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This past week there were a couple of incidents that viewed independently appear to be random, inexplicable acts of stupidity/cruelty. Viewed in tandem they raise some interesting questions about priorities and values.

The first was a YouTube video of a young girl standing on a remote riverbed tossing a half dozen puppies into the fast moving water. She turns out to have been a minor, from Bosnia, who was told by her grandmother to get rid of the three-day-old pups by throwing them in the nearby river. Why anyone who carried out such a task would be stupid enough to a) videotape the incident and b) post the video on YouTube is beyond me, but she did.

Of course, wantonly killing innocent puppies isn't something that I would do. But the fact is that there are thousands of unwanted animals born every day. Hell, there are hundreds of unwanted human babies exterminated every day. So I'm not going to come out and call the girl a monster. What she did was stupid and arguably cruel. Monstrous though? Different cultures have different mores and views toward how animals should be treated. That might be the only way they know how to deal with unwanted pets in Bosnia for all I know.

If she took them to a vet and had them put down they'd be just as dead. The fact she was able to casually toss them in a river just tells me she doesn't give a shit about dogs and if her Grandmother tells her to toss a litter of them into the river she'll do it.

Now understandably a whole bunch of people were outraged. Almost instantly animal rights groups mobilized to identify her - launching Facebook pages dedicated to the task and posting rewards for anyone who could identify her. Director Michael Bay stepped in and pledged a $50,000 reward for her prosecution. All the attention and furor paid off as the girl was identified today.

It goes to show that an Internet community can really get results when an incident pushes the right buttons.

In other news, twenty-eight year old human female Bethany Storro was innocently minding her own business on a public street during broad daylight in Vancouver, Washington when an as yet unidentified female walked up and threw a strong acid into her face. Luckily, she had just purchased and was wearing a new pair of sunglasses which helped spare her eyesight. Bethany will probably have to undergo multiple surgeries and likely will bear the scars of the attack for the rest of her life.

The initial round of stories only described her assailant as a "young female". It took a day or two for a full description "black woman in her 20s who was wearing a ponytail, green shirt and khaki shorts" to appear. Many stories still leave out that seemingly relevant information. Today, a sketch has been released.

I don't know why a news organization would omit very relevant information like a suspect's description, but I'd hate to think the fact it was a black suspect attacking a non-black victim caused some editors to hold back information that could help lead to an arrest.

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that unlike puppy girl no one has come forward and offered big reward money for information leading to the arrest of someone who maliciously and knowingly tortured and disfigured a human female in broad daylight on a busy street.

For some reason that strikes me as a case of very misplaced priorities. I don't condone animal abuse, but disposing of unwanted puppies in an admittedly shocking and unorthodox manner in Bosnia is far less worthy of Internet sleuthing than random, disfiguring attacks on women in the US. Bethany's plight has drawn enough attention that we can be sure the local and state police will do all the can to find the suspect, but a $50,000 reward just might help convince someone to rat out the miserable acid-throwing bitch.


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At the risk of sounding lik... (Below threshold)

At the risk of sounding like a bigot, perhaps this qualifies as a hate crime?
Surely that would explain why its being swept under the rug. I'm sure the MSM and our brave US Atty General will be right on the trail of the perpetrator.

Any day now...

Soon maybe?


Whitey getting maimed by a ... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Whitey getting maimed by a non-white in a big liberal city -- in the twisted non-reality of the Jon Stewart/MTV/YouTube generation -- automatically is justifiable: "society's fault."

Had that acid attack victim been black and the assailant white, however, there would have been candlelight vigils, front-page media coverage, protests on local university campuses, and the various cable news channels would have gone into high dudgeon mode.

Nobody who posts here, who ... (Below threshold)

Nobody who posts here, who votes, who reads, who has a grasp on reality in the slightest bit, would make excuses for something like this. That's bizarro-fucked and whoever perpetrated that crime deserves to spend a long time in a cage asking his/herself why they thought that was a sensible thing to do. Maybe 20-30 years, yeah?

Sorry to all who have no reference to this, but Clay, the puppy reference brought this to mind: remember the bit in Blood Meridian when the mercenary "Judge" buys the puppies off of the kid hocking them, tosses them into the river, and then shoots them to bits with his .45? I might have misremembered the calibre and the character, but needless to say, it was one of the more grisly moments of that grisly book. Jesus, I could read that story twenty times and never grow tired of it. Written by a self-proclaimed conservative Texan, and it's my favourite book of all time.

In a time of political dischord that to me is starting to harken back to Lincoln--when people speak of hating one another because of the party they support and having literally no patience for the beliefs of the other 40-60% of their countryfolk--it's important to reference these things, literature and film and poetry, that everyone can agree upon. Enemies shoot at one another; countryfolk and political opponents, one hopes, share a common end. And nowhere is that more obvious than in a nation's shared literary history, which, in the case of the United States, is rather glorious. I'm drunk as hell right now and don't feel like yelling or swearing or pretending to defend your crappy president. I just looked at my bookshelf and realized, regardless of who runs that crazy joint south of Windsor and Vancouver and Halifax, ya'll sure do know how to write a friggin' story.

Hope you all have a good weekend, for real.

With a crime so agreeably h... (Below threshold)

With a crime so agreeably heinous, hyper, then once you are through your drunken stupor and recovered from your hangover, please expound on two issues:

Ignoring Baron's point on animal cruelty vs human cruelty, on comments 1 & 2, ie, why the acid attack, quite possibly a racially motivated attack, has not received the same attention as the puppy throwing video?

If the puppies were being thrown by a Hutu into the Congo, would the outrage have been the same?

Your comment is so blazingly free of overt liberal filters (though the avoidance of issues one and two listed above shows some blinders are still functioning for you at the time of the comment), I'd love to hear how much of what Bacchanalian potions it takes to mellow you so.

If you haven't seen the int... (Below threshold)

If you haven't seen the interview that Ms. Storro did after her first major surgery, it's a must-see clip. This to me is what is so absolutely wrong with humans versus what is so absolutely right. Ms. Storro even spoke of forgiving her someday for what she did.

I have my theories about who the "bitch" really is who threw the acid. I hope they catch her so we can find out why she committed such a sick "hate crime".

Something tells me George B... (Below threshold)

Something tells me George Bush was behind the attack!

Sadly, I hear of such confl... (Below threshold)

Sadly, I hear of such conflicting priorities all the time: co-workers who gather 'round the water cooler and pooh-pooh and moan about the latest incident of cruelty to a dog or cat. But this week hear zero discussion of the molotov-cocktail attack in Cancun that killed 8 humans.

Odd how times have changed.... (Below threshold)

Odd how times have changed. My mom told me that it was normal for her dad to drown puppies during the great depression. They couldn't afford to feed them and wouldn't let them run wild in the country because they'd attack livestock. Now you can get more time in jail for animal cruelty than for assualting someone. (Normal assualt, not the acid throwing kind of assualt.)

Alright i'll say it! The p... (Below threshold)

Alright i'll say it! The perp looks like a nappy headed ho..

"Many stories still leave o... (Below threshold)

"Many stories still leave out that seemingly relevant information."

I'll tell you 'straight up', that it's not an 'oversight'. Years ago we had a black lieutenant at the PD. He actually got the political hack who was Chief of Police at the time issue an order that RACE would not be mentioned when putting out a suspect description over the police radio. To the Chief's consternation (and the lieutenant who is now a captain), the order was blatantly ignored by the patrol officers.

Leftie animal rights groups... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Leftie animal rights groups were appalled at killing 3 day old puppies. yet they have no problems with killing a million human unborn babies a year.

2 things:First, th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

2 things:

First, the reason people get all wound up about the puppies is that they are defenseless, they can do nothing but suffer heir fate. The grown woman has the ability to take her fate into her own hands and get better. Additionally, she has been very upbeat about the incident.

Second, I am disgusted with the media, some of whom have shown the sketch of he attacker, but never, ever mention the ethnicity. This bullshit PC belief that we cannot mention that a black person committed a crime is nuts. Just like we cannot say that an act of terrorism was committed by a muslim.

Hyper "I'm drunk as hell ri... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hyper "I'm drunk as hell right now and don't feel like yelling or swearing or pretending to defend your crappy president"

Damn Even Hyper called Obama crappy.

Things must be getting really bad in leftyville.

Barry is doing such an emb... (Below threshold)

Barry is doing such an embarrassingly bad job even Hyper realize's he is burnt toast.

This is the kind of story that would be plastered all over the preelection airwaves if it were a "white" individual who did this and linked to hateful christian skinheads and the like.

Hyper - Pretendin... (Below threshold)

Hyper -

Pretending to defend?

Well, in vino veritas, as they say...

If the puppies were being t... (Below threshold)

If the puppies were being thrown by a Hutu into the Congo, would the outrage have been the same?

Not if the pups were Tutsis.

There would probably have been some UN baby rapers there to help, too.

If you are reading a story ... (Below threshold)

If you are reading a story about a criminal act in my local paper and the race of the perp isn't given it is almost certain that he/she is a "person of color". The paper identifies just enough suspects so you can't make an absolute statement. Clever boys.

f1guyus-"If you ar... (Below threshold)


"If you are reading a story about a criminal act in my local paper and the race of the perp isn't given it is almost certain that he/she is a "person of color"


Or an illegal immigrant or the funder of a mosque even. The nuanced vagueness is a dead giveaway.

My favorite description in ... (Below threshold)

My favorite description in the local papers is that of 'a Hispanic male of foreign nationality'.

That's the new liberal description for "illegal alien".

What is lacking in all of t... (Below threshold)

What is lacking in all of the comments,and I must say I am surprised, is the lack of the connection between the enviro "nuts" to this type of mind set.

Haven't we all been told (indoctrinated) that we humans are bad, bad, bad and "nature" in all it's manifestations is good?

We have seen this played out in the movement to restrict any type of development which might somehow damage or potentially damage everything from large caribou to the smallest newt. Man is supposed to put all of his supposed "progress" on hold for the good of the "environment".

Grace 4:18pmAll yo... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Grace 4:18pm

All you need to know is that Obama and his
administration are for the "little guy".
That means that one snail darter equals
5 moose. That's how Palin gets to keep
filling her freezer, and farmers can't irrigate
the San Joaquin Valley.

The only word that keeps co... (Below threshold)

The only word that keeps coming to my mind is, "Why?" Why would a lovely young woman suffer the pain and endure the disfigurement which will remind her every day for the rest of her life what she did to herself? I hope she gets in-depth psychiatric therapy. As for her poor parents, I am certain this latest twist was harder to deal with than the original event. Prayers to them and best wishes for successful counseling to help put this girl back on the road to sanity.






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