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Think Pink

It seems all the vogue to call President Obama a "socialist" or a "communist" these days, despite his frequent protestations to the contrary.

Kim's article yesterday, though, about an Obama administration proposal to nationalize the New England fishing industry, got me thinking.

Under this plan, private fishermen would be put out of work, replaced by a smaller number of government-employed fishermen.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

The SEC has just made a major rule change this week making it easier for unions to take control of corporations' boards of directors.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

When GM and Chrysler were in critical financial straits, the Obama administration intervened. Instead of letting them take the traditional approach to such problems -- bankruptcy -- the Obama administration took them over, preserving the crippling union contracts, putting their own chosen people in charge, and shaping future offerings not on consumer demand, but their political agenda.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

Under ObamaCare, the government will be taking over one-sixth of the United States economy. It will demand that American citizens obtain health insurance or face legal sanctions, and will eventually set itself up as a "competitor" to private insurance companies. It will be dictating how much doctors can charge for their services, even if (as with current Medicare rates) they do so at a loss.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

When asked about his tax plans by "Joe The Plumber," Obama stated that he believes that some people make too much money, and things are "better" and "fairer" if some benevolent power were to intervene, take some of that "too rich" person's money, and redistribute it more "fairly."

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

President Obama has established a "CEO pay czar" whose job is to look at the pay rates of the heads of corporations and decide if they're being paid too much.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

President Obama has nationalized the student loan business, making all student loans now the exclusive providence of the federal government.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

As of the first quarter of this year (the most recent numbers I could find quickly), 96.5% of all new home loans were backed by the federal government.

But Barack Obama says he is not a socialist.

Mr. President, you say you're not a socialist. And I want to believe you.

But it would really, really, really help if you'd stop acting like one.


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Comments (28)

Obama had a "communist" bac... (Below threshold)

Obama had a "communist" background (and muslim background to boot)...and now people are surprise to see what he is doing?
Was he so cool...it blinded people?
He wanted to change America, and he trying damn hard.
I had him pegged from day one, many other did too, but not enough. Now, we are stuck with this pos.

Just confirms the old truth... (Below threshold)

Just confirms the old truth - you don´t get pears from a thorn bush.

This one is getting bookmar... (Below threshold)

This one is getting bookmarked.

So Obama says he's not a so... (Below threshold)

So Obama says he's not a socialist?

Nixon said he wasn't a crook. So, according to LibLogic, all the Democrats should have believed him.

I'm sure that's how it worked.

When does the incompetence ... (Below threshold)

When does the incompetence of Obamao cross the line from bumbling to intentional? 2012 can't come soon enough.

I think Barry is perplexed ... (Below threshold)
Nine Fourteen:

I think Barry is perplexed and frustrated between being a socialist and islamist.

It doesn't matter to the me... (Below threshold)

It doesn't matter to the media or the left... cuz they were Riding Obama
Warning = NSFW unless you have headphones.

He's not a socialist.... (Below threshold)

He's not a socialist.

He's the guaranteed eternal sanctuary man!

It was obvious what he was,... (Below threshold)

It was obvious what he was, way back during the presidential campaign. If you recall, a reporter yelled to him at one event "Are you a socialist?". Obama replied, "no". Later that evening, Barry called that reporter to further expound on his answer. He had not done this with any other reporter before - or after. Now this should have piqued the interest of any 'real reporter', but we know how that went with the MSM.

One statement by Brian Williams should be put on Barry's political tombstone. On his election, Williams commented "We still don't know much about him, do we?" The simple answer is that the MSM was too busy SELLING him, rather than REPORTING on him.

Ouch, that's gotta leave a ... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Ouch, that's gotta leave a mark.

Well if it helps, consider ... (Below threshold)

Well if it helps, consider that all of the above perfectly fits in with FDR. Who was also not a socialist.

Jim X,What makes y... (Below threshold)

Jim X,

What makes you say that FDR was not a socialist?

President PrompterBinky and... (Below threshold)

President PrompterBinky and the rest of the "S" party have ---blew it, they put us through it...so come NOV 2010 we have to..

apologies to Mz. Underwood and anyone alergic to too much cheeeeeeeeze.

Great post Jay. It's going... (Below threshold)

Great post Jay. It's going in my Teleprompter file.

Barry Soetoro is an Alinsky Commie Socialist to the nth degree.

When asked about h... (Below threshold)
jim m:
When asked about his tax plans by "Joe The Plumber," Obama stated that he believes that some people make too much money, and things are "better" and "fairer" if some benevolent power were to intervene, take some of that "too rich" person's money, and redistribute it more "fairly."

Obama is not a socialist. He does not redistribute his own outrageously-large-by-comparsion-to-Joe-the-Plumber's income. He keeps it for himself. Yet he wants government control of industry. That doesn't make him a socialist. It makes him a fascist.

"Barack Obama says he is no... (Below threshold)

"Barack Obama says he is not a socialist" but every action he has taken in office shows otherwise.

As anyone that has known me for any length of time knows I do not quote the Bible, but this is one of those times where The Word rings true...

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit..." (Matt 7:15-23)

Nothing wrong with a good Bible quote JT, sometimes they are true to the mark. The rotten SOB is a Marxist and every fink in the MSM that hawked him deserves the fruits of their labor.

This November will resolve weather we will have a Republic or not.

President Bush, bailed abou... (Below threshold)

President Bush, bailed about multiple banks in the U.S Fought for 700 billion for this.

But George Bush says he is not a socialist.

Then Presidnet Bush passed medicare part D a trillion dollar program

But George Bush says he is not a socialist.

commie pinkos all around!

Not one of your better posts Jay tea.

Jay, I thought the post was... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay, I thought the post was very good. You almost had me convinced. However, my feeling is that Obama is a centrist-liberal pragmantic politician who borrows, where he can, (and not only from the public purse) such as in his extension of Bush's TARP, which was esentially a capitalist project to save Wall Street or if you like socialism for the rich in the form of a expensive, publicly financed rescue. Now was that a major capitalistic or a socialistic measure?

And then there is Brad DeLong, the economist's comment taken from a post on the ironies/dialectics of this subject.

On healthcare reform, Obama's proudest moment, his achievement is...drum roll...a scheme that almost precisely mimics the reform that Mitt Romney, a Republican who sought the presidency in 2008, brought to the state of Massachusetts. The reform's centerpiece is a requirement imposed by the government that people choose responsibly and provide themselves with insurance - albeit with the government willing to subsidize the poor and strengthen the bargaining power of the weak.
Steve,Why don't yo... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Why don't you come to Massachusetts and find out how well that health care plan is doing?

Hospitals are suing the state for nonpayment. Hospitals are facing multimillion dollar shortfalls in revenues and struggling to keep their doors open. The health care plan is costing many times more than the politicians predicted and it will bankrupt the state in a couple more years even if the economy improves.

Government health care is not practical and does not provide good service or even good access to service. This has been demonstrated over and over again. Romney's connection with this plan will doom any run he has for President and rightly so.

Yes obama borrows every idea he has because he has none of his own. He's an empty suit (or as he says himself "a blank slate"). But he is by no means a centrist. His voting record (when he bothered to vote other than Present) was easily the most liberal in the Senate and was the most liberal in Illinois. He endorsed infanticide in Illinois which is not usually considered a centrist policy. He is for government control of industry and government regulation of wages. These are not centrist but are socialist at the minimum. His policies are all explicitly redistirbutionist which is socialist if not communist in it's nature.

If you are going to say things like that you should understand something about politics and history and what different political movements are known for.

Jim, I perfectly understan... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jim, I perfectly understand the soaring costs of the Massachusettes Health care plan. I don't know why people didn't suggest we study the Romney/ Massachusettes, plan as a pilot, before 'exporting' almost the same plan to the rest of the USA.

This was originally Hillary`s plan as well as Romney, not Obama`s. Obama campaigned against the mandates (except for children). Yes, Obama`s patchwork healthcare plan will be horribly expensive. This is why I 'm a proponent of single-payer system, like senator Barack Obama was.

DR. DAVID HIMMELSTEIN: doctors have to keep the bureaucracy in our office. You don't actually get the streamlining that you get from having one payer that has one set of rules and can pay lump sum budgets to hospitals. But more than that, we're worried that the public plan actually becomes a dumping ground for the unprofitable patients. As it's happening in Medicare.

BILL MOYERS: What do you mean? How would that happen? ..

R. SIDNEY WOLFE: Well, we also have some experience. Because in seven states, ranging from Washington to Minnesota, to other states, Maine, they have tried what amounts to a mixture of a private and a public plan. And it's way too expensive as David mentioned. As long as you have private plans in there, everybody still has to do all the bookkeeping.

DR. DAVID HIMMELSTEIN: And I'm suffering through it as a doctor in Massachusetts, where we've done really the closest model to what Obama is proposing. And our plan is already starting to fall apart. They're already draining money out of the community clinics and public hospitals that have been the safety net.

Yes I agree the situation is hopeless. It has failed.

This is about the rights of... (Below threshold)

This is about the rights of shareholders (the owners of the company) vs. management (supposedly the hirelings).

Lots of groups of shareholder/owners might want to have their candidates listed on the ballot, not just unions. If the unions and their members and pension funds buy enough shares to vote them, good for them, they own the company, don't they?

Casting it as "socialism" is about the most moronic thing I've read here. It is about the rights of shareholders to control the board.

Why don't you come to Ma... (Below threshold)

Why don't you come to Massachusetts and find out how well that health care plan is doing?

Is that what it takes to actually discuss the merits of a policy around here? Show how it's equivalent to a Republican plan?

jim, in posts about Obama, you're not supposed to have a policy debate. You're just supposed to yell "socialist!" and move along. Didn't you read the Wizbang TOS?

Well, Steve, you've certain... (Below threshold)

Well, Steve, you've certainly proven that you don't know how to spell "Massachusetts..."


He doesn't know how to spel... (Below threshold)

He doesn't know how to spell pragmatic either.

And while some here feel it apt to bring up Romney's plan as a foil for the conservatives here, please tell me which of us you think this is gonna sting? Was that supposed to prove we're hypocrites or something? None of us endorsed Romney's plan. I said, way back in the 2008 campaign season, that it was the singular thing that kept him off my short list of druthers.

So you have that....

My bad, Jay and John, I did... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

My bad, Jay and John, I didn't realize how strict you two were on spelling/typing. And I used to live in Boston, Massachusetts during the Nixon, Watergate "Don't Blame me, I`m from Massachusetts" days. Hey maybe, that should be Romney`s alibi "Don't blame me I was in Massachusetts".

Actually, the Obama healthcare bill is a good illustration, of what has gone wrong with the USA. Like the Mass. plan, half-measures won't work, (may even exasperate the problem further) and the political culture won't allow full measures, so we are stuck in the middle of one intractable issue after another. As to the solution of 'less pink', I feel the fantasy of limited government won't solve anything, either.

"I feel the fantasy of limi... (Below threshold)

"I feel the fantasy of limited government won't solve anything, either."

Typical liberal - full of "feelings."

feel/think and I meant exac... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

feel/think and I meant exacerbated.

The Obama Health Plan was n... (Below threshold)

The Obama Health Plan was never intended to work. That is why it was passed without being read, with so many secret additions that is had to become law so "we could find out what is in it." In the tradition of Cloward-Priven, the Obama plan is intended to ruin the system so we can get on with a single payer system. Full government control. Socialist.






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