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Ad Insult To Injury

Sometimes, when you take two bad things and mix them together, you get something very good. The classic example is two poisons -- chlorine and sodium. Together, they make salt, an essential component of life.

Most times, though, two negatives don't multiply and become a positive. Instead, they add -- and you get the sum of two evils.

For example, a when widely reviled commercial product is partnered with a horrific earworm from over a decade ago, you get this abomination:

One commenter said this is why terrorists hate us. I'm with the terrorists.

On the other hand, sometimes a commercial just blows you away. Here's one that combines fantastic imagery with truly terrific music (created just for this spot)...

...and then you find out just what the product is for.

Why, why, why?


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Comments (13)

I would be caught dead in a... (Below threshold)

I would be caught dead in a snuggie .. lol

I wonder if the Tena is ava... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the Tena is available as a thong?

No comment............. (Below threshold)

No comment..........

What a pisser... I mean...<... (Below threshold)

What a pisser... I mean...

Just when I thought they fi... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Just when I thought they finally had created a watch-able erectile dysfunction commercial... we get adult diapers. Crap!

What, you were bo... (Below threshold)

What, you were bored?

<a href="http://pasta.com/i... (Below threshold)
James H:
Ahh ... Yaketty Sax <a href... (Below threshold)
James H:

Ahh ... Yaketty Sax makes everything better.

"I wonder if the Tena is av... (Below threshold)

"I wonder if the Tena is available as a thong?"

Ewww! for what? Sumo wrestlers?

WTFO ?What about a... (Below threshold)


What about a snuggy with built in diaper?

Just hold your water, Jay T... (Below threshold)

Just hold your water, Jay Tea!

Commercials . . . they almo... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Commercials . . . they almost never make sense. The ones for "feminine products" are the worst.

In my life, I took many walks with my late father, through fields and woods, along the banks of ponds and creeks . . . but I just can't imagine how at any point in those strolls I could have turned to him and said, "Dad, I don't know, it's just that lately I haven't felt so fresh . . . "

The old guy probably would have suggested a peppermint . . .

Actually the garb worn by A... (Below threshold)

Actually the garb worn by Arab women and the Snuggle are not too different to these eyes.






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