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A Minor Rant

Seton Hall University is a private college in Northern New Jersey. It is not a community college. It is not our state college of Rutgers. The entrance to this school is privately self-determined, both acceptance and tuition.

Attendees, monies from mostly their parents, along with federal and state funding in the form of student aid, grants, and low-rate student loans support and maintain the existence of this institution and its many students.

That is fine. That is the way it is, and should be. Some children need assistance from the government (scholarships, grants, etc), and by bettering themselves, becoming intelligent, productive members of society, whatever assistance is provided them in the short term will be paid back a 100 fold in the taxes they will pay over their proud, productive lives.

Why, do you ask, am I bring this up? This institution's law center is now fighting for, without permission from it's benefactors or those who have financial help from the state or federal government (our tax dollars), the following issue:

From DailyRecord.com:

"Seton Hall Law School's Center for Social Justice filed a class action lawsuit today against New Jersey on behalf of low-income legal immigrants who have been denied state-funded Medicaid health insurance under the FamilyCare program due to recent budget cuts.

New Jersey discontinued Medicaid coverage for nearly 12,000 residents under FamilyCare between April and July because they had not been permanent residents for at least five years, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit argues the immigrants are being discriminated against based on their immigration status.

"Many of the 12,000 lawful permanent residents affected by these state-Medicaid cuts are hard-working residents of the state, who pay taxes and support their families by working in low-wage jobs," attorney Jenny-Brooke Condon, an associate professor at Seton Hall's Center for Social Justice said in a statement released by the law school. "Ensuring that the working poor receive essential, preventive healthcare and treatment for illness keeps New Jersey residents healthy, which, in turn, keeps them working."

The named plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit, which was filed in conjunction with the law firm Gibbons P.C., include a single mother who had kidney surgery in 2007 and can no longer afford ongoing treatment, and a Manual Guaman, an Ecuador native and father of three, who suffered a severe allergic reaction in July and required emergency room treatment after he lost FamilyCare coverage."

No where can I find if prior to the declared enforcement of the 5-year rule, were these people eligible for this benefit, being here less than 5 years.

These legal immigrants are no doubt doing work that natural born American citizens won't do.

Just to throw this out there, but, I wonder how thorough the enrollment process was for this ambitiously generous program. We all know how scrupulous our immigration system is.

Basically, an immigrant who has supposedly been here for at least five years, was able to get the following free healthcare (as long as they didn't make enough money):

NJ FamilyCare is a comprehensive health insurance program that provides a wide range of services:
  • Doctor visits
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hospitalization
  • Lab tests
  • X-rays
  • Prescriptions
  • Regular checkups
  • Mental health
  • Dental (for children)

As Seton Hall is funded by private money, taxed by the state and feds, it would seem to me, that, if any entity should be taking up a case like this, it would be done by state and federal divisions of justice.


Funding for township, county, state, and federal programs, immigrant or not, is decided everyday by elected officials.

These do-gooders, however, claim it is not legal that a state cut funding for a program for "legal" immigrants.

Welcome to America, amigos!

No matter what, shouldn't they be covered under Obamacare, anyway? You know, free stuff, and all? "Historic" reform? Kum-Bye-Yah? It was supposed to solve EVERYTHING, and it had to be passed right away.

Are older people who are approaching retirement age for social security suing the government since the eligible age has crept up for years? (It's been floated around recently to increase the retirement age to 70. All the money spent for this "safety net," and the best the government could do is not make it available until you are 70? Sheesh. I don't see too many 69 year old construction workers out there swinging sledge hammers.)

One of the reasons this article burned me up was, I have been working for the same company, same industry, for more than 20 years. I am 38. Since I was 18, I have been busting my pasty, white ass. Not because I expected any pot of gold, but because you sort of need to work in this country. And in this industry, ANYONE who has a sincere, healthy work ethic can be promoted to a position which will give you years of financial security.

I am also a member of a union. I hate unions.

I have been out on Worker's Compensation since May of 2009. Had a dozen or so "conservative" treatments, which ended up in my having 3 surgeries within a 6 month period. Last one having been preformed in February of THIS year (Disc fusions.).

The union I belong to administers our Health and Welfare benefits, including pensions.

I have detested my union for years due to the fact that MY dues politically benefit liberals, most of which are far left kooks, without exception.

That's a piece for another day.

What did I get after all my years of faithfully paying my union dues and working so my company could extract money from MY paycheck to contribute to MY union healthcare package?

It is my union's policy that, if you are unfortunate enough that your work-related injury has resulted in a 12 month period of being unable to work, they are legally allowed to terminate my family health benefits. I found this out the day AFTER my 12 months were up. If I could have afforded it, I could retain my benefits under COBRA (Thanks, Teddy K!) for a monthly, out of pocket fee, one larger than I could afford (Worker's Comp benefits pay 30% less than your normal pay-check, as well). So my wife and I have just enrolled in private, out of pocket insurance, which is quite taxing on our financial situation at this time.

Am I eligible for " New Jersey Family Care" as these immigrants are/were?

Nope. I supposedly make too much.

Am I eligible for ANY assistance due to losing my healthcare coverage as the result of an injury?


So the overwhelming majority of people of this state have to work at jobs which provide them insurance or pay them enough to buy their own insurance, while those who immigrated from some hell-hole do as little as they need to be eligible for health insurance provided free to them by the taxpayers of New Jersey.

And now, these people are so pissed off that they can't receive free healthcare they are suing the state of NJ because, horror of horrors, you need to be here for 5 friggin' years. (Conveniently, the statement from SHU leaves out the fact that this new rule does not effect children OR pregnant women.) Nice incentive.

I wonder. When these immigrants came here, did they even THINK of having to pay for their own health insurance, or was it just a given, since liberals of this nation have pandered so much to them, they have been completely brainwashed into thinking that in America, it really is the land of the "free."


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Comments (11)

"Seton Hall Law School's Ce... (Below threshold)

"Seton Hall Law School's Center for Social Justice"

I guess that says it all.

Next, my Alma mater will have the "Wharton School Center for Wealth Redistribution"

How about the "Har... (Below threshold)

How about the

"Harvard University Get Free Shit Symposium"

or the

Stanford University "Ride in the Wagon rather than Pulling it" Program.

These programs have been in... (Below threshold)

These programs have been in force for some time and are part of Federally encouraged and supported programs. They are part of the "we'll tell you what to do but you are going to have to figure out how to pay for it" approach to Medicaid. Now that NJ has woken up about the many "we have to pay for it" programs, elected a fiscally conservative Governor, and is trying to extricate itself from financial disaster, expect more liberally funded institutions to continue to drill holes in the bottom of the ship while the few fiscally responsible adults left in NJ try to bail and plug the holes that have them sinking.

Sorry, but this is nothing ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but this is nothing compared to the millions of illegal immigrants collecting Medicaid benefits. I am a paramedic for the FDNY and in the last ten years I have treated and transported thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants......who all have one form or another of Medicaid. Many do not speak english, but they know how to say medicaid. In NYC, it is illegal to ask someone their citizenship status when they are applying for aid.

You ain't seen noth'n yet. ... (Below threshold)

You ain't seen noth'n yet. If the Democrats get their way, elderly illegal aliens and elderly, convicted felons released from prisons will receive not only social security and medicare, but retirement pensions to supplement their social security, too; bribes to get them to vote for Democrats. I'm serious. It's part of the healthcare legislation that Democrats didn't want you to know about. Another reason to get that sleazy legislation repealed ...; legislation that was written strictly to empower and to extend the tenure of Democrat politicians, who have a history of never doing anything for anybody, unless they have somethng to gain from it for themselves.

Think about that. With your money, the sleazy Democrats want to pay Social Security, Medicare AND retirement pensions to people who have paid very little if anything into Social Security - not out of the goodness of their hearts, but just to empower themselves ..., and while they're at it, they're stripping away benefits from people who are ENTITLED to receive their benefits, namely elderly Americans with full citizenship, who paid into Social Security all of their lives. It boggles the mind that Democrats are that despicable, depriving helpless and defenseless elderly people with citizenship of benefits for which they worked hard all of their lives, just so that unscrupulous and slimy Democrat politicians can empower themselves.

I'm waiting for the day tha... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for the day that some governor like Christy is TOLD by a court that he SHALL provide services. And for Christy to then tell the court, 'okay, here, I'll be sending you the bill, you PAY FOR IT!'

MAY THE DEMS BE BLES... (Below threshold)


I wonder how good is the he... (Below threshold)

I wonder how good is the health care from which have third world piss hole country they came from

This is not minor. Perhaps ... (Below threshold)

This is not minor. Perhaps some parents can sue the school for wasting their tuition and name the idiots involved as personally responsible for "fraud and waste". If they have to actually defend themselves, how fast do you think that they would back away?

BTW it is not a "minor" rant. It is a major problem.

A problem easily solved. Se... (Below threshold)

A problem easily solved. Settle on your most convincing foreign accent, claim you are in the US illegally and go to the nearest emergency room for treatment. Pills, operations, etc. will be on the taxpayer--of which you ARE one!!!

"Settle on your most convin... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Settle on your most convincing foreign accent, claim you are in the US illegally and go to the nearest emergency room for treatment."

Heh. Ya know, I've sometimes thought about that for years now.

If I go into the hospital in one of the Blue states or 'sanctuary' cities and say, in broken english, 'my name is Juan' or Abdul or Kunta Kinte; how would they know I'm not?

If I didn't have my license or any I.D. on me, how exactly could they prove that my pasty white American ass wasn't an immigrant?






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