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Ground Zero Mosque Imam: Build it or else

Aren't you glad he's a moderate Muslim:

"If we move from that location, the story will be the radicals have taken over the discourse, the headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack. Our national security now hinges on how we negotiate this, how we speak about it. The battlefront is between moderates of all sides... and the radicals on all sides," he said.

Moving the project to another location would strengthen Islamist radicals' ability to recruit followers and will likely increase violence against Americans, the imam said.

Video and more at the link.


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Comments (41)

Isn't that a bit like worry... (Below threshold)

Isn't that a bit like worrying about upseting Charlie Manson and making him even crazier?

Wow. They'll really hate u... (Below threshold)

Wow. They'll really hate us if we don't build the mosque, or build it somewhere else?

So much for Mr. Compassionate Friendly All-Inclusive Bridge-Builder.

Hey, maybe there's some secret gold reserve buried under the building, and they'll have to tunnel directly down through the basement to get to it...

Sorry about that - I posted... (Below threshold)

Sorry about that - I posted the above and was still channeling Dane.

See how the frontman operat... (Below threshold)

See how the frontman operates? A supposed moderate muslim with a soft demeanor and timid voice gently threatens us by fearmongering to get thier foot in the door.

Screw you Faisal! As you screwjobs like to say "its holy ground".

OOPS!!#4 Di... (Below threshold)


#4 Didn't know you had it in you Dane?

Ron Paul 2012... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul 2012

What cracks me up is Obama ... (Below threshold)

What cracks me up is Obama said "that Muslims have the right to build a mosque near New York's ground zero". However "the White House had asserted that it did not want to get involved in local decision-making" so they would not comment on the appropriateness of it.

However they take the opposite approach to the book burning. Why didn't he say they had a right to do so and why did they comment on the appropriateness of it even though it is a local issue?

He is not the only one being expose of having a double standard.

Sounds like a threat to me.... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a threat to me. How does he come by his knowledge? And how can 72% of americans be radical? How can he make that claim and not be challenged? I really didn't have a firm opinion of this guy one way or the other, but now I think his plan is something other then what is presented. It is a victory trophy. This is why some pastors are burning Koran's. ww

I would love for someone to... (Below threshold)

I would love for someone to ask that imam what isn't going to "recruit" new members.

Incredible.Now he'... (Below threshold)


Now he's leveling threats. "Moving the project to another location ...will likely increase violence against Americans, the imam said.

I agree, sounds like a thre... (Below threshold)

I agree, sounds like a threat to me. So what to do??? Kow-tow to them more or tell the whole bunch of muslims and supporters alike to go straight to hell???

My tolerance is just about gone right about now.

So build my recruitment cen... (Below threshold)

So build my recruitment center next to ground zero and you stave off violent jihadism til a later date?

Sounds like a win win if your a 12th century barbarian.

Shouldn't he be arrested for terroristic threats?

"We Gotta Build The Mosque... (Below threshold)

"We Gotta Build The Mosque At Ground Zero, Otherwise, Islamists Will Get Violent"
Oops..too late!

I agree with those above. ... (Below threshold)

I agree with those above. Enough push back and the result is that we finally get a hint of what we expected all along. The location is indeed important and it is even accompanied by a "veiled" threat.

Ron Paul 2012</blo... (Below threshold)
Ron Paul 2012

and Wade Phillips 4,502

The world's longest video football game continues

Go ahead. Get "violent". ... (Below threshold)

Go ahead. Get "violent". Not like you're not showing your true colors. Just showing how "compassionate" you are. How "understanding" you are. What great "bridge builders" you are.

Don't have to look far to see how 'compromise' works out with them. Just look at Britain.

Death to all sockpuppets an... (Below threshold)

Death to all sockpuppets and Sarah Palin in 2012!!
Woo Hoo!

Never going to be built in ... (Below threshold)

Never going to be built in that location.

Nice to know I'm residing s... (Below threshold)

Nice to know I'm residing squarely in wizbangs collective head.

Wow, it's roomy in here.

How ya doin', DJ?

Dane - 2
Wizbang - 0

Hey Dane! How'd yo... (Below threshold)

Hey Dane!

How'd you like my impersonation of you? I tried to use " Nutwing bigots" with the same ferver you do. F-A+

Guess what Dane, sarahs coming to the party in 2012' .... Mambo anyone?

seems like Islam is alot li... (Below threshold)

seems like Islam is alot like horse medicine ...

Don't let us build our mosque ... we'll kill 'ya
Burn the Koran ... we'll kill 'ya

Renounce Islam ... we'll kill 'ya
Everything is a nail and all they have is the we'll kill 'ya hammer ...

At this point my attitude i... (Below threshold)

At this point my attitude is They're saying we have to do what they want or they'll get violent. Hmmm...Surrender or fight....I think I'll go with fight.

Sounds like Imam Feisal Abd... (Below threshold)
John S:

Sounds like Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf needs a permanent vacation in Cuba. Perhaps a lovely cell by beautiful Guantanamo Bay.

For a birdseye view of what... (Below threshold)

For a birdseye view of what the religion of peace is really about watch the reaction already and magnify it x 100 times. They are like killer bees riled up.

Attention Holder! Calling Eric Holder! Send in the ATF now. Before its too late.

This may be Obamas waco. The 2 day version.

Rauf shoots his mouth off r... (Below threshold)

Rauf shoots his mouth off real well for someone who doesn't have the funding. And if he gets that, he's still going to have to find a construction company in New York to do the work.
Right now this is all theater.

The mosque is but bait(recr... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The mosque is but bait(recruitment) designed to get a reaction that will excuse whatever the irrational behavior of the offended ones turns out to be. They continue to play us like a ruptured fiddle and we do little more than turn up the volume.

It's just a building, peopl... (Below threshold)
the Dane of your Existence:

It's just a building, people. Why don't you all get a life and worry about things that need worrying about?

The "peaceful" religion of ... (Below threshold)

The "peaceful" religion of Islam is not looking as such. It is intolerant. Sexist. Uncompassionate. Violent. Political. Yet the MSM seems to not ever challenge their beliefs. No wonder people find it necessary to demonstrate how intolerant they are by being intolerant. I am watching Florida Saturday. One little pastor of a 50 people congregation is going to show just how peaceful and tolerant Islam is. ww

"It's just a building, p... (Below threshold)

"It's just a building, people. Why don't you all get a life and worry about things that need worrying about?

27. Posted by the Dane of your Existence | September 9, 2010 4:53 PM | Score: 0 (2 votes"

Are you the same blithering useful idiot Dane that was the topic on another thread this morning?

Why dont you get a life and not worry about what we worry about.

This whole incongrous one s... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This whole incongrous one sided debate, which recalls what George Bush said and later regretted, "bring them on" or "Americans don't torture" except when they do.

Or as Rick said yesterday, "I`m a fiscal conservative for smaller government", except for the Pentagon. Now it is the Cordoba Initative and the inevitable exceptions.

Palin: "No one is disputing that America stands for - and should stand for - religious tolerance,"

Of course, the official Palin/wizbang conservative position should be "we are tolerant of religion" just not here in America, or except when we are intolerant.

No Kantian imperative on Wizbang. Must be lovely to have 'principles' that don't get in the way of your prejudices.

"Of course, the o... (Below threshold)

"Of course, the official Palin/wizbang conservative position should be "we are tolerant of religion" just not here in America, or except when we are intolerant."

I cant speak for others but I am not tolerant of a murderous cult placing a victory mosque adjascent to the trade centers. I do not call that "religion". More like "we won".

As has been noted, Faisal Assad has another mosque down the street for 20+ years.. He can do his "bridge building" at THAT LOCATION.

Steve Crickmore and the lef... (Below threshold)

Steve Crickmore and the left take time out from funding Virgin Mary images smeared with elephant dung, immersing crucifixes in urine (with tax-payer dollars), having members of act-up disrupt actual Christian worship services, and innumerable acts of religious intolerance and bigotry to suddenly rant about their newly discovered concept of "religious sensitivity" and, whadya know, it's in defense of the most intolerant religion on the face of the earth.

And then li'l stevie dares to lecture others on "prejudices that don't get in the way of your principles".

BTW, when was the last big anti-war rally? I didn't see it in the news. There must have been one of course, since the left never allows it's "prejudices to get in the way of it's principles".....

I know Drago. Getting a lec... (Below threshold)

I know Drago. Getting a lecture on morality from a liberal is like having a lion lecture on the benefits of being a vegetarian. Non existant. ww

"More like 'we won'." 914<... (Below threshold)

"More like 'we won'." 914

We won, that sounds so familiar to me. Where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah. I recall now......

Sorry, forgot to put my soc... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Sorry, forgot to put my sock-puppets back on my feet.

"Moving the project.... ... (Below threshold)
Gaius Piconius:

"Moving the project.... will only provoke more violence against Americans"

.....(And like 9/11, Americans will only have themselves to blame!)........

What a wretched priest! What a wretched (Arab) culture! Be thankful that only the religion
of the Musselman,(archaic, but non-the-less valid), comports itself with such consistent
wretchedness. Islam is, quite clearly, totally out of step with Mankind. Its strengths are its self serving nature, its obfuscation and its unabashed duplicity....Born among Arabs, spread by the sword and having no association at all with a God in paradise. No other faith in this world is so hate filled or so blighted...so completely given over to bloodlust. Islam is an invention purely of men. Evil men! And it was thus at its beginning and is, even so, today.
My heartfelt blessing on all other religions on Earth; particulary you jews because you benefit all Mankind so richly, so consistently.

There! My passion has spent itself. And I; a mild-mannered, former long-service Centurion of Canadian infantry. I think I shall quickly slip back into a ladies frock and go squat in the bottom of a dark closet to recover my modesty. I could meet the friend of the imam there you know...'Ebonicus Rex'...who does his clearest thinking in a closet like mine. But my wife's frocks are much prettier than any of Michelle's! A bit to big in the arse methinks. (Or should I have used the ebonical, 'booty'?)

Oh! And a thought from th... (Below threshold)
Gaius Piconius:

Oh! And a thought from the closet... If you ever meet a good and modest muslim, consider having him put down before he goes bad.

914:victory church... mu... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

914:victory church... murderous cult.
kind of answers my question. I have made a few longish visits to muslim Africa and what saves the people, in my opinion from their poverty is their religion, otherwise they might be totally lawless and broken. We need to work with what we have. Honor killings, stonings are abominable but the alternative would be almost nilhism in that part of the underdeveloped world, "the grand inquisitor" justification for religion.

Yes, I think there is prejudice to the American Imam. Perhaps, if he didn`t pronounce controversy, contraversy, the British way, pure wool, white Americans would be more in his corner?

But if Muhammad Ali, a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war, could be chosen as "The Sportsman of the Century" and be the popular choice to light the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, we would should be able to accept a inter-faith centre near Ground Zero, led by Imam Rauf who has been a banner carrier by two successive administrations for international peace. Maybe the Iman could call it the Muhammad Ali, Olympic youth centre, with an appropriate ribbon-cutting ceremony and the public would be placated?

I would let that Imam know,... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I would let that Imam know, in no uncertain terms if we are attacked again we will destroy the nation of origin. Muslims understand, at a very basic level, brute force. Most of them live in nations ruled by brute force. They kill 1000 of us we kill 10,000,000 of them. They would get the message really soon.

This is the same tactic thi... (Below threshold)

This is the same tactic this Bully religion has used in Germany, Denmark, and other European countries. Screw them and their Bull crap, Holier than thou religion.

Moving the project... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
Moving the project to another location would strengthen Islamist radicals' ability to recruit followers and will likely increase violence against Americans, the imam said.

Bring it, bitches.

You can ask your confreres in Durka Durkastan how we roll.






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