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There's a lot of talk going around about the "rising Islamophobia" in America. I guess this is the latest rephrasing of the old "fear of an anti-Islamic backlash" line that's been tossed around for years and years. I don't blame them; that was getting tiresome.

In the last couple of days, we've had a drunk guy attempt to cut the throat of a Muslim taxi driver and another drunk guy stumble into a mosque, shout imprecations, and whizz all over some prayer rugs. Let's look at the FBI statistics for religiously-based hate crimes reported from 2000 to 2008 (the last year we have reports for):

Anti-Jewish: 1,109
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 115
Anti-Islamic: 28

Anti-Jewish: 1,043
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 73
Anti-Islamic: 481

Anti-Jewish: 931
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 108
Anti-Islamic: 155

Anti-Jewish: 927
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 125
Anti-Islamic: 149

Anti-Jewish: 954
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 95
Anti-Islamic: 156

Anti-Jewish: 848
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 115
Anti-Islamic: 128

Anti-Jewish: 967
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 135
Anti-Islamic: 156

Anti-Jewish: 969
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 118
Anti-Islamic: 115

Anti-Jewish: 1,013
Anti-Christian (cumulative): 131
Anti-Islamic: 105

It would be nice if we had more recent numbers, but the above is remarkable: even with the skewing effect of the 9/11, the number of anti-Islamic attacks never equalled even half of the anti-Jewish hate crimes.

So, where is this huge anti-Muslim backlash we've been warned about for years and years and years?

On the other hand, let's look at some other incidents that might or might not have been classified as "hate crimes" in that same time period. This is far from a comprehensive list.

September 2001 -- 9/11 attacks. Over 3,000 people killed by 19 radical Muslims in four separate plane hijackings.

December 2001 -- Richard Reid attempts to detonate a bomb in his shoes an an American Airlines flight bound for Miami while over the Atlantic. The plane carried 197 people.

July 2002 -- Hesham Mohamed Hadaye opens fire at the El Al ticket booth at Los Angeles International Airport, killing two and wounding four.

October 2002 -- Ten people killed, three wounded by the "Beltway Snipers."

March 2003 -- Hasan Karim Akbar (United States Army) throws hand grenades into his superiors' tent, killing two officers.

March 2006 -- Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drives his SUV through the UNC Chapel Hill campus to "avenge the deaths of Muslims worldwide" and "punish" the United States.

June 2006 -- Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar opens fire in a theater just outside Baltimore and starts shooting, killing one.

July 2006 -- Naveed Afzal Haq walks into a Seattle Jewish charity and starts shooting. One dead, five wounded.

November 2009 -- Major Nidal Malik Hassan opens fire at Fort Hood, killing 13 and wounding 30.

December 2009 -- Abdulsalam Al-Zahrani stabs to death a professor at the Binghamton University.

December 2009 -- Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to detonate a bomb in his underwear while aboard an airliner carrying 290 people while over Detroit.

May 2010 -- Faisal Shahzad sets a defective car bomb in Times Square. FBI tests later indicate that had the bomb not fizzled, it could have killed hundreds, if not thousands.

As I said, hardly a complete list. But certainly illustrative.

Now, what's that all mean?

This could be tough for some of our regular detractors, but there is a very carefully nuanced point here.

I am not saying that all Muslims are terrorists.

I'm not saying that most Muslims are terrorists.

I am saying that if you have a terrorist, then the odds are statistically significant that he or she is a Muslim.

I am also saying that far more "hate crimes" (and I'm lumping religiously-motivated terrorist attacks in there) are committed by Muslims against non-Muslims, than by non-Muslims against Muslims.


A phobia is defined as "an irrational, intense, and persistent fear.

If you're worried about terrorism, and you associate terrorism with Islam more than with, say, the Amish or the Pastafarians or the John Birch Society or the Freemasons, that's hardly irrational.

It's pragmatic.


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Comments (34)

Well said!... (Below threshold)

Well said!

As a retired cop, I can hon... (Below threshold)

As a retired cop, I can honestly tell you that since liberals created "hate crime" legislation, most of those statistics are bullshit or at the very least, questionable.

I'm not talking about overt acts, I'm talking about when people get pissed off and say something they wouldn't ordinarily say, and do it to "hurt" the other person. PD's invariably qualify those as "hate crimes".

I had several rather heated discussions with our agency's designated 'Hate Crimes Instructor'. Example: A woman cuts you off in a parking lot and takes a space you were waiting for. Screaming "You stupid $#%& bitch!" COULD be construed as a "hate crime" if the woman was black, according to the instructor. Really? I don't think so. Yet there are PD's out there that would do just that. George Orwell would be so proud.

My understanding is that th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

My understanding is that the Ft Hood murders have been officially classified as "Workplace violence" and not terrorism or a hate crime.

A Pew report relea... (Below threshold)
A Pew report released in 2009 noted that nearly six-in-ten American adults see Muslims as being subject to discrimination, more than Mormons, Atheists, or Jews.[12]


Those people who are most familiar with Muslims and knowledgeable about Islam are least likely to see Islam as encouraging violence, most likely to express favorable views of Muslims and most inclined to see similarities between Islam and their own religion.

Proving the adage that ignorance and misinformation - the hallmarks of right wing media and the ready tool of blogs such as this - breeds contempt.


Funny, I pulled and ... (Below threshold)

I pulled and parsed the same data days ago to settle an argument.
One thing you need to do next is to pull the most recent population from the CIA worldfactbook to get the % of Pop (they break it all down) and then bounce it off the # of incidents.
It also gives a perspective on the problem. Even slicing it by total group population, the chance of an incident is ridiculously low.

Dane - A Pew repor... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Dane -

A Pew report stating that people think that muslims may be subject to more discrimination is not an actual statistical analysis of discrimination that occurrs. Perhaps you could use your mind a little and one explanation is that people think that muslims are possibly subject to more discrimination is that they are bombarded by the MSM with stories about how racist their neighbors are. No data just supposition. False supposition like how Carnahan's office was firebombed by the tea party and how the cabbie was assaulted by a mosque protester.

Violence and discrimination come predominantly from the left today. Real data sustains that fact.

And the Joos win it by a to... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

And the Joos win it by a torso...

Dane use his mind? That wo... (Below threshold)

Dane use his mind? That would be a first. And speaking of "mis-information", you'll note he uses Al-Reuters as a news source. Too bad he didn't include any photo-shopped images.

Dane forgets the failed NBC... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Dane forgets the failed NBC scam where they dressed people up as muslims at a NASCAR event trying to get the demographically conservative attendees to discriminate against them. Nothing happened. Not wanting to let the narrative die the MSM has simply carried on with stories of how muslims must be discriminated against even if the data doesn't support it.

However, data supports that muslims are the world leaders in terrorism and slave trade. They are also world leaders in the supression of women's rights and religious freedom.

Don't we have the right to ... (Below threshold)

Don't we have the right to just dislike someone or some group? I never like the islamic faith, never have... long before 9/11. And I am sick of being tolerate. They give me the creeps.
I wish we would stay on our side of the world and they could stay on their side of the world. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I don't wantt anyone to hurt me. And I keep my charity dollars at home. I will no longer give to anything outside this country.
I hear people who go to Sunday mass, being mad when they pass the basket for "foreign missions". We are all getting sick of it.

"Don't we have the right... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Don't we have the right to just dislike someone or some group? "

The liberal thought police say NO.

It is impossible to like ev... (Below threshold)

It is impossible to like everyone. Only God can do that. The best thing you can do, is just leave people alone and not hurt them. However, if they try to hurt you...then all bets are off.

The terrorist and liberals have a common enemy in us. How foolish I was to think once this country was threaten all Americans and decent people around the world who come together against muslim terrorist...How wrong I was.

You have the right to viole... (Below threshold)

You have the right to violently loathe conservatives and Christians. Neither are protected species.

mag"Don'... (Below threshold)


"Don't we have the right to just dislike someone or some group? "

Yes. But ONLY if they are an approved group worth of hate. Currently those groups are:

Those numbers don't get you... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Those numbers don't get you very far unless you convert them to per capita numbers. Just knowing that there were 1013 anti-Jewish crimes vs 105 anti-Islamic crimes in 2008 doesn't tell you much without knowing what percentage of the population is comprised of those groups. If there are 10 times as many Jews as Muslims, than the numbers would suggest that both groups are equally victimized. However, if the two populations are roughly equal, than it should be the Jewish population that has the most to complain about.

Taking a look at this site, Jews comprise 1.2% of the population of the US, while Muslims are at half that at 0.6%. So, using the crimes against Jews as a baseline (1013), we would expect about half that, about 506 crimes against Muslims. But, there were only 105, about 20% of what would be expected. So, they should feel lucky at how rarely they are the targets of these crimes.

That, of course, is a callous way of phrasing it. There are too many hate crimes against all groups, but if the media was really interested in straight reporting, they would be much more concerned about the disproportionate number of hate crimes against Jews.

ConservativesChristi... (Below threshold)

White Males

All other hate is unapproved!

Sorry, hit submit by accident.

"How foolish I was to th... (Below threshold)

"How foolish I was to think once this country was threaten all Americans and decent people around the world who come together against muslim terrorist...How wrong I was."

For 'liberals' it's not about freedom - it's about control. Then again, it IS about freedom - freedom for them to force others to do what they believe should be done - whether the folks they're looking to force believe it needed or not.

That's the 'freedom' they want. The freedom to restrict your speech in case someone somewhere might be offended, but to be as offensive as they need to be in order to accomplish that restriction. The freedom to restrict your beliefs, because someone else might find them uncomfortable. The freedom to give out loans paid by you to the disadvantaged, who will never feel a need to repay them, much less be grateful for them. The freedom to force you to be 'tolerant' of people who would never give that tolerance in return.

Freedom for them - complete freedom to say and do anything they want. But you - you don't deserve it because you're hateful and intolerant and offensive. So you must be forced into the mold they want to see you in, like a bonsai kitten.

JLawson,As Barry p... (Below threshold)
jim m:


As Barry put it: our Bill of Rights is a list of "negative freedoms". It says what the government cannot do. Nowhere does it say what the government can do to "help people without their consent".

You hit it on the head. Libs see freedom as what the government can do to force right behaviors and attitudes on the public. They do not conceive of freedoms as being for the individual to exercise.

Dane, you're really not hel... (Below threshold)

Dane, you're really not helping the old cliche' about how "conservatives think, liberals feel."

I cite actual data. You come back with opinions.

I'll put statistics over polls any day.

I refuse to make judgments based on how people THINK things are, instead of how they really are.


"They do not conceive of... (Below threshold)

"They do not conceive of freedoms as being for the individual to exercise."

Or for the individual to choose in the first place. The left is all about 'freedom', until the choice made isn't what THEY would want - at which point their dedication to individual liberty ceases to exist.

Jay Tea to Dane: "I refuse ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea to Dane: "I refuse to make judgments based on how people THINK things are, instead of how they really are."

Jay, "feeling" rather than thinking is why Sheriff and Field Marshall Joe Biden AND Dane just know, despite the evidence, that it's "Recovery Summer" baby!!


Hey Dane, how's your "Recovery Summer" going? It's got to be going great since obambi told us his stimulus was the answer we needed for our economy and good 'ol Sheriff Joe told us the stimulus worked better than anyone could have dreamed!!!

Back on topic, why did that pro-mosque lefty stab the anti-mosque cabbie in NYC? Maybe he didn't feel enough of that "Recovery Summer", brought to you all by obambi, sheriff joey and all the Dane's of this great land!

Anon, you raise a very inte... (Below threshold)

Anon, you raise a very interesting point. I usually use the CIA World Factbook for those kinds of statistics, and you're making me seriously consider running those numbers through their percentages.



This is one area where the ... (Below threshold)

This is one area where the raw numbers of crimes is highly misleading. We should generally look at the overall incidence rate, as this takes into account the disparities in the proportion of the population belonging to each religious affiliation.

According to Pew, in 2008 78.4% of Americans were Christians, 1.7% Jews, and 0.6% Muslims.

For the 1,249 hate crimes assigned to victims from these groups that year, 1214 would have been committed upon Christians, 26 on Jews, 9 on Muslims. Since the real numbers were 131, 1,013, and 105 respectively, we can see that Muslims were attacked 11 times more than their numbers would indicate, while Jews were attacked 38 times more and Christians were attacked about 10% as often as you might predict given the demographics.

Given that we are at war with Islamists with similar ideology to the most common Wahabbist strain of Islam in America (thanks, House of Saud), you could certainly understand a slightly higher amount of reported crimes from Muslims. There probably is a real spike in crimes against Muslims (look at 2000 vs. 2001, 4-fold increase); there certainly is a tendency of Muslims to be very vocal in reporting crimes.

But the real story is the amount of anti-Jewish crimes.

Could it be the real story in America is not anti-Muslim but anti-Jewish bigotry?

Proving the adage ... (Below threshold)
Proving the adage that ignorance and misinformation - the hallmarks of right wing media and the ready tool of blogs such as this - breeds contempt.

Keep it up, Dane. It's working out so well for your side.

"Could it be the real st... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Could it be the real story in America is not anti-Muslim but anti-Jewish bigotry?"

No. Because hating Israel and Jewish people is fashionable on the left so it can never be a problem. And since Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East and the left hate democracy once again there is no reason to report the anti-Jewish violence. As far as the left and the MSM are concerned any such violence is fully warranted and therefore not worth reporting.

Who can get angry at "Pasta... (Below threshold)

Who can get angry at "Pastafarians," that relatively obscure Jamaican sect of noodle worshippers?

The latest Time magazine is... (Below threshold)

The latest Time magazine is front and center in the news shops here in Malaysia, and it has sparked much controversial conversation. Not surprisingly for an Islamic nation, the general consensus on the question of "Is America Islamophobic?" is a resounding 'yes'. Ironic that, seeing how I am discouraged by law from sharing my faith with my Malay neighbors.

Clay, excellent point made.... (Below threshold)

Clay, excellent point made. Although I would call it hypocrisy. But hey, you say tomahto....

Not only is it important to... (Below threshold)
Senor Cardgage:

Not only is it important to note the per capita rates of bias crimes, but one ought to acknowledge the difference in the nature of these crimes against the various groups.

The vast majority (about 70%) of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian bias crimes are against property, chiefly as acts of vandalism. Most anti-Islamic crimes (approximately two-thirds) are assaults and intimidation of persons. It is more physically perilous to be hated for being Muslim in America.

Given the overwhelming hatr... (Below threshold)
Vivien Hibbert:

Given the overwhelming hatred and violence perpetrated against Jews, Christians and all other faiths by Muslims, I would say that these statistics show considerable restraint and patience on our part.

It is a pity that our "Christian-phobic" leaders and the MSM don't seem to have a speck of restraint or patience when describing our views and in any of their dealings with us.

Senor Cardage, your figures... (Below threshold)

Senor Cardage, your figures, unsubstantiated by a link, don't prove your point. But that's no surprise.

Senor Cardage was probably ... (Below threshold)

Senor Cardage was probably referring to this table from the FBI stats linked above:


From it, his point is valid.

One must also consider, however, that it is quite easy to get the FBI to point to hate crimes against Muslims, but more difficult to get them to acknowledge hate crimes against Christians, Muslims being a favored victim group of the lefties who run the Justice Department and the hate crimes division of the FBI.

Muslims also have a marked tendency to report hate crimes, even where subsequent investigation proved none to occur. This doesn't mean they don't happen; it does mean the numbers can be misleading given the confluence of other factors unrelated to the crime itself.

It is a similar phenomenon to the issue with underreported crimes against whites, particularly white males, even where racial epithets are clearly witnessed in the commission of the crime. Witness this account of "Beat Whitey Night" in Iowa:


Epador,Follow Jay'... (Below threshold)
Senor Cardgage:


Follow Jay's link to the FBI's website and crunch the numbers yourself. Each year's hate crime stats are downloadable into Excel if you can't do the math in your head.

Muslim victims of bias crime are twice as likely to suffer physical assault and intimidation as they are to have their homes and places of worship vandalized. The reverse is true for victims of all other anti-religious crimes.

Epador, be kind to Senor Ca... (Below threshold)

Epador, be kind to Senor Cardgage. This is the closest he's come to posting something relevant in ages.







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