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A heart that works for Baby Joy

Last year I told you about my sister-in-law Karin, her husband Jeff, and their family of adopted children when one of their daughters, Kate, who they adopted from China had open heart surgery only months after coming home. I am pleased to report that Kate is a happy, healthy, and very active.

Now, Karin and her family have a new challenge in front of them, but not with one of their own. A baby girl named Joy who lives at Morning Star Foundation, an orphanage in China for children with special needs, is looking for a family who will adopt her and give her a loving home, but she has a serious heart defect that needs to be corrected with surgery.

Baby Joy.jpg

In China this surgery will cost $5,000 and Karin and her kids are selling hand sewn doll pillow and blanket sets to raise the money. With Jeff's employer triple matching what Karin and the kids raise, they are doing well, but they need 30 more orders to put them over the top. If you have a little girl in your life who would love to have a pillow and blanket set for her dolls, please head on over to Karin's blog and take a look. They are only $11 a set and all the money raised will go to the Morning Side Foundation. This post has many of the fabric patterns they're offering with more here. I purchased two sets, one for my daughter and one for my cousin's daughter, to give to them as Christmas gifts.

If you're interested in purchasing a pillow and blanket set, you can place your order by using the PayPal button at the top of Karin's sidebar. Once you select how many sets you want to purchase, go to the checkout page and click the link for special instructions. You can put the names of the sets you want to purchase there. If you don't have a PayPal account, it's easy-peasy to set up and probably the safest way to make online purchases. If for some reason you can't access PayPal through Karin's blog, just leave a comment with your accurate email address and Karin will contact you for payment information and your shipping address.

Thanks so much in advance for your help. Feel free to forward this to any friends who you think might want to buy a doll pillow and blanket set for their daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc. It's such a great cause.


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Comments (5)

I don't want you to think t... (Below threshold)

I don't want you to think that ignored your solicitation, Kim.

Honestly, you got me to thinking. I'm still trying to come up with a comment here that will be in good taste

What a cutie!... (Below threshold)

What a cutie!

Let's call this what it is,... (Below threshold)

Let's call this what it is, a blatant attempt to call attention to oneself. "Look at me, see what a wonderful person I am, and anyone who fusses over me, and the child, but mostly me, will also bring the warm glow of attention to themselves". Jesus said "Why seek ye the living amongst the dead" You couldn't find someone, healthy, in your home town to help? Of course you might have, but where's the attention..

Wow...studakota, really? D... (Below threshold)

Wow...studakota, really? Do you know what? My daughters are from China and they DID choose a child in their 'hometown' because they are acutely aware of the children in their orphanages who have been left behind. And you know what? It was TOTALLY THEIR idea and their project. They have been the ones sewing their hearts out and trust me...the 'glory' you speak of is totally lost on them. They have no idea that anyone is even 'proud' of them. They are only doing it because they truly want to--from their hearts.

But you wouldn't know that because you were quick to judge and didn't bother to find out the whole story.

Here's one more to make you... (Below threshold)

Here's one more to make you feel better, Kimmy.

Don't get discouraged. You have a bright future in something.






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