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Who wants to bet?

Anyone want to wager that the people offended at Glen Beck's choice of location for his Restoring Honor rally in DC (where Martin Luther King held his I Have A Dream speech) are the same people defending the location of the mosque at Ground Zero?



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I'm getting kind of tired o... (Below threshold)

I'm getting kind of tired of this 'special' crap. Because MLK gave a speech at a particular spot, no one else can in the future? Because Barry Obama held a senate seat, that seat is now ONLY for a Black person?

MLK is spinning in his grave.

Well if the trolls on here ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Well if the trolls on here are any indication ( which they are ) the odds are about 100% that thet are the same angry leftists.

I've already heard from a l... (Below threshold)

I've already heard from a lot of my leftist friends - not only are you right about the, um, "diversity" of support, they don't even understand the problem when I bring it up.

A few of them are rabid Beck haters - and most of them have never seen his TV show or heard his radio show - outside of carefully-chosen (and incomplete) quotes posted on places like Kos or HuffPo.

What's amazing is how the militant atheists will scream and whine about how awful organized religion is, yet defend Islam (which, even in its "moderate" flavor, worse than all but the most-extreme Christian sects from their point of view).

Why should THAT surprise. T... (Below threshold)

Why should THAT surprise. These flakes also believe it was BUSH behind the 9/11 attacks!!!

The Left is blind to hypocr... (Below threshold)

The Left is blind to hypocrisy on their side, but points it out on the Right whenever possible, and expects the world to agree with their hypocritical double-standard on hypocrisy itself.

Recursive hypocrisy. Wow.

I'm waiting to see how Beck... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting to see how Beck intends to "reclaim" the civil rights movement. I never knew that he had a claim to it in the first place. Seems most of the real work was done while he was still in diapers.

In the name of dialogue and... (Below threshold)

In the name of dialogue and understanding, we should organize a muslim march at the same site next year.

NO! NO WAY! ya think???... (Below threshold)

NO! NO WAY! ya think???

"I'm waiting to see how Bec... (Below threshold)

"I'm waiting to see how Beck intends to "reclaim" the civil rights"

Rance, a suggestion: Pull your head out of your ass and take a look at what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are doing, all in the name of Civil Rights.

Remember Tom Metzger? He went to prison for the same crap Sharpton pulls. As for Jackson, when the mob does the same thing, it called extortion.

Anyone want to bet that tho... (Below threshold)

Anyone want to bet that those people who don't give a damn about civil rights or history, who think Glenn Beck's assault on the history of the civil rights movement is funny, are the same ones who revel in the hoax controversy about a community center a couple blocks away from the old World Trade Center site?

False controversy. Divisive politics. Gets the non-thinkers riled up and ready to lynch somebody. "Great fun" they probably say.

Similar lack of thought, Glenn Beck at the Lincoln Memorial, hoaxes at Ground Zero.

Seriously, if you don't und... (Below threshold)

Seriously, if you don't understand the problem with Beck's "reclaiming" civil rights from Martin Luther King, Jr., read Leonard Pitts' column: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/25/1790858/this-is-who-we-really-is-glenn.html

Did Beck even think to honor Emmett Till, whose death anniversary is today?

""reclaiming" civil rights ... (Below threshold)

""reclaiming" civil rights from Martin Luther King"

How so Ed? Would you care to expound?

Nine Fourteen @ 2:39PM on 0... (Below threshold)

Nine Fourteen @ 2:39PM on 08/29/10

Not all trolls are lefties. Some of the smartest, funniest and most savvy trolls are right-wingers. They're the most playful.

So pay closer attention, don't be so defensive with them, and reserve judgment until you fully grasp their schtick. You might learn a thing or two about the dynamics of world events and politics and history.

Besides, they can clean the clocks of lefty trolls more adeptly than anyone else can, 'cause they know how to play them.

P.S.Out of courtes... (Below threshold)


Out of courtesy, I won't argue with you if you're inclined to ridicule or to dispute the text of my previous post.

I'll just say this: My boyfriend is a right-wing troll, and he is a pro, and he is hilarious.

The only people foolish enough to call him a troll or a Moby do so in frustration, 'cause he comes out with irrefutable facts and funny zingers so fast that his critics can't keep up with him, and they sure can't outwit him, especially if they have to rely on Google for fact checks.

I'm outta here. Y'all have a nice day, ya hear.

P.S.P.S.God bless ... (Below threshold)


God bless our wonderful country, and God bless and protect our military people in harm's way.

We survived Woodrow Wilson, and we survived Frankilin Roosevelt, and we survived Jimmy Carter. So I'm pretty sure that we'll survive Barack (and Michelle) Obama, too. ;)

beck is NOT "reclaiming civ... (Below threshold)
JustRuss (mobile forgive mistakes please):

beck is NOT "reclaiming civil rights movement from MLKJR" he is reclaiming it from raceists and race baters and black liberation theologists/black supremacists. MLK dreamed of a day when the color of your skin didn't matter. What many black leaders today want is white slavery. They want reparations and revenge and they believe strongly that blacks can never be equal until the white man has been made to suffer under slavery and racism. It doesn't matter to them that the generation responsible and their ancestors are a smaller and smaller percentage of the population every day.

I don't give a damn what your skin color is, I care about how you act, how you present yourself, and the content of your character. I would be exactly as afraid of white gsngsters in oakland as I would black or latinos.

I wouldn't take that bet fo... (Below threshold)
Lord Whorfin:

I wouldn't take that bet for all the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.






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