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You really can't be much more of a butt-munch

I'm talking about White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.  Listen to the smugness, the arrogance, the snideness with which he conducts this interview, especially as the excerpt concludes.  If anyone deserves a good solid smack against the back of his head, it's this snob:

H/T to Morgan who adds wisely:

Does he take some kind of vitamin every morning to be this obnoxious? Is this the kind of persona the Obama administration wants to send in to these all-important sit-downs with our "enemies" that will magically heal everything?


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wrong video posted?<... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

wrong video posted?

Fixed Pretzel... sigh...</p... (Below threshold)

Fixed Pretzel... sigh...

He is a fine representation... (Below threshold)

He is a fine representation of this administration, smug and arrogant.

I've been in media relation... (Below threshold)

I've been in media relations for 25 years...have worked as a state-agency-level press secretary as well...and I wouldn't even hire Gibbs for an entry-level PR job.

"I was for the surge before... (Below threshold)

"I was for the surge before I..."

He has a certain 'Na Na...N... (Below threshold)

He has a certain 'Na Na...Na Na Na!' dripping from his voice.

I say keep the smug bastard... (Below threshold)

I say keep the smug bastard where he is. He's just annoying, much like the rest of the regime he represents.

Butt-munch, Rick?G... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Butt-munch, Rick?

Gibbs acts like he believes he's still on the high school debate squad. And I'm willing to wager Gibbs still writes to himself in his diary every night. Last night's entry was probably a glowing account of how he destroyed a hostile reporter on national tv.

He's so self-deluded that he has no recognition that Carlson has just totally destroyed him.

Anyone remember the grace, wit and competency Tony Snow brought to the job of Press Secretary on display his exchanges with the (even then) demented Helen Thomas?

Bob Gibbs = Bagdad Bob... (Below threshold)

Bob Gibbs = Bagdad Bob

He's that bad at lying.

To call Gibbs a liar is to ... (Below threshold)

To call Gibbs a liar is to besmirch the liars of the world. He has taken the term to new lows. I agree with UOG that Gibbs probably keeps a journal and his entry for the day details how he took a hostile reporter to the woodshed.

Tony Snow's confrontations with Helen Thomas were teachable moments - that is how you speak to a liberal. Gibbs is the quintessential liberal of today - no class and no knowledge.

Los Chupacabras, our Presid... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Los Chupacabras, our Presidente and especially this buggeree among his minions, never seem to miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity.

At every turn they screw executive responsibility royally, look like rectal pores and piss some significant constituency off.

I get that they hate Amerikkka, but they're even blowing that role with the in-your-face arrogance.

Why would we suffer these bastards past January, so a minority can see someone who looks like them mess with us and flip us off when we scream, not even bothering to go through the motions of expected performance?

Resign, get your asses out and don't touch the silver!

He's the face and voice of ... (Below threshold)

He's the face and voice of the Obama administration. Could anyone find a better representative? I think not.

"Resign, get your asses out... (Below threshold)

"Resign, get your asses out and don't touch the silver!"

Too late! Hellary took it all.

Does the entire administrat... (Below threshold)

Does the entire administration practice that slightly angled up head tilt which they all seem to use? The one that says, 'listen to me; I know better than you.'

Also, does anyone know what President Bush passed to the troops he recently greeted?

Every day, in every way, Ba... (Below threshold)

Every day, in every way, Baghdad Bob delivers, and sets the bar lower and lower.

As the mid-terms get closer, look to this guy for more entertainment.

Bush looked like he was 'co... (Below threshold)

Bush looked like he was 'coining' the troops he greeted, it's an old military tradition thats becoming popular again.

Smug, condesending, asshole... (Below threshold)

Smug, condesending, asshole. ww

Can anyone imagine Tony Sno... (Below threshold)

Can anyone imagine Tony Snow acting like this?

I can't watch or listen to ... (Below threshold)

I can't watch or listen to Robert Gibbs. Whenever he is on, I go channel surfing.

He's a toad, a slimy, ugly,... (Below threshold)

He's a toad, a slimy, ugly, arrogant toad.

This asshole will be gettin... (Below threshold)
John S:

This asshole will be getting his answer in November. Remember folks, the number to beat is 75 seats. That's the drubbing the Dems got in 1920 after 8 years of Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat that gave us the income tax, the Federal Reserve, and World War One.

Oops. Who in the administra... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Oops. Who in the administration put this
"white guy" up for press sec'y? Bam needs
an angry dude with the color and the passion
to make us "shut our moufs". Where's the
man who won't run out, when there's danger
all about.................SHAFT!






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