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A Confluence Of Effluence

Let's say you're the head of the NAACP. You've watched your organization's relevance decline for years. And, in recent times, more and more people have noticed that you've been bartering away your moral authority for political power, letting yourself become pretty much the chattel of the Democratic party. And then you find that in addition to your relevance, you've also lost a huge hunk of credibility with the incredibly inept way you handled the whole Shirley Sherrod fiasco. What do you do to regain some of your footing?

I don't know if there's a correct answer, but I do know there's one really, really wrong one:

Team up with the professional liars, spin masters, and ultrapartisan swine that make up Media Matters For America, Think Progress, and New Left Media to fabricate "expose" the double-secret hidden racist agenda behind the Tea Party movement.

This is what is known in professional circles (I won't say what profession) as "doubling down on stupid."

If anything, the NAACP should see some kinship with the Tea Party. Both groups' origins revolve around people feeling a sense of powerlessness, of resentment against government oppression, and uniting peacefully to demonstrate their numbers and their moral commitment to improving their lot and fulfilling the promises and principles of the nation.

Instead, the NAACP, for whatever reason (I'm going to go with naivete -- they've certainly showed plenty of that) has bought into the whole "the Tea Party is the new face of the Klan" line of bullshit the liberal establishment is trying to push, and sees this as their way of reliving their glory days.

They chose poorly.

They're standing on a banana peel, trusting their safety to people who have no sense of loyalty, and who will throw the NAACP under the bus the instant they become inconvenient -- in the model of their leader, President Obama. Their sole interest in the NAACP is in using what remains of that group's moral capitol to advance their own agenda -- to discredit the biggest genuine grass-roots movement in the United States in decades.

They're standing on that banana peel, and they have no idea that they're doing so. And they have no idea that they're being roped into a fight by con artists and cowards and frauds, trusting in the shield of their history to keep their targets from hitting back as they poke and bludgeon and harangue the Tea Party people.

A lot of Tea Party people will have no qualms about shoving back, and then that banana peel will assert its presence.

I'm not one of those people, though.

I'd have a very, very small qualm about it. I'd even feel bad about it.


Before I shoved real hard.

And then I'd really, really try to keep from laughing.


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Comments (32)

I'd have a very, very sm... (Below threshold)

I'd have a very, very small qualm about it. I'd even feel bad about it.


Before I shoved real hard.

Ooh, Jay, you tough guy, you! Taking on the Muzzies and the NAACP in the same week, they better toe your line - or else!

Mind the epithets, galoob. ... (Below threshold)

Mind the epithets, galoob. That qualifies as "hate speech," and it can have consequences.


There's no double secret ra... (Below threshold)

There's no double secret racist anything going on. The racism of the teabaggers is out in the open, above board, and well-known.

It's no secret - and nobody is suggesting that it is. It's blatant, open racism practiced by racists - whihc at last count was about a third of the Republican party (and growing).

This is SUCH bu... (Below threshold)

This is SUCH bullshit.

There is NOTHING that can be done or said that cannot be construed as racist in these times.

Enough to give a plaster saint heartburn.

Looks like you hit a nerve ... (Below threshold)

Looks like you hit a nerve JT.

And I lack any qualms whatsoever.

The NdoubleASeePee can shov... (Below threshold)

The NdoubleASeePee can shovel manure all day and nobody I know will care. They have made the word "racism" meaningless.

The only teaparty racism th... (Below threshold)

The only teaparty racism they'll be able to document will be that performed by liberal infiltrators.

And really, at this point in time, the race card is so overplayed it's become a joke.

What a one tune joke the NAACP has become.

The NAACP sold out to the B... (Below threshold)

The NAACP sold out to the Big Government, only-more-regulation-can-help-us-poor-minorities way of thinking long ago, and their leaders have grown fat, lazy, and complacent as a result. So this new expression of support for the Left's war against the Tea Party is no surprise.

So I followed the link and ... (Below threshold)

So I followed the link and read the entire article, and one particular sentence stuck out.

"Media Matters and Think Progress representatives said their content and reporting haven't changed and that the NAACP approached their organizations seeking only to republish select content they've produced."

I have not, personally, yet seen one truly honest piece of journalism from Media Matters or Think Progress. That's why saying the NAACP only wants to republish select content they've "produced" was so striking to me.

I challenge someone to show me a piece of honest journalism from these organizations.

Dane : "There's no double s... (Below threshold)

Dane : "There's no double secret racist anything going on. The racism of the teabaggers is out in the open, above board, and well-known."

Then why do the 4 entities in the story have to 'team' up to try and 'find' the racist bigotry? Are they just mental incompetents who can't see what is in plain site?

Perhaps you could help them by sending links to actual tea-party racism, as opposed to spouting nefariously imagined strawmen.

The one trick ponies of the... (Below threshold)

The one trick ponies of the left have really become boring, except for the pile of manure they are standing in. When your raison d'etre is meaningless to nearly everyone, then you've become obsolete. Remember those glory days NAACP (racism), Feminists (abortion), and Liberal Trolls (drooling on yourself).

There's no double secret an... (Below threshold)

There's no double secret anything going on. The fact that Dane molests baby penguins is out in the open, above board, and well-known.

It's no secret - and nobody is suggesting that it is. It's blatant, open bestiality practiced by Dane and his cohorts.

It must be true - after all, I have just as much evidence for it as Dane has for his position.

Perhaps the best thing acco... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Perhaps the best thing accomplished by the Tea Party movement so far is to awaken the public to the left's constant phony cries of "racism!" to cover up their power grabs, socialist programs, and personal failures.

Once so toxic it made Republicans cringe in fear of it, the label has lost its power in the same way the little boy crying "Wolf!" in Aesop's fable lost his power to summon the village to a threat: by repeated false usage.

But I don't see teaming up with the spittle-flecked leftist groups as harming the NAACP. They have gradually lost their credibility already over time, and have been virtually indistinguishable from the neo-Marxists for a long time already.

Let's hope this is the NAAC... (Below threshold)

Let's hope this is the NAACP's "jump the shark" moment. Perhaps they can take Dane with them.

Dane is Lee, Lee is Dane th... (Below threshold)

Dane is Lee, Lee is Dane they know only 1 thing everyone that they disagree with them is racist. At this point it's become so silly it almost makes me laugh. They have no proof of said racists, there have been a total of 0 racist incidences at tea party events. In fact quite the opposite. The left calls any person of color that associates with conservatives or the tea party the most vile names imaginable. The hate for minorities is all on their side, if a black man dissagrees with the left politically he's not only no longer a person of color to be respected he's a traitor. The compassionate liberal suddenly loses all compassion for the trials of minorities in this country.

Hey Dane buy a good mirror take nice long look into it, you'll see a racist saring back at you. You and those that think like you should be shunned, racist should be the new black listed term (pardon the expression). Use it with caution one of these days you may suffer a consequence from using it carelessly.

3-"It's no secr... (Below threshold)


"It's no secret - and nobody is suggesting that it is. It's blatant, open racism practiced by racists - whihc at last count was about a third of the Republican party (and growing)."

Do you ever tire of your own stupidity Danal? If not, have some more kool aid.

Dane, Lee, JFO, who ever yo... (Below threshold)

Dane, Lee, JFO, who ever you are, (you're all interchangeable) you're a child. A petulant child begging for attention even if it's negative attention. Please grow up.

I'm all for reasonable oppo... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

I'm all for reasonable opposition on this blog from thinking people with a liberal slant -- it's always good to have a different voice in the room to check you and make sure you have not forgotten an important point.

But how much longer do we have to listen to Dane (i.e Lee mk. 2.0) and his bigoted, hateful crap? Again, trash is clogging the lanes here.

Why do you think Rush so ri... (Below threshold)

Why do you think Rush so rightly calls it the NAA"L"CP!! For some decades now, the organization has had NOTHING to do with race and EVERYTHING to do with race card playing.

Let's see, Tea Party partic... (Below threshold)

Let's see, Tea Party participants believe in 'We The People'. The democrats think minorities are not as superior as white people so they have to give hand outs and dumb down tests. Between the two, which one is racist? The democrats win hands down. ww

"the NAACP, for whatever re... (Below threshold)

"the NAACP, for whatever reason"


Mouthing DNC talking points keeps them in power. Priorities ya know.

Hey Dane,It occurr... (Below threshold)

Hey Dane,

It occurred to me, you want to get attention?

Go to Pam Geller's rally on 9/11, and wave a great, big sign that says, "That Bitch, Pam Geller", Wouldn't Let Me Bring A Sign!"

That could get you on CNN and on MSNBS, and perhaps even a guest spot with Chris Matthews or Keith Whats-His-Name ...., well, what's left of you after the crowd beats the shit out of you.

Betchu didn't think of that, did you?

Ribbit, ribbit. (testing)</... (Below threshold)

Ribbit, ribbit. (testing)

The NdoubleRacistP need to ... (Below threshold)

The NdoubleRacistP need to keep thier section leaders Dane and Galube in check.

Racist Party thy name is Democrat.

Seeing the word 'credibilit... (Below threshold)

Seeing the word 'credibility' associated with any of the three aforementioned organizations is laughable at best...

Planned Parenthood, founded... (Below threshold)

Planned Parenthood, founded by the ultra liberal/progressive M. Sanger established her mission statement as foolows: "To get rid of the undesirable negro race!"....
I will never understand how blacks can support the current crop of progressive, led by the cruelest of all leaders regarding infanticide-namely, a guy named Obama!

Has the NAACP offered a rew... (Below threshold)

Has the NAACP offered a reward, held a press conference, or made a statement about the black perpetrator of the acid attack in Vancouver, WA on a white girl? Sounds like the perpetrator is not advancing the cause of colored people and the NAACP should be all over that scum. I wonder why not?

If you want to see open rac... (Below threshold)

If you want to see open racist don't look at the tea party look at the way liberals treat people like Ken Blackwell, Condeleeza Rice, Michael Steel, Ken Gladney etc. It's not about race it's about leftist politics period. Leftist is not a race.
At this point the race hussler house of cards is falling in on them. No more will the majority of people tremble at the thought of being call racist. The game is almost over and the husslers are losing, look them straigt in the eye and call the bluff.

Dane,your so full of BS.are... (Below threshold)

Dane,your so full of BS.are your eyes brown?

Please don't let the bigots... (Below threshold)

Please don't let the bigots at the NAACP, SEIU or Democrat Party bother you. They are just too stupid to know what they are doing.

NAACP should see some kinship with the Tea Party.
There can be no kinship between "victims for life" and "free sane" individuals. The NAACP knows they need to hold on to the "victim" status of their "sheep" lest they join those on unemployment. Just think of it as the "victims of opportunity business."

Big Al Sharpton is my sheph... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Big Al Sharpton is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He leadeth me beside Tawana Brawly.....

NAACP....they are pikers, c... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

NAACP....they are pikers, compared to the
CBC. Where in the Constitution does it
make a minority group SACROSANCT as a permanent, coddled group in congress that can hold
a party hostage in perpetuity for perceived
"racial" slights? Well, that's an albatross
for the Dems. Anyhow, would Obama EVER
slap them in public if they embarrass him?
Would they ever really give Obama the back
of their hand? No. It's a dance of mating
cobras. We're not invited.






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