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Kadhafi urges Europe to convert to Islam

The intriguing part of this story is that his audience was paid to listen to him:

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi told 500 paid hostesses attending a lecture in Rome that Europe should convert to Islam and gave each of them a copy of the Koran, the Italian press reported on Monday.

Kadhafi told the young women, hired by an agency and paid 70 or 80 euros (90 or 100 dollars) to attend the religious lecture on Sunday, that "Islam should become the religion of all of Europe and that Mohammed was the last prophet," one of the women said, daily La Stampa reported.

"Kadhafi didn't even know we were being paid, otherwise he wouldn't have accepted to meet us. For us it was only boring," a 25-year-old woman told daily La Repubblica under condition of anonymity.

The agency recruiting the young women, mainly students who hire themselves out for advertising of publicity events, said it would not pay girls who gave their names to the press. It also told them to dress conservatively for the lecture.

Kadhafi landed in Italy on Sunday to mark the second anniversary of a friendship treaty signed with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that drew a line under the countries' bitter colonial-era relationship.

He gave a similar address to a paid audience of 200 women during a previous visit to Italy in November last year.

They're being paid money today to listen but something tells me that unless things change in Europe drastically in the coming years, they'll be paying in other more ominous ways sooner rather than later.


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Comments (9)

Wondering if the young ladi... (Below threshold)

Wondering if the young ladies flushed the book.

Wow, 200+ attention whores ... (Below threshold)

Wow, 200+ attention whores paid for by Berlusconi to fawn over someone else than himself. What's the world coming to?

Getting pretty bad when you... (Below threshold)

Getting pretty bad when you've got to PAY someone to listen to your crazy rantings.

Well, it could have been $1... (Below threshold)

Well, it could have been $10,000 a plate to sit through Obama's rantings.

It really means nothing. Th... (Below threshold)

It really means nothing. The Gideon organization have been putting bibles in hotels at no charge for decades and I really wonder how many converts resulted from that action. The old saying goes "I can live in a garage for twenty years but it still doesn't make me a car". Conversion to any faith is born from personal experience and need. ww

When are the Saudi's going ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

When are the Saudi's going to start paying us to listen to Barry? I charge $20,000 an hour.

The Kaddafi clan is still s... (Below threshold)

The Kaddafi clan is still smarting over the million dollars they paid that hideous New Year's drag queen in St. Barts.

Afterall, drag Queen Kaddafi can't have anyone upstaging his cat walk routines at Ramadan.

Cut Khadafi some slack, he... (Below threshold)
Geoffrey Britain:

Cut Khadafi some slack, he's only trying to help the Europeans by suggesting that it's to their advantage to convert now, voluntarily. That way they'll be ahead of the curve. As in another 25 years the choice will be dhimmitude or death. So those who heed Khadafi's call now will have a great advantage over those who didn't.

And while Khadafi's a certifiable nut, his message conveys his certainty that Islam will rule in Europe, which indicates his confidence in that eventual outcome, as it's not a matter of opinion but of demographic trends.

Those young women may not live in a Europe controlled by Islam but Islam is certain that their children will live in a Europe fully Islamic.

Europe is converting to isl... (Below threshold)

Europe is converting to islam....One generation at a time.






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