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Answering Union Influence in Elections -- The Concord Project GOTV

Today The Concord Project launches.

On November 2nd, Americans will, once again, head to the ballot box in what may be the most important election facing this nation's future in at least a generation. As in all elections, the outcome will be determined by those who actually vote--which is why it's called Getting Out The Vote or GOTV.

In a moment, a powerful tool will be shared with you that is being launched today. It's called The Concord Project and it is an extraordinary tool that ordinary, hard-working Americans can use to take their country back in November.
As unions collect well over $13 billion per year in union dues (from the private sector alone), it's been estimated that unions spent upwards of $1 billion on the 2008 elections. In addition, the AFL-CIO (which is a federation of 56 national unions) boasted of putting 250,000 boots on the ground in targeted states in 2008.

This year, however, the unions are trying to beat what they did in 2008. The AFL-CIO has announced it will spend more than it did in 2008 and has created a firewall strategy targeting 27 states to prevent huge losses of its union bought politicians.

Read the rest of the post for additional staggering figures and for a plan to combat all that money and organization.

Back in May, as we discussed the GOTV of unions and the special interests, a suggestion was made to organize a Get Out the Vote for ordinary Americans who love their country, don't like big government, socialism or the special interests that are bankrupting the nation. The question was: how?

The answer was simple: Organize a GOTV where all the disparate, but like-minded individuals, activists, and groups could work together, learn about GOTV and coordinate their activities. It was a task, like most, that is easier said than done, to be sure. However, the concept is simple:

Whether individuals are tea party activists, NRA, GOA, VFW, or bikers; whether they belong to churches, knitting clubs, bowling leagues, or the ivy league, if people work together, they can do amazing things through an organized GOTV effort.

Go to The Concord Project website, Twitter and Facebook pages to learn more.


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Comments (10)

The Concord Project claims ... (Below threshold)

The Concord Project claims to be anon-partisan group:

The Concord Project is a non-profit, non-partisan voter education and outreach organization

- but the people behind the concordproject.org website are as partisan as they come. They are the same folks who run laborunionreport.com.

They aren't pro-voter awareness - they are vehemently anti-union.

Who is funding this effort, Lorie?

Are bloggers being paid to promote this effort?

dane, they are non-partisan... (Below threshold)

dane, they are non-partisan. unless you think the unions are just an arm of the democratic party (or vice-versa). you don't really think that do you?

Dane only thinks what Dane ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Dane only thinks what Dane has been told to think.

The Concord project was sta... (Below threshold)

The Concord project was started by a group of RedState diarists - partisan? of course! So what?

...and if Dane is truly con... (Below threshold)

...and if Dane is truly concerned and needs additional information:


How...interesting. And untr... (Below threshold)

How...interesting. And untrue.

The claims that redstate diarists started the concord project are bogus, -- my investigation shows the big business anti-labor front organization "laborunionreport.com" is behind the concord project.

Lots of shell organizations and secret money.

No wonder Ms Bird is playing silent. She either knows too much, or is embarrassed by having been played for a patsy.

One question Wizbang should be able to answer - are they being paid to promote this shell organization that is pretending to be grass roots but which has big bucks behind it?

wow dane, conspiracy theory... (Below threshold)

wow dane, conspiracy theory much? you say you've done an investigation on this project and that big business and anti-labor is behind it.

1. show us your documentation from this investigation

2. even if there is business interestes and anti-UNION organizations behind it, so what?

i fail to see what you're so excited about. the site is very upfront with it's opposition to unions and big-government statists. it's not like they are hiding it.

There's another shell front... (Below threshold)

There's another shell front organization - 1-888-NO-UNION.COM - tied in with "non-partisan grass roots" effort as well.

No wonder Ms Bi... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:
No wonder Ms Bird is playing silent. She either knows too much, or is embarrassed by having been played for a patsy.

One question Wizbang should be able to answer - are they being paid to promote this shell organization that is pretending to be grass roots but which has big bucks behind it? -- "Dane"

Wow, Dane is brilliant. Dane basically admitted the unions are an arm of the Democrat party, decided someone at laborunionreport.com is promoting the project (gee, that took real investigative abilities -- like maybe reading the first link in my post, or the front page post at Redstate) and determined the project is anti-union (what tipped you off, maybe the video showing door to door union guys in just about every unflattering light imaginable, including dressed in drag?). Real Sherlock Holmes abilities there. A real Monk in the making.

Then Dane assumed that because I did not get around to reading the comments to my post before now that I am being paid to promote it. (Or maybe Dane was saying that about "Ms Bird" not me. Geez, the name is right there on the post. Spell much?)

No, I am not being paid to blog about this. That is why I didn't have time to read my comments all day. I was working my day job. And working my mommy job. And getting my car inspected (my automobile owner job?). Since Dane had a lot more time than I did to post comments today, maybe Dane is being paid to comment? No. No one is stupid enough to pay for that. But then again someone is stupid enough to pay for Media Matters, so you never know. Is it my imagination, or are the liberal trolls just phoning it in these days?

Dane, please learn the meaning of the words "partisan" and "non-partisan" and "grass roots" before embarrassing yourself further. Because your comments suggest you don't have a clue what any of those words mean. There, I wrote that entire comment, just as I did the blog post, free of charge.

Like the builders of the mo... (Below threshold)

Like the builders of the mosque near Ground Zero, each has the right to do so; while at the same time, it is not right to do so.






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