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Health insurance premium hikes on the way

Polling on Obama's health care reform legislation before and after it was signed into law told us that the majority of the American people were paying attention and understood what the legislation meant. They saw increasing insurance premiums and decreasing coverage marching down Main Street and heading their way. The minority of Americans who didn't want to put in the effort to understand ObamaCare but chose to be spoon fed what Pelosi, Obama, and Reid were feeding them, which was that health care reform legislation would bend the cost curve down, may be facing higher health insurance premiums.

Why? In order to convince the American people that they will like ObamaCare, the administration mandated that benefits go into effect earlier than originally planned, which has forced insurance companies to respond with immediate rate hikes:

Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums for some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul in coming weeks, complicating Democrats' efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the midterm elections.

Aetna Inc., some BlueCross BlueShield plans and other smaller carriers have asked for premium increases of between 1% and 9% to pay for extra benefits required under the law, according to filings with state regulators.

These and other insurers say Congress's landmark refashioning of U.S. health coverage, which passed in March after a brutal fight, is causing them to pass on more costs to consumers than Democrats predicted.

The rate increases largely apply to policies for individuals and small businesses and don't include people covered by a big employer or Medicare.

A good chunk of jobs in America are provided by small businesses. The WSJ article estimates that one in five Americans, or 20%, work at companies with fewer than 50 employees, so these increases will affect a lot of people. With the housing market in what feels like a bottomless decline and the economy teetering on the edge of a cliff, these premium hikes couldn't come at a worse time. Couple that with the massive tax increases scheduled to go into effect on January 1st of next year that will make the cost of doing business in America even more prohibitive, more Americans will find themselves looking at pink slips.

All that Hope and Change business that the president was selling a couple years ago doesn't look so good anymore, does it?


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Comments (14)

Health insurance premiums i... (Below threshold)

Health insurance premiums increasing?

Gee, that's a first!

NO, WAIT! - Health insurance premiums have been skyrocketing for a decade.

Oh, I see - now it's Obama's fault?


The WSJ article estimates that one in five Americans, or 20%, work at companies with fewer than 50 employees, so these increases will affect a lot of people.

Guess what, that's been a problem for a long time now - the right just hasn't given a damn about it until now.

Dane, Obama and the Democra... (Below threshold)

Dane, Obama and the Democrats insisted that their health care reform legislation would decrease people's health care costs. It's driving them up, instead.

Obama said it would also decrease the deficit. In fact, Obama said in an interview with Charlie Gibson that the federal government would go bankrupt if his health care reforms didn't pass. It's increasing the deficit.

ObamaCare's two biggest selling points have proven to be completely untrue. That's the point, Dane. But you don't get that point, Dane, because you refuse to. You've made it clear to everyone here that you will defend Obama and his policies until the day you die.

Ah, socialism, is there any... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Ah, socialism, is there anything it can't ruin?

Feb. 25, 2010, President Ba... (Below threshold)

Feb. 25, 2010, President Barack Obama and Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., debate over the issue of how the Democrats' health care plan would affect premiums.

"The Congressional Budget Office report says that premiums will rise in the individual market as a result of the Senate bill," Alexander said.

"No, no, no, no," Obama retorted. "This is an example of where we've got to get our facts straight."

"Let me respond to what you just said, Lamar, because it's not factually accurate," Obama continued. "Here's what the Congressional Budget Office says. The costs for families for the same type of coverage that they're currently receiving would go down 14 percent to 20 percent. What the Congressional Budget Office says is that because now they've got a better deal, because policies are cheaper, they may choose to buy better coverage than they have right now, and that might be 10 percent to 13 percent more expensive than the bad insurance that they had previously.

"But they didn't say that the actual premiums would be going up. What they said was they'd be going down by 14 percent to 20 percent. And I promise you, I've gone through this carefully with the Congressional Budget Office, and I'll be happy to present this to the press and whoever's listening because this is an important issue."

I'm confused. You mean the... (Below threshold)

I'm confused. You mean they're not just going to offer more benefits for the same price as before (or less)? Does Obama know about this?

More purple lipped kool aid... (Below threshold)

More purple lipped kool aid courtesy of the liar in chief Dane, drink up!!

Kim, the really FUNNY part ... (Below threshold)

Kim, the really FUNNY part was that originally, Barry and company were going to collect and stash money on the side for the first couple of years, before the actual programs kicked in. They'd then make payments, claiming reduced costs (which was a load of crap. 10 years of savings, spent in 6 years, but averaged over 10).
Now that they've front loaded some of ObamaCare "benefits", they've got to spend the cash now. Won't be long before even idiots like Dane (or whatever name he's using today) will see that the numbers don't add up.

I WANT MY FREE SHIT AND I W... (Below threshold)


Thanks for lookin' out for me Dane, or jmp, or jfo, or whoever you are.

Does Dane have to pay healt... (Below threshold)

Does Dane have to pay health insurance premiums for each of his usernames? Just wondering.

It's already happeni... (Below threshold)

It's already happening were I work.
Including increase in deductibles, co-pays and job lay offs.
The management was point blank for the reason.
Health Care Reform.

"Does Dane have to pay heal... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Does Dane have to pay health insurance premiums for each of his usernames? Just wondering."

I'm wagering that since Dane is engaged in using multiple sock puppets that based on that behavior he is probably still an adolescent or a college student and is stil covered by mommy and daddy's insurance. That would also explain his extraordinarily naive view of the world.

Could we please get a bette... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Could we please get a better class of lefty in here to actually debate things, instead of the foaming-at-the-mouth, easily-diverted-by-shiny-things trolls we have now?

Big Mo: "Could we please ge... (Below threshold)

Big Mo: "Could we please get a better class of lefty in here to actually debate things, instead of the foaming-at-the-mouth, easily-diverted-by-shiny-things trolls we have now?"


At this point in time, only the true-believing "easily-diverted-by-shiny-things trolls" are left to defend the obviously indefensible.

Which is why despite having complete control of Congress for 3.5 years and the Presidency for the last 1.75 years with unstoppable majorities, all the li'l trolls can do is still scream "Bush's fault" and "look at Sarah Palin!!" and "racist!!".

They quite literally have nothing left. At all.

I believe that folks across... (Below threshold)

I believe that folks across the country are starting to realize that their health insurance rates are not going to decrease, as advertised.

We needed health care reform, but shoving it through the Congress the way it was done was clearly a mistake. There's still time to correct it.






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