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"So who are the real bigots?"

Seraphic Secret brings us to Daniel Greenfield who takes a shot at answering his own question:

There is hardly a Muslim country where Christians, Jews, Hindus, Bahai and others are not second class citizens. By contrast Muslims have been given equal rights in America, Europe and Israel. Yet that's not the image you will get from the media, which will accuse non-Muslim countries of bigotry, without daring to hold Muslim countries accountable for institutionalized discrimination with its roots in Islamic Sharia Law. The media has declared that the Muslim version of Jim Crow is just fine and dandy, and that the real problem is that some Americans couldn't help but notice that 9/11 happened.

If recognizing the daily death toll of Islamic violence worldwide makes one a bigot, then the truth itself is discriminatory. But who does it discriminate against? By sidelining coverage of Islamic bigotry and persecution, the media discriminates against Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and other non-Muslims who are oppressed and looking for aid. By denying them a hearing, the media discriminates against hundreds of millions of people. But furthermore by failing to report the truth, the media discriminates against Muslims by failing to expose and report on stories that could lead to social reforms and ethical awakenings. Instead the media shouts, "Bigots" at non-Muslims, while patting Muslims on the head and telling them how wonderful their faith is. And isn't that the worst bigotry of all? Because to deny someone in trouble the truth, is to deny them the opportunity to change.


You really need to read it all and pass it around.

Spreading truth can be cathartic.


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Things I wish I'd thought o... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Things I wish I'd thought of: "If recognizing the daily death toll of Islamic violence worldwide makes one a bigot, then the truth itself is discriminatory."

Pretending that you can hav... (Below threshold)

Pretending that you can have Islam without Sharia, or Barack without Rev. Wright, or Michelle without American's are mean, is a media lie that we the people will not forget or forgive.

The MSM gave up any pretens... (Below threshold)

The MSM gave up any pretenstions of "the truth" some time ago. It's now all driven by the ideology they represent.

At some point the left tipp... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

At some point the left tipped us over. We were striving to ensure equal rights and justice under the law for all people, without discriminating against them on basis of identity. Somehow, as we got ever closer to that goal, the mission was changed into one where we must bend over backwards to help anyone whose ancient ancestors might not have gotten a fair shake from someone else's ancient ancestors, and to giving our sworn enemies extra chances, too.

Sounds insane when you boil it down . . . for good reasons.

The only reason it is like ... (Below threshold)

The only reason it is like this has to be cowardice and fear. They hope the Islamascists will take them last, I guess.

Its easy to call out the good and the peaceful who you don't fear will remove your pea sized brain from its overburdened shoulders. The things they let Islam get away with they would castigate Christians, Jews, Hindus, heck even Wiccans and Satanists, Pagans and sports nuts, the only religious group that may be on an equal playing field with Islam to the LameStreamMedia may be the Atheists. I think I know why, too.

Muslims are the most "givin... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Muslims are the most "giving" people in the
world. They will build IEDs by the hundreds
and leave them for us to find....kinda like
the Easter bunny. If they steal something,
like a jumbo jet, in short order they will
return it....skipping the landing part. They
want to give us moral support for 9/11
by building a monument as close as they
can to ground zero. Why do we question their
bona fides? Our cynicism is an embarrassment.

Hi, I'm new here. I... (Below threshold)

I'm new here. I can tell already that this is a pretty good website, because I noticed that there are both Democrats and trolls posting here.
It's been my experience that conservative websites that don't have Democrats or even playful trolls are kind of bland, dried up and boring, and not all that informative - too often because their clique of regulars are too uptight and too intolerant of views which don't conform with their own.
These websites should be places where people can come to relax, to have fun, to learn and to exchange ideas and cordial conversation with others - not to bicker, squabble and force one's opinions on others. No opinions or political party affiliations will be changed here. So let's try to be civil to each other, people. I've been told that Democrats and trolls have feelings, too. :)

"So who are the real bigots... (Below threshold)

"So who are the real bigots?"

The professional left!






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