanship, to receive a heart-felt standing ovation from the American people.

Everything they have done has been unveiled to be well coordinated attempts to garner more power. To intertwine a distorted, ideological agenda into the fabric of our politics and laws so deeply that any attempt by Republicans to clean up the mess will be like un-baking a cake. One laced with arsenic.

Obama, after years allowing the spigot of illegals to flow freely to this country, has acquiesced to use the National Guard to help secure our border. He has branded Arizona as racist for enforcing and passing their own immigration laws, yet, with a terrible mid-term election looming in the next few months, suddenly, when this issue gains national traction, and the country blames the Government, (i.e., Democrats) as being soft on the issue, does he use this tactic. It is, of course, another half-assed measure to claim some sort of action. Obama has decided to send 1,200 National Guard troops to help man a land boarder 2,000 miles long. Nothing at all to do with the fact that his party will be trounced in November, and this issue will surely be a hot button issue. (Imagine a WHITE President deciding to do even this? He, along with every Republican, would be branded as "angry white males" who are racist toward those with brown-colored skin.)

Will Obama, being the one who authorized the National Guard to conduct interdictions, be branded a racist now? Will La Raza rise up against him? Will he be held in contempt for practicing legislative racism against those with skin a little less brown as his?

Obama promised all troops out of Iraq. Yet, he decided to leave 50,000 in a place which just months before operated on 150,000. None of these figures include thousands of Americans, including intelligence agents, CIA agents, trainees, Special Forces, and whoever else we may have there.

But, his political base, or the "Professional left" has been shredding his heels over the issue of troop pull-outs. So he conjures up another half-assed measure from his bag of magic words and decides that 1 out of every 3 soldiers can come home.

Think of that one. You are a soldier in Iraq, who, just days ago, was part of a force 150,000 strong, and now you are left to deal with the same problems with just 33% of your fellow soldiers left.

But, that's not what you campaigned on.... Oh, never mind.

The stimulus bill, which was supposed to head off unemployment at no higher than 8%, "save or create" (there's those magic words again!) millions of jobs, "shovels at the ready," and $862 BILLION dollars later HAD to be passed. Result: We now have close to 10% unemployment, new home sales dropped a record 12.4%, and new unemployment claims "unexpectedly" rise every month by the hundreds of thousands. It would seem the only industry to have had a burst of short term growth would have been shovel-makers.

This man was billed as the candidate of "Hope and Change."

Upon reflection, for all of you liberals and independents who were taken in by this, Greek columns, and all of the slick, focus-grouped rhetoric, I have a question for you:

How exactly do you feel about your decision now?

I'm not asking the rabid left, like the 30% who believe that our government had a hand in 9/11 and will cut off a limb before voting Republican. I mean the people who were sincere about their voting, enough so they really believed what they were being sold by Obama and his oily propaganda ministers (The ones whose jobs it was to convince you of his abilities.).

How do you feel now?

How do you feel that race has become a central point of Obama's narrative. If the supposed "angry white males" didn't vote for him, he may have lost. Back then, you were considered part of the machine of hope. Now, you have been tossed aside. Broad-brushed as racists. Many of you are of the generation of WWII. You fought for us. Worked in factories for the cause of righteousness. You were once hailed by Democrats as the "Greatest Generation." And now? You have been lumped into a voting block considered too blinded by a man's skin color, your vote deemed not worth courting.

Now that you have seen bailout after bailout of Wall Street firms and banks, do you approve of the way in which Obama has filled his ranks with the same people who ran these institutions into financial killing fields?

You have seen the bailout of the American auto-industry, which was not about saving jobs, but ensuring that the powerful base of union voters would feel they had no choice but to accept Obama as their savior. (As if to unintentionally prove a point, Ford, the only company to have not accepted any bailout money, is financially the most sound and prosperous of them all.)

How do you feel now, when you hear "a trillion dollars," and it virtually means nothing, eliciting a shrug of the shoulders, and hearing "Oh well. What can you do?" And in making "a trillion dollars" seem so matter of fact, 20, 30, 40, 80, 100 BILLION seems acceptable now.

He inherited a $400 billion dollar debt from Bush, primarily because of TARP and funding for the War on Terror, and now he has QUADRUPLED that amount in a mere 18 months.

It was our tax dollars, and it will be our tax dollars, expected by the Democrats to pay Chinese creditors, to which we owe a stomach-churning $800,000,000,000.

Do you have any of that money? Me? Your friends and family? Are small businesses popping up around you? Do you feel any more financially secure? If you needed a well-paying job, are you confident that you could find one in short order, one which would provide for your family, pay your bills, and provide health care?

Do still feel "hope" when you see Obama?" "Change?" "YES WE CAN!" still produce tingles up the back of your leg?

You've been had. Had by a master manipulator. A political neophyte who used your anger and angst against you, blinding you by slick teleprompted speeches, twisting your sincere faith in this country's ability to do the right thing to garner a vote. Do you feel you were lied to?

How do you feel?

Redemption is a voting booth away.


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You're wasting your breath ... (Below threshold)

You're wasting your breath (or, more accurately, your keystrokes)...

Everybody on this site is somewhat relatively informed, for them, you're preaching to the choir.

But elections are won with the votes of the mushy middle, and one characteristic of this group is that they aren't informed to the same extent (nor do they care to be). They don't know the 'truth' of what is going on, and they aren't coming here to find out. They vote based on sound bites and a general sense of whether they think things are going well, both for them individually and for the country as a whole.

Thus, the Dems tactics of shirking responsibility and blaming Bush may work if they can create a nice narrative for these voters. If they can make it seem like they've been working hard to fix all of the problems left them by the incompetent Bush, then the voters may buy in.

It's the party of "no" vs t... (Below threshold)

It's the party of "no" vs the party of "Ho". With these ho's, looks like I'm going to be climaxing about 80 times Nov. 2nd.

Even the most simple min... (Below threshold)

Even the most simple minded liberal, if honest, can understand that Republicans cannot obstruct the Democratic agenda because THE REPUBLICANS ARE IN THE MINORITY!

Well, they had a lot of success in 2008 running on the theme that the GOP still controlled Congress, which the media managed to convince quite a few people was actually the case. Unfortunately they're playing the same game, saying the evil GOP is impeding Obama, except people aren't buying it because the Dems have spent too much time braying about their 'successes' over the past 18 months. We're just supposed to forget about all that now and convince ourselves that what we really need are more Democrats...or at least not less Democrats.

Its the party of "No" vs t... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Its the party of "No" vs the party of "Bull".

Biden and Na Fran can say Bush did it all they want but it's not going to change the ass whippin they got comin.

"How do you feel?"... (Below threshold)

"How do you feel?"

We'll find out in November. I'm anxiously awaiting the response of the 'intellectual elite' to explain the Democratic debacle that's coming.

99.999% certain it will take two points:
1) This was NOT a referendum on Obama!
2) When did Ameicka suddenly become RACIST!
(Yes, the points are mutually exclusive, but I said this would come from the left, not that it would make any sense.)

After the Obama inauguratio... (Below threshold)

After the Obama inauguration, the left had a blank check to do anything they wanted. They had control of the House and Senate, and with a compliant President there was NOTHING to stop them from doing whatever they damn well pleased in respect to social policies and reforms... except the sensibilities of their owned people. (And no, that's not a mis-type - you get up to a certain level in American politics any more, and you're owned by the moneyed interests that put you there.)

You had majorities in the House and Senate. Yet a lot, if not almost all their legislative wranging seemed to be efforts to cover their asses, so they could point at 'bi-partisan' support as proof that BOTH the Dems and Repubs were responsible when things went pear-shaped.

So after almost 4 years of Dem control of Congress, and 2 years of an UNSTOPPABLE Democratic government - we're in worse shape than 2005.

Maybe the 'liberals', the left, aren't quite so smart as they think they are, aren't quite so knowledgeable, aren't quite as capable and competent as they believe themselves to be.

And maybe we should try to keep people who don't know shit about a subject, who won't read the kilopage bills they keep bombing Congress with, who see nothing wrong with shoving in amendment after amendment not related to the original legislation out of office. Who think it's perfectly okay to pass a bill to find out what's in it.

And just maybe we need to lose the 'statutory language' that makes the bills and legislation passed damn near incomprehensible to the layman who hasn't gone through law school - and also lose the idea that as a legislator you 'have to do something' about every little problem that crops up.

Because seriously - if we don't have ENOUGH laws by now, we're in a world of hurt.

"So after almost 4 years... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"So after almost 4 years of Dem control of Congress, and 2 years of an UNSTOPPABLE Democratic government - we're in worse shape than 2005."

What you are failing to recognize and what obama has already aluded to in some of his statements is that the failure of the dem policies is not that they are wrong, but that the dems haven't been sufficiently far left in their persuit of those policies.

Talk to any communist today and he will explain that the Soviet Union failded not because communism failed but because they were insufficienctly pure in their application of communist dogma.

Talk to the dems today and they will say that the economy hasn't recovered because they haven't been sufficiently redistributionist.

That's why obama doubles down on ever failure. He really believes that his ideology will save him IF he is sufficiently hard line. Remember his father was run out of the Kenyen government, not because he was a communist, but because he was a radical ultra leftwing communist.

Don't forget conservatives ... (Below threshold)

Don't forget conservatives are racist, bigots, etc. Yada, yada, yada. The great thing about this is people quit listening. ww

The Dems make Ms. Lohan loo... (Below threshold)

The Dems make Ms. Lohan look like the epitome of class, but I was exaggerating above about climaxing 80 times while watching the election returns. Reality is, it might be a couple times a week that I can if Megyn Kelly is giving the news. Used to be about three times when Laura Dhue was still there.

That's also assuming that they don't show Mikulski or Stabenow on the screen for any reason. If that's the case, then usually I can't function even with Viagra, or even if S.E. Cupp comes on -- who I think is one of the hottest these days.

They will try to d... (Below threshold)
They will try to dupe you, once again, into believing that Bush started this downward spiral, though Congress, the branch which actually controls the flow of money and where it will be spent, has been in control of both branches for FOUR years, and did whatever they wanted during the last two years of Bush's lame-duck presidency.

It seems that first almost two years of the Obummer Presidency has been a lame duck one and it will be even lamer when the Dems lose power in the Congress come November. The Congress has been running roughshod over Obama and he went along with the scheme, because deep in his evil black Muslim heart, that is exactly what he has wanted all of his life and he finally got it.

After th... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

After the Obama inauguration, the left had a blank check to do anything they wanted. They had control of the House and Senate, and with a compliant President there was NOTHING to stop them from doing whatever they damn well pleased in respect to social policies and reforms

JLawson, Some blank check! You are underestimating the party of No! Where have you been? Aren`t you forgetting about the constant GOP tactic of filibustering?

Senate Republicans are using the filibuster to limit and often derail Democrats' initiatives, paralyzing the Senate and making it nearly impossible to accomplish even the most routine matters.
The filibuster strategy "makes the Senate dysfunctional," said Mark Strand, the president of the Congressional Institute, a nonpartisan research group. That, in turn, blocks the Obama administration's agenda.

or the importance of Scot Brown being elected in the Senate to give the GOP 40 senators, or the delaying of voting on Obama`s appointments by the party of obstruction, sometimes by just one senator, such as Richard Shelby (R) from Alabama

"...or the importance of... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"...or the importance of Scot Brown being elected in the Senate to give the GOP 40 senators,"

Wait just one minute! If Scott Brown had to be elected before the GOP could actually sustain any filibuster because they lacked the votes that means that the DEMS had (as you well know) a filibuster proof majority and they had it for over a year and they still couldn't pass their legislation.

Don't go blaming the GOP for the incompetence of the dems. They had the votes they had plenty of time. They could not get all their own people to toe the line and they couldn't get the bills written fast enough to get them on the floor to vote on.

It isn't the GOP that is the reason the dems have had such trouble it is the dems own corruption and incompetence.

The left constantly whines about how awful the GOP has been impeding the holy obama's agenda, when the truth is that the only thing impeding it has been his own greed and incompetence. Try to show a little honesty Steve and admit the fact that the left is to blame for the trouble passing their own agenda and I would assert that the reason they didn't want to pass it is that some of them were astute enough to realize how deeply unpopular that agenda is.

You know what, Steve?... (Below threshold)

You know what, Steve?

You are right.

Blah, blah, blah...

THANK GOD for the filibuster.

Don't make it sound like this is a Republican-only club.

Perhaps if your "Party of Get Outta the Way, We Won" was a tad more inclusive, the Republicans would not have to resort to that tactic.

Also, it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster. What was the Dems excuse before Brown got in?

Do you know who has the second highest use of the filibuster? The 106th Congress, when Dems held the minority. In larger numbers then the Republicans do now.

And blaming the Repubs for using the filibuster when you have had a 60 vote majority is rediculous. Considering your "Blue Dogs" have a penchant for voting against the Dem platform.

Nice try, numb nuts.


Democrats can run on anythi... (Below threshold)

Democrats can run on anything they want, the Nov election is done. As in cooked. Nothing is going to change the results.

80+ seats in the House

10+ in Senate

and 12+ governorships.

Hope the 2-year communist orgasm was worth the utter destruction of the economy and employment.

After Nov, Obama will be back to being the ineffectual community organizer that he always was.

JLawson, Some blan... (Below threshold)
JLawson, Some blank check! You are underestimating the party of No! Where have you been? Aren`t you forgetting about the constant GOP tactic of filibustering?

One of the top 10 stupidest comments I have ever read. The Dems have control of everything. EVERYTHING!!! And, who gets blamed when things go to shit? The Republicans, of course.

Hey, dumbass, you fucked up. This shit is all on your side. Grow up and stop blaming other people.

Give the government back to the grownups, and things will work out. Don't worry. Go play in the sandbox where you belong. Go along now.

It is the GOP's fault (as w... (Below threshold)

It is the GOP's fault (as well as the Tea Party and other assorted evildoers). If it wasn't for them objecting to Obama's agenda and helping to publicize the negatives, there wouldn't have been a public backlash and the Dems could have and would have passed even more.

Steve:As Iwogisdea... (Below threshold)


As Iwogisdead points out - you guys have had control. A filibuster proof majority, just like you wanted! You didn't need a SINGLE damned Republican vote to pass ANYTHING you wanted to -

But you needed that bipartisan fig leaf for cover if things turned to shit.

As they have.

Congrats, bub. You wanted it, you got it - it turned to shit on the Dem's watch, through THEIR efforts, and it became manifestly clear that the Beltway Bozos didn't have a single damned clue when it came to anything other than buying votes.

$3 trillion down the tubes, with likely another $10 trillion in deficit spending in the next decade. And what to show for it so far?

An unemployment rate of almost 10%. Businesses unable to get loans because the banks are worried about regulatory changes, businesses unwilling to hire because of proposed changes which would severely impact them - and in general a feeling like the government's gone crazy. We don't know from month to month what new 'fix' is going to come up for some make-believe 'proglem', but it's pretty well certain that any 'fix' is going to break something else.

First rule of holes - when you find yourself in one, STOP DIGGING! But the Dems? Hell, they brought in the biggest damn excavators they could manage and doubled down on the digging!

And using 'Truth-Out.Org' as an honest, impartial source?

Our Mission
Truthout works to broaden and diversify the political discussion by introducing independent voices and focusing on under-covered issues and unconventional thinking. Harnessing the expanding power of the Internet, we work to spread reliable information, critical thought and progressive ideas.
Our Values
We are devoted to equality, democracy, human rights, accountability and social justice. We believe in the power of free speech, (but only for us) and know that democratic journalism can make the world a better place (if we spin the story right).
Yep, looks honest and impartial to me! /sarc

Whenever you see 'progressive' and 'social justice' within two paragraphs of each other in a mission statement, that group is skewed.

Hey, JLawson and others I`m... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hey, JLawson and others I`m not assigning blame. I`m just describing what happened. The Republicans, that is their duty as the opposition to oppose responsibly. Of course, they oppose everything.

I was just stating why so much of the Democratic legislation was delayed, thrown back or watered down. Obama, naively in my opinion both wanted bipartisan support and feared not getting 60% voting support in the Houses, when 50% would have been sufficent despite GOP indignant pleas, that this would have been unfair. Who remembers ideally why it would be good to pass some of these bills with 60% rather than 50%, when almost 20% Of Americans think Obama was a muslim born somewhere in Kenya.

So we ended up with weaker health care bill; with what was it zero (R) congressional support or maybe one (R) congressman and one (R) senator from Maine supporting Obama, in addition to the blue dogs siding with the Republicans. This is partly the nature of the American political system, full of checks and balances but is darn hard passing anything substantial or controversial i.e any major piece of reform, when you have two parties locked in combat aginst one another, unless one party has an improbable 66% of the seats.

JLawson seems to describing a majority parliamentary situation when there is party whip line voting and anything pased above 50% is acceptable and lawful.

For example, with the climate change legisation, 60 Vote Rule Keeps Climate Change Bill Off Senate Floor it is difficult to blame Obama. Every bill that would make real 'change', is as painful as pulling teeth In Washington.

The only change we need in ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

The only change we need in Washington is Barry, Nancy and Harry out. One term limits. A ban on socialism. Barry ousted. More tax cuts for all of us including the rich.

Oh, last but not least no more "I won you lose" Ego maniacs.

4) Brand the Tea Party as r... (Below threshold)

4) Brand the Tea Party as racist

Crickmore seems to understa... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Crickmore seems to understand the Senate rules as well as he understands most issues - which is to say, not at all. Minority tactics blow up in their face at the polls IF the public opposes them. This is not the case here - Republicans can freely use every minority tool in the box because it is Obama and anti-American leftist Democrats who try to force through their disastrous schemes which large majorities of the public OPPOSE.

jim m @ #7 - Yes, and with the Obama-majority FCC, they are going to begin to impose speech restrictions to silence opposition.

Pray we are able to obstruct this evil man until we can vote him out of office.

Crickmore - Pull y... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Crickmore -

Pull your head out of your ass before your post something. Obama never wanted bipartisan support for the health care bill. He avoided meeting with GOP leaders on the bill for as long as he could. He had great difficulty getting his own party to back the bill.

When he did finally sit down and listen to the GOP they handed him his hat as they came prepared, knowledgeable, and with a lot of ideas. He refused to listen to a single one.

Instead he pushed a one party bill through and had to twist arms in the House to pass the Senate bill because he knew that he could never get the House bill through the Senate and he knew he could never get anything through conference committee because he was going so partisan. Only when Stupak committed career suicide was he able to get the House to pass the Senate version.

Yet you still insist that it was the GOP that prevented the bill from passing. If Barry had ever bothered to reach across the aisle then he might have gotten a better bill, but he refused.

Obama has a history of being extremely partisan and an ideologue. He was that way in Illinois blocking a bill that would prevent infanticide as he thought it would errode the right to abortion. Once he left for the US Senate the dem controlled legislature passed it and the dem Governor signed it. He doesn't compromise and he doesn't do bipartisanship.

Nobody in the public wanted his bill. It polls well over 60% with people wanting it repealed. The bill sucks and dems are running away from it. It is killing moderate dems who came into the House in 2008 and these members will almost universally lose their seats this year.

You can't hang health care on the GOP no matter how you try. The bill was written solely by dems. The bill was passed solely by dems. They didn't need GOP votes. They didn't try to get them. They wrote a bill to please dem special interests and that is what we got. Nothing in that bill is from the GOP. It isn't a bad bill because the GOP wouldn't play along. It's a bad bill because the dems made it that way.

The same can be said for the financial reform bill and the stimulus and cap and trade and his immigration reform. These are all solely dem ideas and they are crappy bills. They are too long and no one knows what's in them until it's too late.

Let's be real. In a few mo... (Below threshold)

Let's be real. In a few months the Party of No will be the Democrats. Then you will have people like Steve Crickmore praising the use of teh filibuster as a brave stand against the evil Republicans.

The Republicans, that is... (Below threshold)

The Republicans, that is their duty as the opposition to oppose responsibly. Of course, they oppose everything.

Steve - if they're opposing responsibly, it would be in our country's best interest to oppose pretty much everything that isn't absolutely essential at this point.

We're over $13 trillion in the hole. It looks like we'll be adding at least $1.5 trillion to that this year. Income from taxes are going to run MAYBE $2, 2.2 trillion this year.

You tell me how long you could run a business like that in debt six times or more its annual income, and having to borrow almost twice what it's annual income is.

We are broke. There's no more money. The reality checks on the Democratic party are bouncing big-time. Obama's been doubling-down on the spending ever since he got into office, and he keeps on drawing losing hands. He's kiting checks - and WE are on the hook for them.

We're asking politely at this point to give up the checkbook. Pretty soon, we're not going to be quite so polite. The town hall meetings of this and last summer should have been seen as the indications of dissatisfaction they are - and the folks aren't dissatisfied because government isn't spending money FAST enough!

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight, Steve - o. The republicans are supposed to be 'Responsible' by supporting Obama's agenda items in DIRECT OPPOSITION TO THEIR OWN VOTERS and, at THIS point IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO _OBAMA'S_ voters? I somehow thought they were elected to represent their state or district and not elected to support whatever liberal idea Obama wants to push through, silly me. . .

tongue in cheek guys, tongu... (Below threshold)

tongue in cheek guys, tongue in cheek.

but think about what I posted. if it hadn't been for the GOP not rolling over, don't you think the less-lefty Democrats would have more easily voted for Pelosi's agenda? The reason the Dems couldn't get everything passed is because they couldn't get all of the Democrats in line and the only reason that happened is because those less-left Democrats were scared... not of their more-left Democratic colleagues, but of their yet-to-be-announced GOP challenger. So in a way, it is the GOP's fault that Obama didn't get his way.

Of course, if the GOP (and, most critically, Bush) hadn't been so doggone stupid and inept in the years leading up to 2008, then Obama wouldn't be President and Pelosi and Reid wouldn't be in the majority... so just as the GOP is responsible for Obama not getting everything he wanted, they're also responsible for Obama getting anything of what he wanted.

❛George W. Bush pu... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

❛George W. Bush pushed back publication of his memoirs, "Decision Points," out of fear that a public reminder of his presidential legacy would hurt Republicans heading into November's midterm elections, Bush's friends tell the Financial Times.

The FT reports that Bush refused to allow publication in September, which would have been a better time to unveil his book from a sales perspective. Instead, it's slated to hit stores on Nov. 9, one week after Election Day. Bush isn't scheduled to give any interviews for the book tour until Nov. 8.❜

Don't bother trying to scho... (Below threshold)

Don't bother trying to school Crickmore on how government works or who has what majority etc. It doesn't fit his narrative. He is trying to blame republicans for some of the mess the dems got themselves into but can't. Obama had a chance this year to actually take ownership and show leadership that could have elevated his polling numbers and that was the BP spill. He did NOTHING and proved he just doesn't know what to do, except vacation. ww

"so just as the GOP is r... (Below threshold)

"so just as the GOP is responsible for Obama not getting everything he wanted, they're also responsible for Obama getting anything of what he wanted."

Damned if they did, damned if they didn't. You ever get dizzy with all that spinning?

Wow Adrian..If wha... (Below threshold)
Pigly Pear:

Wow Adrian..

If what you claim is true, than what you are saying is a former president has decided he will not be used as a political prop, for either party.

You should be clapping your filthy hands at that one, considering golems like Clinton and Carter are malignant twats pining for attention.

Have you even considered the capitalistic horror that pushing back release of this book may have an impact on sales as per Christmas?

Nice try, ass-hole.

Now, any thoughts as to the actual article, or are you just going to act like a horse-fly biting at a mare's anal glands on a hot summer day?

Mindless troll.

For example, with ... (Below threshold)
For example, with the climate change legisation, 60 Vote Rule Keeps Climate Change Bill Off Senate Floor it is difficult to blame Obama. Every bill that would make real 'change', is as painful as pulling teeth In Washington.

Ah contriare. It is the prospect of the Dems losing the mid-term elections that forced the Cap and Tax bill off the Senate Floor. Don't look for it to be resurrected between now and November 3rd, because it will be a sure loser for the Dems. It is the prospect of Dingy Harry losing his seat and the prestige that goes along with the job, as Senate Majority leader, that scares the shit out of him. That to him is a sentence worse than death. If the Dems get slaughtered in November, look for Reid and Nancy Pelosi to try and ram their agenda through in a last ditch all out offensive during a lame duck session.

Hey Adrain, do also know th... (Below threshold)

Hey Adrain, do also know the current price of tea in China.






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