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"...both have now participated in the most fiscally irresponsible government in American history"

That from right winger and apparent racist (you can't criticize Obama without facing that charge) Mort Zuckerman in USAToday:

Federal spending is moving toward a higher plateau--from roughly 18 percent of the GDP to almost 25 percent by 2030. We don't know how we are going to pay for this. We don't know how the economy would fare with much higher taxes. We have seen the clouds gathering for years...

Obama must know that if he doesn't address this, he will be the president who drove us toward a debt crisis. And so too must Congress, for both have now participated in the most fiscally irresponsible government in American history.

It's quite good to see others agreeing with the notion that Obama and the leftists in power in Congress are the worst leaders in history.

It's hope and change to believe in.


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Mort is yet another "center... (Below threshold)

Mort is yet another "centerist" who supported Obama, and I believe he even wrote a speech for TOTUS, suffering buyer's remorse.

This is hope and change I can believe in. Yes I Can!

"We dont know how we are... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

"We dont know how we are going to pay for this"

You're going to start paying in November and we will clean up the mess you left behind like always.

Zuckerman predicts the futu... (Below threshold)

Zuckerman predicts the future! Great skill to have.

"Obama must know that if he doesn't address this, he will be the president who drove us toward a debt crisis."

He will address this. Quit pissing your pants, conservatives.

"...for both have now parti... (Below threshold)

"...for both have now participated in the most fiscally irresponsible government in American history."

The only one's that are going to be peeing in their pants will be the remaining Democrats in the House and Senate after the 2010 elections knowing that in 2012 we'll be gunning for them to.

You're 2 years late and man... (Below threshold)

You're 2 years late and many dollars short, Zeroman. YOU wanted the SOB, you got him. And it wasn't like you weren't forewarned.

Another of the 'intellectual elite' finally wakes up.

"Obama must know that if he... (Below threshold)

"Obama must know that if he doesn't address this, he will be the president who drove us toward a debt crisis."

I have no doubt he'll point the blame elsewhere.

Then play golf.

"He will address this."<... (Below threshold)

"He will address this."

Sure he will. So he can raise taxes, so he has more to spend. So he can cut Defense, so he can have more to spend. Sure he will - so he can have more to spend. Your pants are gonna get pissed on like the rest of us when He addresses this.

And then take another vacation and play some more golf.

Obama must know th... (Below threshold)
Obama must know that if he doesn't address this, he will be the president who drove us toward a debt crisis.

Oh, Obama will address it. As the Leftist typically do, they'll insist on tax hikes.

And in the modern global economy, this will help drive the standard of living in the U.S. to be more on par with China and India.

Obama will address many mor... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama will address many more golf balls. That's about all the incompetent buffoon cares about - besides lavish parties and vacations, and handing public money over to his cronies and supporters.

But what did we expect from the Affirmative Action President?

Maybe we can sue the founde... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Maybe we can sue the founders of affirmative action for all of this. Maybe we could get them to stop turning out defective products.

He will address th... (Below threshold)
He will address this. Quit pissing your pants, conservatives.

He WILL address this? Future tense?

Dane, Obama has been in office for 19 months. It's been his job to address it for the last 19 months. What he has done to address it has only made it worse. We are approaching a debt crisis because all of the reckless spending by the Democrats over the last 4 years. Their constant attacks on businesses and the new healthcare law have made employers too skittish to hire.

It seems to me the people who are pissing their pants are the Congressional Democrats who see the writing on the wall and know that they are the ones who will collecting unemployment in a couple of months.

I'd be more comfortable if ... (Below threshold)

I'd be more comfortable if I thought Obama's actions and inactions were driven by his extreme left philosophy. Unfortunately, it's more and more apparent that Obama is merely a dope and has no idea of what's going on around him.

His handlers must want to collapse the economy and the currency. They're doing a good job of it.

"He will address this Post... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

"He will address this Posted by Dane | August 27, 2010 1:30 PM "
Uh..yeah.right, goofball. The guy who's not qualified to run a hot dog cart will summon all of his economic ignorance to fix this. (This is why the intertube acronym LOL was invented)

He has addressed it with th... (Below threshold)

He has addressed it with the result he wanted.
Mr. Forbes is right, he is intentionally forcing socialism and state control on every facet of our economy he can while he has the Congressional votes. He is shrinking our defense forces and support. He occasionally lets a gaff slip but is is not the inept "Gilligan" he portrays. If he can finish his evil agenda there will be no turning back.

Dane - obama's way... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Dane -

obama's way of addressing this was to pass the stimulus. He was cautioned by foreign leaders like Merkel that it was the wrong thing to do. They did not spend like the US and their economies are doing better. (ours is still dragging them down however)

obama also said that passing health care would save the economy by reducing costs. Except that costs are going up, he is cutting medicare to pay for it and any supposed benefit is still years away. And when that time comes the costs will be several times what we are paying today, unless the dems have some secret plan for how they can shrink 1/6 of the economy and still grow the economy. Health care does more than just pay for prescription drugs. It pays for manufacturing jobs, jobs that produce exportable products etc.

obama has said that the way to fix the economy is to spend even more money that we don't have or did you forget Joe Biden saying that we have to spend more money to keep from going into bigger debt?

obama has no idea what he is doing and the majority of Americans have realized this.

It is clear to everyone wit... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

It is clear to everyone with half a brain ( sorry to leave you out Dane ), that Barry is purposefully destroying U.S. currency by direction of his puppet masters.

All he has to do is recite prompted hot air, play golf and let the wookie run loose in Paris and life's a dream.

"He will address this. Quit... (Below threshold)

"He will address this. Quit pissing your pants, conservatives."

You know Dane, you really are a fucking idiot. I say that with no malice or hatred. It's just a fact.

WHEN Dane? Wasn't Barry's focus all about "jobs, jobs, jobs"? And don't pull out the tripe about 'jobs created or saved'. That's bullshit even the CBO has refuted. NO ONE knows how many were created or saved. But we do know how many HAVE BEEN LOST since "Dear Leader" arrived on scene. Guess what, it's over 3 MILLION!

"He will address this. Quit pissing your pants, conservatives."

Always "future" tense. Just like that Nobel Prize. Not for something DONE, but for "something he will do".

What a freaking load of horse shit! And Dane, your the main supplier around here.

You'll have to forgive Dane... (Below threshold)

You'll have to forgive Dane. He's far too busy enjoying his "Recovery Summer" to worry about the future.

Besides, to Dane and the rest of the brain-dead left, "Recovery Summer" means 1.6 GDP growth, "moving in the right direction" means the fewest new housing starts on record, "fighting smarter" and "shutting down Guantanamo" means giving our enemies precise roadmaps and timetables, and "shutting down Guantanmo" actually means NOT PROSECUTING the guy who "bombed" the USS Cole.

Hey, whats not to like?

Tell us more Dane! Tell us more!

Hey, maybe obama really doe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hey, maybe obama really does believe in a smaller government. After all, he wants the government to control the economy and he's doing a great job of making it smaller, with fewer jobs, etc.

For anyone wanting to read ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For anyone wanting to read an interesting article about hyperinflation:

Not that I'm saying that it will happen, but I don't see us avoiding it really. The bad news is that if we do see it we are likely to be stuck with obama for a very long time. Now that would be something that would appeal to Barry, he could be just like his pal Hugo Chavez.

Morty Zuckerman....a lispin... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Morty Zuckerman....a lisping little gnome
and dyed in the wool limousine lib is twitching
and chirping with faux-indignation at the
Obama-idol HE unwaveringly backed in 2008.
Kinda like a crack-addict bemoaning his
supplier and telling us he "sees the light".
Someone ought to slap him silly and send him
back to his counting room to count all his
money and leave us alone.

Dane, you and Morty Z. are ... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Dane, you and Morty Z. are in the "Putz Hall
of Fame". Enjoy your 15 minutes.

If you read the whole Zucke... (Below threshold)

If you read the whole Zuckerman piece, you'll see he advocates letting the Bush tax cuts expire so that the government can get more revenue to offset the massive spending and the rich can pay their share (as if they don't already). He is correct about the irresponsibility of this administration but the idea that we can fight immense deficits by increasing taxes on the rich is typical liberal BS. Like so many of our Democrat friends, he doesn't realize that higher taxes don't necessarily mean increased revenues, that lower taxes often produce more revenue and that, whatever the level of revenue, Congressional spending under the Democrats will always outpace the rate of revenue collection.

"Congressional spending und... (Below threshold)

"Congressional spending under the Democrats will always outpace the rate of revenue collection."

Look no further that the Democratically controlled legislature in Kaleefornia. 40% increase in tax revenue since the late 90's. And we're $19 BILLION in the hole. How? THEY SPENT IT AS FAST AS IT CAME IN!






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