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Misadventures in labeling

I went to the Fiesta supermarket this morning to stock up on provisions. Since today is the first weekend of college football some chicken wings seemed appropriate. Rather than the usual fried I decided to grab some jerk seasoning and toss them on the grill. So there I was in the little Caribbean section of the store when I see this unfortunately labeled product:


Yeah I know, I know. But come on people, do a little market research.


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Endorsed by Barney Frank. <... (Below threshold)

Endorsed by Barney Frank.

But come on people, do a... (Below threshold)

But come on people, do a little market research.

Maybe they did.

Very popular in San Francis... (Below threshold)

Very popular in San Francisco and Fire Island, and Iran.

Maybe they should have adde... (Below threshold)

Maybe they should have added "a doodle doo".

Wait...They have a commerci... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Wait...They have a commercial (kind of):


They have several commercia... (Below threshold)

They have several commercials (kind of):


A HUGH seller in Frisco.</p... (Below threshold)

A HUGH seller in Frisco.

Who cares? Humans need fat-... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Who cares? Humans need fat-free protein to
survive......and divorcing women need their
pound of flesh.

Was it right next to the sp... (Below threshold)

Was it right next to the spotted dick?

That should go well with yo... (Below threshold)

That should go well with your jerk.

No soup for you!... (Below threshold)

No soup for you!

They also have a tuna-flavo... (Below threshold)

They also have a tuna-flavored soup for men to enjoy.

LOL, reminds me of a story.... (Below threshold)

LOL, reminds me of a story. In Africa, canned food labels have pictures on them to show what food is inside them. The marketers of Gerber baby food didn't realize this . . .

Is no one going to mention ... (Below threshold)

Is no one going to mention the alternate spelling of flavored? Or do we all just have our minds in the gutter? But seriously, this is a little bit of awesome.






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