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Anger Issues

As I was browsing the news stories and headlines at Newsbusters.org, following the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally this weekend, I noticed a very clear theme permeating mainstream news/pundit coverage of the event - WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO ANGRY!!!

One particular item caught my interest, a transcript from this weekend's Chris Matthews Show featuring a round table discussion between, Matthews, Joe Klein, and National Review's Reihan Salam:

SALAM: When you look at Glenn Beck, when you see someone, for example, remember Louis Farrakhan the Million Man March? What was the Million Man March about? A lot of people were terrified about it. It caused a lot of consternation from liberals and conservatives. But ultimately what you saw was an event where tons of African-American men got together and it was really about identity and pride. And I think that when you're looking at our politics right now, it's true that in an economic downturn, you see a lot of confusion. You see a lot of uncertainty. And there is a decent number of people who feel not like have-nots, but they feel like are-knots. They feel that they're not being respected in their public life and they want to assert themselves.

MATTHEWS: Who are the Glenn Beck constituency?

SALAM: I think that it's a lot of folks. It's a lot of people from smaller cities, rural areas, small towns, tend to be white, tend to be Christian-identified.

MATTHEWS: Okay, who is their villain?

SALAM: I don't think they necessarily have a villain so much as there's a lot of confusion...

KLEIN: Oh, come on.

SALAM: ...and anger and resentment.

KLEIN: No, listen, the anger is the key here. The one thing that the Million Man March has in common with the Glenn Beck march is anger. And, this is the greatest Democracy and the most prosperous country in the history of the world. Sooner or later you got to ask people, "What are you so damned angry about?"

SALAM: Anger is what united those men who gathered during the Million Man march? I think it goes back to...

KLEIN: Anger at white people, yes!

SALAM: I'm pretty sure that's not true.

Noel Sheppard, who posted the Newsbusters entry about this conversation, noted that the same "What are you so damned angry about?" question could have been asked in 2006, when America had a booming economy and record low unemployment, yet voters turned out in droves to cast their votes against Republicans.

Yet no one in the mainstream media thought to ask that question four years ago. The mainstream media was also disturbingly devoid of curiosity about the blatant anger, violence, and racism evident at virtually every major anti-war rally during the Bush Administration.

It seems that to the mainstream media, anger directed at capitalism, the US military, Christianity, or the Republican party is always anger of the righteous sort, fully comprehensible to everyone, fully justifiable by all that is decent and moral, and fully worthy of our admiration and respect. Therefore, questions simply aren't necessary.

But anger spawned by a sorry economy that seems to have been worsened by government policies involving more regulation, more spending, more debt, and higher taxes, or anger directed at politicians and ruling class elites (who are not Republicans) is simply incomprehensible to the mainstream media. There must be something else (racism? greed? ) behind such anger, so a full investigation is warranted.

Our rich, elitist, and generally secular ruling class, its punditry, and its mouthpieces in the mainstream news media, are clueless when it comes to understanding the things that inspire, motivate, and, yes, anger everyday Americans.

I almost kind of feel sorry for them, so educated and yet so ignorant. How about you?


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Comments (31)

Clearly actual Americans ar... (Below threshold)

Clearly actual Americans are ANGRY that the "greatest democracy in history" is being systematically and deliberately destroyed before their eyes by radical, America hating leftists and would be dictators. But don't hold your breath until Klein, Matthews et al ADMIT to it!!

I don't feel sorry for the ... (Below threshold)

I don't feel sorry for the rich ruling class elite. They've got the entire Republican party fighting for their tax cuts, and aren't effected by concerns over social security being gutted by Boehnert and Cantor and company -- and they've got the legions of drone Wal-Mart conservatives who don't have a clue but will do whatever Fox News tells them to do to keep the rich happy.

I feel sorry for the uneducated morons who follow folks like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Those mindless, angry people are the true puppets in all of this. They don't understand the issues, and constantly have manipulator on the right pushing their emotional buttons and keeping them angry. They get manipulated daily into believing the President is a socialist or the President is a muslim, etc.

And their hate just boils over. Lately there have been concerted efforts by the right wing manipulators to keep them angry about Muslim mosques, for example, and look at the anger that just spews daily over that issue. It's just stupid.

I find it interesting that ... (Below threshold)

I find it interesting that the newly self-appointed voice of Christianity in this country is also a spokesman for the money changers.

Joe Klein is such a clueles... (Below threshold)

Joe Klein is such a clueless tool. How he can accept a paycheck each month is immoral.

They are angry because thie... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

They are angry because thier messiah on a black horse isn't fulfilling thier utopia.

That and the fact that Barry's policie's are hitting them in the pocketbook too.

Dane,Your post jus... (Below threshold)


Your post just screams tolerance, love and understanding. Seems you did not comprehend what was being said. You wrote 3 paragraphs basically proving that.

I feel sorry for Dane who l... (Below threshold)

I feel sorry for Dane who lives for Moron.org talking points while keeping his head in the sand about what is really happening to this country.

Start buying duct tape now Dane, while the price is cheap as OFA and Moron.org will start laying off their trolls when they get trounced at the polls in November 2010 and 2012

I guess you never watched a... (Below threshold)

I guess you never watched a toddler throw a tantrum until their face turns blue.

Dane-"They don'... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:


"They don't understand the issues, and constantly have manipulator on the right pushing their emotional buttons"

Projection much?

Please don't give any atten... (Below threshold)

Please don't give any attention to Dane. That is all he wants. Ignore him.

The people on the panel are the angry ones. They are becoming more and more irrelevant everyday. They are fighting for their identity that has been shrinking for decades. Sad really. Joe Klein in particular. He ran a once good magazine into the ground and everyone knows it including him. Chris Matthews a close second. ww

The ever clueless left.<br ... (Below threshold)

The ever clueless left.
Since Obama got elected, they've labeled any disagreement as bigoted, racist, stupid, ill-informed, [insert your favorite insult here], etc. Or see any of Dane's comments.

And after nearly 2 years of this, with massive deficits, unbelievable unemployment figures, a federal govt ridiculously politicized, these loons on the left have to ask: "What are you so damned angry about?"

Funny thing is, Dane - you ... (Below threshold)

Funny thing is, Dane - you hateful angry hating hater you - your attitude shows your real problem.

You're envious as all hell of the rich, and conservatives. You're programmed to recite all the usual garbage - WE are the ones who hate, not you - and the thought there are people out there who DON'T need daily talking points to form their opinons - who can actually look at a problem, look at what's been done to solve it, realize that what's been done isn't working and who reject calls to throw even more money onto programs and problems that your talking points say MUST have more money forever and ever pisses you off no end.

Damn it, how DARE they NOT spend money where you think they should!

The Dems had since 2006 to make it work. Everything that the 'elite intellectuals' have tried has screwed things up worse. And like a poker player with a bad run, they keep insisting that all they need to do is borrow some more money and their luck is going to change!

I don't know about you, but I think it's about time for an intervention. I'm tired of seeing those clowns inside the beltway gamble with MY son's future and loading debt up that can't be paid in any reasonable fashion.

And that's what you saw with the Restoring Honor rally - the first bit of the intervention. There's more to come.

Sometimes the best thing a friend can do is drag ya away from the table, no matter how much you scream and yell and curse. The Dems have had their fun - time for them to step back before the marker gets too high, and they start borrowing from Guido the loan shark.

I'll(We'll) tell them in No... (Below threshold)

I'll(We'll) tell them in November.
As for Dane ignore him, he's like Klein, he'll say anything.

You have to love the libera... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You have to love the liberal trolls here.

1) they think that the right somehow represents the wealthy elites. To do so they ignore that the academic elites vote nearly as monolithically democrat as the media elites. Wall Street supported obama with more cash than they did Bush. George Soros(convicted felon) almost single handedly funds a seemingly never ending list of leftist front groups. Hollywood, one of the greatest concentrations of wealth in his country is overwhelmingly liberal and black balls conservatives. Lastly, recent demographic surveys indicate that dem support is far more wealthy and GOP support tends to be far more blue collar.

2) They think that Christians are some monolithic block of voters and that conservatives view anyone as a single spokesman for both their faith and political beliefs. I can guarantee you that the vast majority of people do not look to Glenn Beck or Shawn Hannity for their religious views. These guys are political commentators that happen to be open about their religious beliefs. So is O'Rielly. No one is holding him forth as the Pope's right hand man. Lastly, they always seem to leave out Limbaugh when trying to conjoin Christianity and conservatism. Maybe it is his serial marriages and his relative reticence regarding his faith that keeps them from doing so.

Its' the Republican party t... (Below threshold)

Its' the Republican party trying hard to stop the tax cuts for the rich from expiring.

And it's the Republican Party that has been trying hard to gut Social Security either by privatizing it or by cutting benefits.

Can you imagine the pain seniors on Social security would be feeling if their current benefits were tied to the stock market?

The Republicans are at the beck and call of the rich. It's a known fact - lying won't change that.

"Its' the Republican party... (Below threshold)

"Its' the Republican party trying hard to stop the tax cuts for the rich from expiring."

The tax INCREASE will affect me, and I am not rich.

"And it's the Republican Party that has been trying hard to gut Social Security either by privatizing it or by cutting benefits."

Only an ignoramous believes that the S.S. won't be 'fixed' by denying payment (by increasing the age of elligibilty, or with means testing) to millions who paid in for decades. Having a private/ personal account would help prevent this. (But not alleviate totally, there is talk of government take over of 401k's).

"The Republicans are at the beck and call of the rich. It's a known fact - lying won't change that."

Let me correct this statement for you :

"Politicians ... are at the beck and call of the rich. It's a known fact - lying won't change that."

Willing to take power away from ALL politicians? Or are you just a partisan scumbag who thinks their sides crap don't stink?

"The Republicans are at the... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

"The Republicans are at the beck and call of the rich. It's a known fact - lying won't change that."

And it's JUST the Republicans who are swayed by elite interests, right? Hardly. If you're going to call one side out for this, then you might as well admit that this is an endemic problem in our political system. BOTH sides are certainly a part of the political elite, no doubt about that.

Yes, GW Bush was certainly well connected, and was hardly just another "common man." The same thing goes for Obama.

Let's not oversimplify the issues and devolve into bunch of populist nonsense.

Chris Matthews is still on ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Chris Matthews is still on the air??

"I don't feel sorry for the... (Below threshold)

"I don't feel sorry for the rich ruling class elite."

Dane, does that include Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, Soros, Buffett, Gates, the Kennedys, etc. To hear you talk, liberals are ALL salt-of-the-earth, working stiffs, living from paycheck to paycheck.

"The tax INCREASE will a... (Below threshold)

"The tax INCREASE will affect me, and I am not rich."

Really? Since there is only the expiration of Bush tax cuts on the horizon you must be talking about those - and the administration is leaning towards letting the tax cuts expire only for those making $250,000 or more.

Poor baby! You're making more than a quarter million a year and your taxes are going to go up 1.5%. NO WONDER YOU'RE ANGRY!!!! lol...

"Only an ignoramous believes that the S.S. won't be 'fixed' by denying payment (by increasing the age of elligibilty, or with means testing) to millions who paid in for decades"

See, Republicans are desperate to cut the ebenfits for seniors. Rainisnghte eligibility age is one of there plans.

Yes, it's true that American are living longer than they were 50 years ago - and that many aAmericans are chosing to retire later.

Many well-off Americans, that is.

The working class, the people who drive trucks, and work in the factories, the ones who work in warehouses - cops, fireman - the poeple who sweat for a living doing the physical work - they are not able to work longer and retire later. They have been counting on retiring at 65 because hey - they need to fracking retire. They are physically beat.

But the rich elite, - the snobby assholes making $250,000 or more - they see no problem stealing the bread from the mouths of working retirees by extending the retirement age.

So the rich get richer. The working people get teh shaft again all so that the rich elitist pricks making $250,000 or more per year can tell the Republican party to preserve their tax cuts.

Good Lord - we can't have the rich paying 1.5% more in taxes now, can we? Take if from the hide of the working people instead.

Should have read:<... (Below threshold)

Should have read:

"Really? Since there is only the expiration of Bush tax cuts on the horizon you must be talking about those - and the administration is leaning towards *not* letting the tax cuts expire only for those making $250,000 or more."

I watched that round table ... (Below threshold)

I watched that round table discussion, too, amused to see that that insufferable, obnoxious know-it-all, Joe Klien, is, in fact, a fraud and a blowhard, who doesn't have a clue as to what is going on out here in the real world, because all of his ditzy opinions are formed by discussions which he has had only with liberal loonies of his own ilk.

But then Joe Klien has never had his fingers on the pulse of Americans. He has always made assumptions, conjectures and accusations which aren't supported by the facts, and which only reinforce his own biases and and his own delusions and the biases and delusions of other liberal loonies, all of whom are as shallow and as uninformed on the issues as that blowhard is. Suffice to say, Joe Klien is a transparent, clueless ditz, who doesn't have any credibility on any issue, absolutely none whatsoever. (Never mind that his editorials in Time Magazine read like they were written by a bratty, five-year-old child with ADD.)

Whoa, Dane, your ignorance ... (Below threshold)

Whoa, Dane, your ignorance of the issues made me feel soooo guilty, and your specious arguments sure changed MY mind. I'm going to go right out and register as a Democrat, so I can vote for people just like you in the fall. he he he he he

BTW, I gave you a + vote, because I want to encourage you to continue to post your, um, insightful opinions here. :)

Pssst, hey Dane, you're too... (Below threshold)

Pssst, hey Dane, you're too thick to believe this, but it is the Democrats, not the Republicans, who want to extend the retirement age, and it is the Democrats, not the Republicans, who want to take away Medicare benefits from the elderly, so that they can redistribute that money to people who have paid very little if any money into Social Security ..., you know, like by giving Medicare, and yes, even retirement pensions, to elderly illegal aliens and to elderly felons releaed from prison, so that they can buy the votes of illegal aliens and those convicted felons, too; people who are susceptible to being bribed to commit voter fraud.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Dane. The Democrat politicians don't give a damn about you. They manipulate, exploit and use gullible and bitter people like you to empower themselves ..., you know, to get high salaries, prestige and great perks for themselves that they're too incompetent to get in the private sector?

In recognizing that your life's experience are different from my, though, I can empathize why you think differently than I do.

Oops, Correction: In recogn... (Below threshold)

Oops, Correction: In recognizing that your life's experience are different from mine, though, I can empathize with why you think differently than I do. (I've got to remember to proof-read my comments before I post them. Sorry 'bout that.)

It's interesting ...., well... (Below threshold)

It's interesting ...., well, sort of:

Although George Bush came from a wealthy family and Barack Obame came from humble roots, George Bush was a man of the people, and Barack Obama is a pretentious and decadent dilettante.

(Never mind that whereas George Bush served all Americans and protected everybody in this country, Barack Obama wants to serve only people of color and his biggest financial contributors, protecting and covering only his own sorry ass.)

Remember my conservative fr... (Below threshold)

Remember my conservative friends, liberals have to actually know what a job is and pay taxes. Someone here is speaking from ignorance. ww

"Someone here is speakin... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

"Someone here is speaking from ignorance. ww"


What's that I smell? Perha... (Below threshold)

What's that I smell? Perhaps it's the smell of the feces he has between the ears.

Reactions To The President'... (Below threshold)

Reactions To The President's Address To The Nation

Rachel Maddow: (swoon ..., and, oh yeah, I'd do him)

Chris Matthews: (swoon ...., and I'd do him, too.)

Kieth Olberman: (swoon ..., and I already did him ... TeeHee, sigh)

Joe Klein: (swoon ..., but will somebody please explain to me what Obama just said?

Good Lord - we can't hav... (Below threshold)

Good Lord - we can't have the rich paying 1.5% more in taxes now, can we? Take if from the hide of the working people instead.

So the "rich people" don't work? "Rich people" don't run businesses or hire people?

Dude, you so hilariously ignorant I wonder if you're just some parody poster here to stir things up. You're always good for some laughs!






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