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Steve Forbes calls it as he sees it

Steve Forbes went on to Fox News to talk with Martha McCallum about President Obama and his agenda for America. He called it as he saw it, and I can't say I disagree with him.  President Obama has an agenda that no one understands or can see the logic of. People wonder how what he's doing supposed to help the economy.  Well, it's not supposed to help the economy.  The stimulus, ObamaCare, Financial reform, none of them were about helping the economy. They were about controlling the economy.

Thanks to Jim Hoft and Freedom's Lighthouse for posting the video:


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Forbes knows a socialist bo... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Forbes knows a socialist bonehead when he see's one.

Barry is a double dipping affirmative fool.

Drudge Report headlines @ 5... (Below threshold)

Drudge Report headlines @ 5 PM EDT

THE SPEECH: Bernanke under pressure to prop it up...
Says recovery softer, Fed prepared to buy more...
Weaker GDP raises stakes...
WIRE: What Biden didn't mention on stimulus...
ZUCKERMAN: The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in History...
Joint Chiefs Chairman: National Debt is a Security Threat...
Recession pushes US birth rate to new low...
RECOVERY BUMMER: Youth employment lowest since 1948...
Thousands line up before dawn for mortgage help in Palm Beach County...

Every day in every way the economy just keeps getting better and better!

For a rather perverse definition of 'better' that is...

When the JCS Chairman's making comments on the state of the economy, then things are SERIOUSLY messed up!

Bernanke's full of it at th... (Below threshold)

Bernanke's full of it at this point, he's just hoping to inject some confidence into those that don't know better. There is basically nothing else the Fed can do, they're already loaning money for nothing to banks. The only other thing they can do is add to the trillion+ they already printed to hand out to banks and then we can start drawing zeroes on our money as hyperinflation kicks in. The Fed's pretty much out of the game at this point, they've done all they can. Nothing the Fed does will get businesses to spend the nearly 2 trillion they're sitting on in capital. If we can get the socialists out of power there is going to be a heck of a spending spree and recovery...and we should have had it about a year ago according to historical recessions, I suspect we'll see some at the end of this year, how much will depend on how many seats and houses change hands, and then, if we can get there, we might see a real recovery around the end of 2012, bit earlier depending on polling and whether the GOP can find someone other than a sock monkey to run.

We are all martyrs of Obama... (Below threshold)

We are all martyrs of Obama's revolution.
Viva la counter revolution!
Pray November is not too late.

Kim,You say that n... (Below threshold)
jim m:


You say that no one understands obama's agenda, then you nail it 4 sentences later when you state that it was all about controling the economy.

Obama doesn't believe in a market economy. He believes that government's role is to dictate socially appropriate outcomes. He believes he is there to pick winners and losers. It isn't about what makes economic sense he is out for social justice.

So he wants to control the economy to redstribute wealth while controling investment to drive existing jobs into "Green energy jobs" (where there will be approximately 1/3 fewer jobs total if we use Spain as a reference). If he can do all that he considers himself successful.

He does not give a damn if people can earn a living and put food on their table or send their kids to college. Heck, the government will decide all those things for you anyway. If you're politically connected then your kids will get their college education. That's how it worked in Illinois at the U of I. That's how obama sees the world. It's all about a spoils system.

"It isn't about what makes ... (Below threshold)

"It isn't about what makes economic sense he is out for social justice."

In a nutshell.

Jim, I understand ... (Below threshold)


I understand what Obama's doing. You understand what he's doing. The people who paid attention during the campaign understand what he's doing. But there are a lot of people out there who just don't understand. They thought he was an honest broker when they voted for him, so now they're baffled.

Well Barry has a solution!<... (Below threshold)

Well Barry has a solution!


Forbes was my preferred can... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Forbes was my preferred candidate out of the gate in '96 and '00. We need people from the business world, not with a government background, if we are to break the spiral of ever-larger and more encroaching federal authority.

Kim,Are you seriou... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


Are you seriously citing Forbes as if he is just some objective observer who "calls it as he sees it"?

Forbes is just as ideological as anyone out there--you just agree with him because he tells you what you want to hear. It's ironic to see someone like Forbes talking about how ideological Obama is. Absolute pot and kettle situation there.

In truth, the economic problems that we're dealing with go FAR BEYOND the trivial and stupid party politics that people like you latch on to at all costs.

The problems that we're dealing with have the fingerprints of a lot of people all over them, and these people cut across party lines. But sure, let's all just keep playing the "my side is better than your side" game for another 20 years, just for the hell of it.






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