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Obama whines before partisan Union crowd in Milwaukee (UPDATED)

Poor little Puppy-in-Chief:

More telling, Obama offered an aside that spoke to his diminished state and captured the mood of a president and party under assault.

"They talk about me like a dog," Obama said with a chuckle of his political opponents. "That's not in my prepared remarks but it's true."

Such a leader eh?

UPDATE: Video found:


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Comments (52)

Arf arf in dog means resig... (Below threshold)

Arf arf in dog means resign! Woof woof means now you turkey.

Dang, there was a heck of a... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Dang, there was a heck of a lot of propaganda in that piece!

"They talk about me like a dog," - is that a veiled accusation of RAAAAACISM in that comment?
Doesn't he know the Race card is overdrawn?

Rhetorical question...but h... (Below threshold)

Rhetorical question...but how on God's green Earth did the Home of the Brave elect a POTUS who whines about people mistreating him???

We have REAL and POWERFUL enemies...who watch our petulant POTUS snivel like a 10 year old who just got put on time-out! 2012 can't come soon enough...in fact, it just might not.

Somebody smack this MUTT with a rolled up newspaper and tell him to STFU and TRY to act like a man!

Poor little Barark, did I m... (Below threshold)

Poor little Barark, did I miss something did someone accuse him of going to war for oil, maybe plotting to kill 3000 americans or something like that? No, I thought not, people just hate the policies and are letting him know. Jezz I think there is a problem with this guy's skin but it's not the color it's the thinness. Grow up and do your freaking job, quit passing the damn buck.

Sigh.Come on, Obam... (Below threshold)


Come on, Obama - show the same grace and forbearance that Bush usually did. Stop the constant bitching about your detractors, stop complaining about the bad press. Man up and show some damn dignity, okay? What's next, crying on TV about how mean and nasty all the people who hate you are?

Great. The USSR gets Putin, and we get an Emo President.

I would never talk about hi... (Below threshold)

I would never talk about him as if he's a dog. I have too much respect for dogs.

Hey, if the shoe fits.....<... (Below threshold)

Hey, if the shoe fits.....

Dear President Obama,... (Below threshold)

Dear President Obama,

For the last couple of years you have been looking down and sneering at everyone else because you thought you were sooo superior to the rest of us. You've done a lot of stupid things, but saying this is reallt D-U-M-B. I realize that this is all getting to be too much for you, but saying it is a bad move. Even someone with your limited experience should know that.

And for the record, I would never talk to you like a dog. I like dogs and trust them much more than I like and trust you.

Resign you embarrassing yod... (Below threshold)

Resign you embarrassing yoda eared fool.

Unfortunately, you can't te... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, you can't teach an old, thin-skinned, arrogant socialist dog any new tricks.

Honestly...WTF is he talkin... (Below threshold)

Honestly...WTF is he talking about???

He reminds me of a spoiled ... (Below threshold)

He reminds me of a spoiled brat who got everything they ever wanted and when that didn't happen, the spoiled brat would fall on the floor, kick and scream in a huge circle. Hopefully we will have two more years of this crap to contend with and we can get rid of both of the whiners.

On his way out the door aft... (Below threshold)

On his way out the door after Jan 22nd 2013 he should be forced to hand over his Man Card too.

What a pussy.

If what he thinks he is hea... (Below threshold)

If what he thinks he is hearing is how he talks about his dog, the ASPCA needs to rescue Bo NOW.

What an insult to dogs.... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

What an insult to dogs.

This from the guy who refer... (Below threshold)

This from the guy who referred to teapartiers recently as "teabaggers."

What an insult to dogs ever... (Below threshold)

What an insult to dogs everywhere.

"economic anxiety - is now ... (Below threshold)

"economic anxiety - is now imperiling his party's political prospects."Job losses take toll," read the headline of the lead story of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Monday, which detailed how 155,200 jobs have vanished in Wisconsin since the end of 2007."

Barrys "hope and change" is revealed for what it really is. The black plague.

He will either resign the o... (Below threshold)

He will either resign the office in 2011 or he will not seek re-election in 2012.

He has never known adversity or criticism in his life. He has never learned how to deal with a bad situation. When confronted, he lashes out at those who dare oppose him. Why else would Obama be compelled to attack Palin and Brewer whenever they annoy him. Palin resigned so it would not pay to attack the State of Alaska, but Brewer remaining as Governor would explain the attacks on the various political subdivisions and agents of the State of Arizona.

If he cannot lash-out, he's on to the next job opportunity. Being a former President can be very lucrative.

Makes me wonder if the members of the Congressional Black Caucus who are having problems were supporters of Hilary.

Let the photoshopping begin... (Below threshold)

Let the photoshopping begin.....

He is smart enough to know ... (Below threshold)

He is smart enough to know that now is not the time to play the race card (until 2012), so instead he plays the general "I'M A VICTIM!" card.

Actually, I have more respect for my dog that I do for Barry. After all, the dog has a purpose in life.

Just what you might expect ... (Below threshold)

Just what you might expect some effete Ivy league intellectual to say. This is about the most pathetic thing I have ever heard from the mouth of a President of the United States. Makes Jimmy Carter seem macho.

Grow a pair, you pansy!

If he had any brains he wou... (Below threshold)

If he had any brains he would not have needed affirmative action. If that crowd had any brains they wouldn't be there.

Obama knows how to campaign... (Below threshold)

Obama knows how to campaign. He has no clue about how to govern effectively or wisely. As a result, he's falling back on what he does know, but it isn't what the nation needs.

Obama isn't a dog. He's a one-trick pony ... and a gelding.

Pathetic whiny wimpy loser.... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Pathetic whiny wimpy loser.

Dogs are far more loyal, not to mention smarter, and cheaper to keep.

He is wrong! I have never o... (Below threshold)

He is wrong! I have never once thought of him sniffing butts or licking himself....and now it's time for some mind bleach.

I've never had a dog lie to... (Below threshold)

I've never had a dog lie to me or take what's mine to give to those who didn't earn it.

I wonder how Pres. Bush fee... (Below threshold)

I wonder how Pres. Bush feels every time you denigrate his work and that of his administration to hide your own shortcomings. Like a dog maybe?

You sir are a moral coward.

Mr. Obama, dogs can ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Obama,
dogs can be trained and learn from mistakes.
dogs are loyal to and respect their family and where they live.
dogs are protective of their family.
dogs are honest.
Mr. Obama, we know dogs and you are no dog.

Woff Woof Woof Durka Durka ... (Below threshold)

Woff Woof Woof Durka Durka Jihad Woff Woof Woof

"They talk about me like a ... (Below threshold)

"They talk about me like a dog," - Obama

Huh? Say what? Was he speaking negro dialect there?

So who let the dogs out?? C... (Below threshold)

So who let the dogs out?? Chicago Chicago...

Cockroach? yes I said that.... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Cockroach? yes I said that. Vermin? That too. Dog, hound, cur? No, never. Maybe you're thinking of the 15% who "somewhat approve"?

This is truly a sad moment ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

This is truly a sad moment in Presidental history. His behavior is unbecoming to the office he holds. As President of the United States he is the most powerful person in the world, and yet he complains about how he is being treated.

Besides, as I told the Upset Old Gal last night, "He's wrong! When I refer to one of our dogs as 'dick-head' there is always an element of affection in it."

Her immediate response, "Well, if he's a dog, that confirms Michelle's a bitch."

.... and instead of BOW ... (Below threshold)

.... and instead of BOW WOW
its always bow bow bow bow bow bow....

Actually he started it. He'... (Below threshold)

Actually he started it. He's the one that called African Americans, mongrels.

Well, he really is a whiny ... (Below threshold)

Well, he really is a whiny little bitch.

He can dish it out, trashin... (Below threshold)

He can dish it out, trashing GW, but he can't take it. Like all bullies, he is a coward, and in his case, a whining crybaby and a real sissy, too.

But hey, we already had a preview that time that our first prissy and effeminate president threw a baseball. Remember that?

If it runs around a basketball court like a girl and if it throws a baseball like a girl and if it even talks like a girl, then it must be the bamster.

Fact: The male off spring ... (Below threshold)

Fact: The male off spring of a dog is a son of a bitch

Yet he trashes GWB whenever... (Below threshold)

Yet he trashes GWB whenever he can, then pouts when people say' mean things' about him?

What a wimp!

You could disagree about Bush's policies but he never acted like a child and complained about what people said about him; unlike the current occupant.

But that's what comes with being coddled and protected by liberal institutions and the MSM for decades. You think you are entitled to be 'adored' and 'worshiped' simply because you can read lines off a teleprompter; and never have to face the consequences of making bad decisions.

Technically wouldn't that b... (Below threshold)

Technically wouldn't that be -- Lycaon pictus?

I am an absolute dog lover ... (Below threshold)

I am an absolute dog lover so I would never compare him with one. His party's symbol comes the closest. He is a jackass.

GW Bush manned up for the rough and tumble politics. Never once in 16 years did I ever hear him publicly whine. This Obama is a total wussy. ww

On the contrary Hussein, do... (Below threshold)

On the contrary Hussein, dogs deserve the very best of treatment for they are loving, caring friends. You are NOT and deserve no such consideration.

He kind of reminds me of Ve... (Below threshold)

He kind of reminds me of Veruca Salt, of Willie Wonka fame. Soros and the MSM combine to play the enabling father.

My only comment to zerO is ... (Below threshold)
Hangtown Bob:

My only comment to zerO is "Arf, arf, bark, bark, BARK!"

Rather unbecoming of our Pr... (Below threshold)

Rather unbecoming of our President to play the victim card.

Also another compelling reason to never ever stray from the text on the teleprompter.

Gotta wonder. Will Obama be the first President to break down and cry on national TV?

"Will Obama be the first Pr... (Below threshold)

"Will Obama be the first President to break down and cry on national TV?"

I don't think so. Despite his desperate need to be 'loved', his arrogance precludes him from admitting that there are people who dislike him because of his policies. For him, the dislike has to be personal. After all, Socialist Thought is Correct Thought. It is the One True Way. Any response from Barry therefore has to be of anger. Look for it to be prominently displayed for the next 8 weeks.

The fun part will really begin on November 3rd. When President Lame Duck moves into his final two years.

Anyone recall the movie "Va... (Below threshold)

Anyone recall the movie "Vacation"?

Watch the clip, it's quite funny and relates to the Obama/dog comment:


"Bow wow wow yippie yo y... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yeah"

Yup, a little George Clinton would speak much better to Obama being Big Union's D.C. lapdog.

49 comments so far. WHERE ... (Below threshold)

49 comments so far. WHERE ARE BARRY'S DEFENDERS?

GarandFan, my guess is they... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

GarandFan, my guess is they're all busy scooping poop off the White House lawn.

There, 50 posts.

One late thought: imagine h... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

One late thought: imagine how this must sound to John McCain, who was treated much worse than a dog for five years...by Barry's soul mates, no less.






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