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"a metaphor for the administration's flailing"

The incompetence reaches new highs (or would that be lows?):

During a hastily-called Rose Garden event during which the sound system failed him, President Obama attempted today to communicate to the American public that his administration remains on top of the economic crisis.


The event in some ways could be seen as a metaphor for the administration's flailing on the economy. Originally no remarks were scheduled, then on Sunday evening, the White House announced the president would make remarks in the Oval Office after his economic daily briefing.

Then on Monday that was upgraded to remarks by the president at 12:30 p.m. ET in the Rose Garden after his briefing, signifying a more formal event.

Then those remarks were pushed to 1 p.m.

Finally the president approached the lectern at 1:20 p.m.

Only five sentences into his remarks, the P.A. system fizzled.

"What we did know was that it took nearly a decade -- what we did -- how are we doing on sound, guys?" the president asked

"Is it still going to the press?" he asked, checking to make sure even if he couldn't be heard clearly in the Rose Garden, broadcast networks were getting clean sound, which they were.

"OK," the president said.

A plane flew nearby, drowning out his voice.

"What we did know was that it was going to take nearly a decade in order for -- can you guys still hear us?"

Reporters nodded.
"OK," he continued, "let me try this one more time."

Here's the gist of the message they had problems getting out.

We blame Bush.

Carry on.


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Comments (30)

Yep, Barry's behind the eco... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

Yep, Barry's behind the economic crisis 110%.. Even the prompters pulling the plug on him.

Leave Obama alone!... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Leave Obama alone!

You can't blame him for the econoomic mess the country is in. After all, he didn't make any promises before the election that he would fix things. In fact, he didn't even want the job, he wanted to continue his nice quiet life in the Senate drafting Important Legislation, but the people of this nation, realizing the he was their One True Savior, kidnapped him and forced him to take on the task. Come on! The alternative was four more years of Chimpy Bushitler!

And look at all the good he's done! He's already saved the country with the overwhelmingly successful Stimulus, and fixed the broken health care system so we can have physicians and dentists as wonderful as the ones in Britain! Besides, the economic crisis isn't as bad as the reich-wing media would have you believe -- Barney Frank says the nation's mortgages are safe, and everybody knows that the Federal Reserve has everything safely under control.

You're all just a bunch of HATERS, that's all!

Ten years to dig our way in... (Below threshold)
John S:

Ten years to dig our way into this mess? Does that include the six years of strong economic growth under Bush? I'd love to go back to the $105,000 a year I made in that terrible Bush economy. But I'm happy to report that I started a new $9.75 hr job this morning. So at least I'm off the dole.

I think they realize they'r... (Below threshold)

I think they realize they're toast and he's going to hit full on campaign mode shortly to try and shore up what little support for him remains in the true believers and coolaid sots.

"President Obama attempted ... (Below threshold)

"President Obama attempted today to communicate to the American public that his administration remains on top of the economic crisis."


Is that why we still get weekly reports about UNEXPECTED economic results? Were Barry working for private industry, he'd have been fired by now.

How does he work the econom... (Below threshold)

How does he work the economy into his schedule when he has been soooo busy vacationing? ww

Presumably all this spinnin... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Presumably all this spinning and propagandizing about the economy is to numb down the masses before the release this coming Friday of the latest job market figures.

Dane will be along shortly ... (Below threshold)

Dane will be along shortly to tell us how well everything is going and how the economy is improving daily under the guidance of his Obamassiah. All those new home sales, all those new car sales, all those new jobs being created. Things keep going so well, the unemployment rate should be near zero soon.

Right Dane?

A metaphor for the admin... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

A metaphor for the administration`s flailing.

At least Obama administration hasn`t lost one email compared to the millions that the Bush administration somehow managed to 'lose', but were required to keep by federal law.

Top aides to President George W. Bush seemed unconcerned amid multiple warnings as early as 2002 that the White House risked losing millions of e-mails that federal law required them to preserve, according to an extensive report obtained by The Federal Eye and set for release on Monday.
Really steve? Care to back... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Really steve? Care to back that up with some actual data?

Thought not.

And if obama really hasn't lost any emails that could easily be ascribed to a system that was put in place during the previous admin to correct the problem.

Of course while the Bush admin may have not done as much as it should to preserve emails, it never took 60 days to respond to a crisis. How many rounds of golf were played before he finally did anything about the gulf oil spill? Or was he already too busy figuring out how to put out a fraudulent report on the spill minimizing the damage and covering up what really happened?

It isn't just the sloppy an... (Below threshold)

It isn't just the sloppy and irresponsible manner in which this sleazy administration copes with big issues that is annoying. It's the obnoxious ways in which they conduct themselves while dealing with smaller issues that is very annoying and that adversely affects our country's standing in the world community, too.

For example, yesterday after Vice President Joe Biden got off of a plane in Irag, he was greeted by a dignitary from the Iraqi government, who greeted Biden cordially and profusely. But all while the dignitary was warmly clasping Biden's hand in both of his hands and cordially welcoming Biden, that obtuse fool, Biden, not only stood there without even having the common courtesy to take off his sunglasses (presumably thinking that he looked so cool in sunglasses), but he also kept looking around, instead of looking at that dignitary, and he was very rude and obviously very detached, appearing to be bored and restless and impatient as that jerk tuned-out what that dignitary was saying to him - the arrgance and rudeness of which was astonishing.

Can you imagine how his rudeness made that dignitary feel? Biden's behavior was despicable.

My point here is that one of the biggest problems that this administration has is that they imagine themselves to be royalty, and yet none of them, not one of them has any class. The entire Obama Administration is comprised of pretentious, decadent, ill-mannered trash. They're a huge embarrassment and a disgrace to this country. (And like Obama, Biden is such a damned fool ..., and such a bumbling, incompetent twit ..., and such a jackass, out of his depth, over his head and completely unquaified to hold office.)

We talk about Barry's dynam... (Below threshold)

We talk about Barry's dynamic handling of the economy.

So Stevie Crickmore starts talking about emails.

Yeah Stevie. Fucking emails are what really concern the American people right now.

How about we talk about the liberal push via the CRA that led us into this financial mess? Or would that be too close to home. Huh, Stevie?

"Only five sentences int... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Only five sentences into his remarks, the P.A. system fizzled."

Indeed an apt metaphor. Everything about Barry's P.A (ie Pennsylvania Avenue) system has failed.

WHENEVER they say, "It was ... (Below threshold)

WHENEVER they say, "It was Bush's fault", remind everyone that on On November 16, 2006, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid became responsible for the budget process.

The Executive Branch can only propose a budget. It can not authorize or appropriate. Yes, you can blame "W" for not FIGHTING harder with a veto pen, but as of the end of 2006, the Dems owned the process and the result.

Lets see, first we had tot... (Below threshold)

Lets see, first we had totus commit suicide by leaping off it's podium, now we have the sound system not having the stomach to air the garbage from the "1000" ( he used to be the one, but has lost ground ) I long ago decided that he had nothing to say that I wanted to hear, way to go sound system.

Obama: Not to be confused w... (Below threshold)

Obama: Not to be confused with the Great Communicator. More like the Great Prevaricator.

An afterthought (while I'm ... (Below threshold)

An afterthought (while I'm still venting) .....

This administration is neither running this country, nor conducting foreign policy.

They're children play-acting, completely out of their depth, and so overwhelmed, flustered and befunddled that they can't walk and chew gum at the same time ..., so unscrupulous and sleazy, also, that they're void of any ethics.

All that you need to remember, though, is that during the first 10 months of their administration, instead of addressing the meltdown of our economy and rapidly rising unemployment that went from 5% to, in reality, 14% during those 10 months, the putzes in this administration and their equally irresponsible shills in Congress rammed through Healthcare Legislation that fully 2/3 of the people in this country did not want, the effect of which will create higher taxes which will further devesate our enonomy, while benefiting only certain minorities, and depriving senior citizens of the coverage to which they're entitled. Perhaps one of the biggest and the most irresponsible and the sleaziest blunders by government in the history of this country.

If their childish and irresponsible conduct wasn't so disgraceful, destructive and detrimental to this country. the mindless incompetence of the putzes in this administration would be laughable.

Geezez, I hope that you people get out there and actively campaign to get these slimy Democrats and despicable Rinos out of office, instead of just exercising your right to vote. PLEASE phone your local Republican headquarters and ask them what you can do to help them, and if they're too busy to return your phone calls, PLEASE visit them in person and offer to actively campaign for Republican candidates. PLEASE?

None of the members of this administration, not one of them has any executive, managerial or leadership skills, and not one of them is qualified to have the office to which they were elected or appointed. That is just mind-boggling!!!!

The next metaphor will be t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The next metaphor will be the maoist reeducation camps. Pace Secy Sibelius on the obamacare act:

"So, we have a lot of reeducation to do," Sebelius said.

She was referring to the fact that over 60% of Americans want it repealed. No I don't think anyone is going to set up reeducation camps, but I find the ease with which Barry's administration adopts the orwellian phraseology of a criminal communist regime to be more than a little concerning.

COMMITTE TO GET OBAMA TO GO... (Below threshold)

COMMITTE TO GET OBAMA TO GO ON VACATION AGAIN. The more that putz is on vacation, the less harm he can do to our country. (Although we're not too thriled about having Joe in charge either.) :)

Maybe I should proof-read a... (Below threshold)

Maybe I should proof-read and correct my comments before I post them, ya think? ;)

The Obama derangement syndr... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The Obama derangement syndrome is alive and well on the site, and far worse than the Bush derangement syndrome was on liberal sites.

And the observation that that the arrogance and rudeness of Biden is astonishing
mnnn.. what compared with whom, his predeesssor, Cheney? You have to be kidding? Blaming Obama for glitches in the sound system or an airplane flying overhead while he was speaking is pretty lame.

Anyway we are ignoring what Obama spoke of: the the easing of loans and additional tax breaks for small businesses that the GOP and wizbang have been exhorting Congress and the administration to enact for some time. Now that they have introduced this bill, the interesting question as Obama poses it, is whether the GOP will end "their blockade" and support it.

As I said a few days ago "the GOP will likely band together to stop it". And their casuistry to justify this action should cause some independent heads to turn, about who is out of touch with America.

Translation of above entry ... (Below threshold)

Translation of above entry by Stevie:


"As I said a few days ag... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

"As I said a few days ago "the GOP will likely band together to stop it". And their casuistry to justify this action should cause some independent heads to turn, about who is out of touch with America."

Its clear to 70% of America who is "out of touch". The big eared jug headed fool is exactly what Novembered 2010 and 2012 ordered.

We will continue to ignore Barry's brazen attempt to blame Bush and ditch him and his fellow Komrade's responsibility for the mess they've created.

Goodbye and good riddance to speaker blinky piglosi.

I'm giving you a + vote, St... (Below threshold)

I'm giving you a + vote, Steve, because I want you to keep posting here.

A conservative website without Democrats, Independents or trolls just kind of sucks. You're entitled to your opinion, even though you have to contrive bogus talking points. :)

RE: airplanes overhead... (Below threshold)

RE: airplanes overhead

I thought airspace above the White House was a controlled NO FLY zone. So someone who doesn't know which way the air traffic patterns fly (so they can point the mikes the right way), or someone who didn't coordinate government air traffic with the speech (maybe because the time changed so often) seems to be partly responsible for this gaff, which is not a metaphor but a direct demonstration of how screwed up this administration is.

High School Never Ends, it seems.

The point was the serial in... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The point was the serial incompetence. The plane was merely unfortunate. The PA system and the classic obama, "I'm going to address the nation at 12:30, no I'll do it at 1:00, no wait maybe 1:30..." is the point. This idiot is late for every speaking engagement. It's one thing to be late when on the road, travel presents hidden challenges. But this imbecile manages to be hours late when he just has to walk down the freaking hallway!

Is he getting lost? Or is narcissus so entranced by his image in the mirror that he's got to change his trousers before he can walk in front of the camera?

I have mixed feelings with ... (Below threshold)

I have mixed feelings with even my own position that Obama is incompetent.

It isn't so much that Obama is incompetent as it is that he is immoral, sleazy and utterly unscrupulous; a sociopath (or perhaps even a psychopath) who is so evil and depraved and slimy that he is incapable of ever feeling even so much as a twinge of conscience or shame or guilt or remorse.

Unlike Europeans and Asians, who are accustomed to despots and tyrants, Americans aren't accustomed to seeing someone in control who is that cunning and ruthless, which might be leading to some confusion and misconceptions.

In fact, it could be said that Obama's sycophants have empowered him to become dangerously effective at forcing their evil agenda down our throats, considering the astonishing ease with which they passed Healthcare and Stimulus Legislation, and considering the frequency with which all of the Democrats, Independents and Rinos in Congress always capitulate to his wishes and let him do their thinking for them like a bunch of androids, never showing that they have any minds of their own. I could go on, but I suspect that you get my drift. Suffice to say, Obama is evil. (As are his sycophants.)

Did press reports mention t... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Did press reports mention the steel balls Obama was rolling around in his hand?

Obama Derangement Syndrome ... (Below threshold)

Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODR): While BDR legitimately lasted only until the TARP 1 was superseded by more madness, ODR will legitimately last for DECADES!

We will have ample reason to poke BHO legacy with a stick no matter how many terms he does or does not serve. It's unfortunate that that is what we have to look forward to.


Why are you questioning his statement??

He and his administration ARE on top of the economic crisis. Who did you think was orchestrating it?






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